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GK's do seem like quite a lot to take in, especially as someone who's not very good at handling small items and parts, but it looks quite rewarding and relaxing to eke into! I'd definitely like to take you up on that offer if it would really be fine, it would be lovely! And oh, looking forward to it, wishing the best of luck with the release and hope everything goes very smoothly!
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Hey there! I didn't want to take up more space on that discussion, but I wanted to thank you for your insight on the matter discussed on that thread, I learned a lot and I feel I know a bit more about the vast world to do with GK's. I've got a bit of interest in them so it was really nice to have an experienced perspective. I also checked out your stuff and I am beyond amazed by the work you put in! You clearly know quite a bit and work so as well. I wish you the best of luck on your critiquing endeavors, mister cameraman!
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