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Willing to sell most of my figures, PM me if interested!
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Happy birthday =^_^=
Il y a 4 ans
DeadlyAnime Web Designer
Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
Il y a 5 ans
Happy Birthday! Are you really from ND?
Il y a 5 ans
JoltIl y a 7 ans#1664787YAY HAI! :3
Hi. ~
Il y a 7 ans

JoltIl y a 7 ans#1318594-Insert random "Hi" comment and typical "long time, no see speech."- <3
Il y a 7 ans
JoltIl y a 7 ans#1430891Ooootaaaaaaa~ I didn't know! I woulda added sooner :3

Me too! I didn't know that you had an MFC account! (✿◠‿◠)
Il y a 7 ans
Fishcaek-Chan Super Waifu Fun time
JoltIl y a 7 ans#1333136OMG YOU. Stahp liking everything I like D<
J/k <3 o3o

No!┏((= ̄(エ) ̄=))┛
Il y a 7 ans
Welcome to the board..Enjoy your stay!!
Il y a 8 ans
JoltThanks much! I love it already :3No problem!Enjoy!
Il y a 8 ans
Welcome to the board!
Il y a 8 ans
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