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Not an active figure collector, but I love the ones I have and am very happy with them.

Seems like this was a fucking lie... not a big time collector, but I def got more figures than I had ever anticipated I'd ever own... even if they're just small ones.
I collect those I have because it's fun, and I love just having them with me. It's fun to see the characters you love in your room, in dynamic poses, and feel like they've been given life.

Anyway, just a boring German girl living up in Scandinavia, with the moose, salmon, and evil Troll's.
I got more than 500 books, don't make me choose.
RPG's, strategy type games, and story heavy, action/slasher games. (Point and click for the slow days)
All of the music
MSI for games, and other basic stuff...



Hi, I read your comment today on someone’s article, and I want to say you shouldn’t be afraid of writing one yourself! In general, a lot of the same questions are asked, so a quick search doesn’t hurt, but many people have interesting questions, thoughts, or things to say so please don’t be afraid!
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Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!