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For me the letdowns were that there was still no Sakura Matou Nendoroid or 1/7 PVC from Heaven's Feel... and I was also hoping for a ENTRY #56470 or ENTRY #124006 Nendoroid by GSC..

Some of the other things that were cool for me were ITEM #331473 & ITEM #464744
but I do wish that the Okita Souji (Alter) 1/7 would have been painted..

(And like you said the Limited Zero Over Shirou could have at least had a prototype..)

It was letting me down at first with all of that above and then right at the end these two came up in my notifications,
ITEM #740294 & ITEM #740290

I was like, Thanks so much Ques Q for making this WF!!!!

I so did not see that coming! XD
Il y a 11 jours
I Love your about Me! lol

So what did you think about WF 2018 Summer?
Il y a 11 jours
I always have tons of cute images ready for people their birthdays! :D I do hope you had some (sweet) cake or (sweet) gifts for your birthday? :)
Il y a 22 jours
Bit late, but...

Il y a 27 jours
Lol Thank you! and yea your right, it has to be the timezone!
Il y a 28 jours
I'm sorry about that! my notifications told me that it was your B-day.
Il y a 29 jours
Happy birthday!
Il y a 29 jours
Happy B-Day buddy!
Il y a 29 jours
Hey sorry for the late reply, I wasn't really active here for a while and didn't look into my comment box.

And by the way, cool profile picture! I haven't seen much of Napoleon yet tbh but he looks really cool so far. You French people definitely have some really cool heroes!

Oooh I can understand, I actually like Rin but can understand it when people don't like her. Everyone has a different taste!

I can also understand that you are salty about Siegfried, I must say that I only like his FGO version, but the Apocrypha version is really lame. Well, I only know the anime adaptation. But I think that the majority of the characters in this anime are rather bland :/ I'm not even a big fan of Jeanne's representation, tbh. (Nevertheless she's still my top Fate waifu hehe)
And cardboard cutout is the best description for Sieg, haha!

Have you read the Apocrypha novel? If yes, is it very different from the anime?
Il y a 1 mois
Hello!! And no worries, thanks a lot for your kind message! Always happy to meet more Fate fans.

Thank you, glad to hear that you like it! Though it definitely needs more Jeanne, haha.
And Nozomi is best girl!

I really like the Fate version of Siegfried, I might be a little bit biased because I have always been very interested in his legend and dragons in general.
Il y a 3 mois
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