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Hello〜! I’m Keira、 an anime/manga and VOCALOID enthusiast! I have a small collection right now、 but I’m planning to grow it to where I have a whole bookshelf of figures! I’ve been collecting since March 26th、 when I got my first petite of Nishikino Maki (ITEM #331639)! I’m trying my best to get a good、 big collection for myself! It’s like real like Pokemon、 just not as hard (depending on your budget) (⌒_⌒;)

I'm also not very good at keeping to one series of trading figures ^^;

Collection rules: Anything and everything is OK!

〜Current Collection〜

〜First Figures〜
Prize:ITEM #198588
Scale:ITEM #331642
Nendoroid:ITEM #396566
Petite: ITEM #331735
In all:ITEM #331735

My favorite figures that I own are my Lily ITEM #111591、 Megurine Luka ITEM #198591、 Hatsune Miku nendoroid ITEM #396566 and Minami Kotori ITEM #316795 figures!

My favorite games are the Hatsune Miku:Project Diva games by Sega for PlayStation3/4。 I also like the three Atelier games that I own。

My favorite anime/manga is Cowboy Bebop #1 favorite、 Himouto! Umaruーchan、 Love Live! and Black★Rock Shooter (≧∇≦)b

I’m in love with VOCALOID。 My favorite VOCALOIDs are SeeU、 IA、 Gumi、 Lily、 Otomachi Una and SF-A2 codename Miki。 Luka、 Rin and MEIKO are my favorite Cryptonloids。

My current obsessions are VOCALOID、 B★RS and Cowboy Bebop in particular。 I’m also (obviously) obsessing over figures most of the time in the day。 I also obsess over animes that I’ve recently finished or am watching、 but sometimes grow over it while still enjoying the anime。

Voice acting
Video games
✹Miku Miku!!(and other VOCALOIDs ♡♡
Figure collecting (obviously (*´ω`*))

❤Kotori is my best girl❤

〜MidoriyaYoung Spike〜
https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/44/fe/f0/44fef07bebe76f0121578cd403810130.jpg http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/31200000/Spike-Spiegel-steven-blum-31203307-251-263.jpg

Other websites:
Cowboy Bebop、 B★RS、 Himouto! Umaruーchan、 Love Live!、 Mahou Shojou Madoka Magica
Yostubato!、 Cowboy Bebop、 Ultra Maniac、 Mikubon
Hatsune Miku:Project Diva/Mirai series、 Atelier Series
MOE Point.s
Twintails、 pastel、 thigh high socks、 blush、 long hair、 big eyes、 short skirt
VOCALOID、video game OSTs



Lol you live on Mars
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Happy Birthday!!
Il y a 4 mois
Happy Birthday! :)
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Happy New Year! :)
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KeiraKoneko38 (Il y a 1 an) #24380561Yeah, the Luka one is my favorites to be honest. Oh geez, haha. I'm not good at decisions in general, it's hard for me to pose my Madoka since she only comes with one happy faceplate lol. Right now I have Teto jamming out with Lily. Yeah, that's true haha. I didn't even notice the blogs last time I checked! Maybe they're planning to change the whole website eventually?
Aw I can't believe she comes with two sad faceplates, poor Madoka! It would at least be an easy choice for me though lol. Ooh cute! I've been tempted to collect Vocaloid Nendos since they made a good number of them aside from the Cryptonloids (when is Gakupo ever going to get another figure?) but I've resisted for this long haha. I think they are, and most of the mods don't even seem to be on board with the changes. I'm scared to see how the database part will look. ;-; I already hate how you can "like" items instead of favorite them. It doesn't even make sense, I obviously like everything in my collection. >.>
Il y a 1 an
KeiraKoneko38 (Il y a 1 an) #24232989Exactly what I thought! They looked really mature compared to their usual selves, it just felt off. And yeah, she's fun to play around with and make her "bug" the other nendos with her bread haha! I was expecting two extra face plates though, but its fine that she only came with one. She's been one of my dream figures and its a miracle i got her for so cheap. And yeah , actually! I got them in about April. Raspberry*Monster was one of my favorite songs at the time so I was super hyped when I got it haha. That's what I think of all the time, but they do have Inkling action figures, they're just not Good smile or Sea O' Colors. I just hope they collaborate with Goodsmile sometime soon now that Spla2n is out, or maybe even make Hime and Iida amiibos (which is inevitable.) Yeah, they might change it back but who knows, we'll just have to wait and see.
Yeah that's it, they looked more like Miku's or Gumi's age when they should look a bit younger. I think Tony Taka's style works best for Luka tbh. Yay Teto, congrats! I don't mind when Nendos don't come with more face plates just because I suck at deciding on which one to use lol, I even had a hard time picking for my Nozomi Nendo and she only came with two too. >.< The bread is super cute! I have her posed with the smug face and the default pose (I'm not creative) but having her hold the bread would be my second choice. XD Raspberry Monster has a lot of good covers too! I really like the Teto one of course. Ooh Spla2n, that's clever. They really work as Amiibos at least! Ahh they changed the blog format too, I didn't have as much of a problem with the homepage but the blogs are something I really have to get used to...
Il y a 1 an
KeiraKoneko38 (Il y a 1 an) #23771259Yeah, it's kinda hard for me to have one without the other, which is why I don't have many figures of them haha. And yeah, gameplay is pretty important to a video gamr, I should probably look it up sometime. Splatfests are basically battles using votes and turf war wins to determine which side will win (ex: cake vs ice cream). That's the best I could explain it. I don't really like the new logo, either. And it seems like the sizing for all banners was thrown out the window, and now you can only see a tiny but of the original banners.
Yes, it makes them doubly expensive! The Tony Taka figures looked nice but having to pay so much for both of them? Hell no. Then again I don't think it's the perfect rendition of them either way, as cute as they are they look a little too tall or something? Not sure how to describe it lol. Anyway I see you got the Teto Nendo, that's awesome! She's easily one of my favorite Nendos, I just love Teto. <3 I can only dream of other Utau Nendos. And did you always have the Raspberryism and Sweet Pumpkin Co-des? They're both super cute, plus Raspberry Monster is a great song. Ooh okay, I should really play Splatoon sometime haha. I'm actually surprised it doesn't have more figures, it's insanely popular and the character designs seem like they'd translate well into Nendos or something. Exactly, still don't think it's quite as bad as some people were saying (like a drunk design student did it, etc.) but there are a few things that could be tweaked.
Il y a 1 an
KeiraKoneko38 (Il y a 1 an) #23747162Haha, yeah. I only have the prize figures of them to go together, but also the Rin Pop! and miniature desktop Len. There actually are some people who own a 1/1 Kokonoe Rin (ITEM #1795), although it isn't the prettiest in my opinion. I heard that Gumi's game sucks at loading times haha, IAs might be a lot better due to bigger budget and newer technology. I don't play Splatoon personally, I just follow up on the splatfests and such. I want a switch to play it though. What do you think of the new homepage? I think it looks decent on mobile but I have no idea if it's good on computer or not, but it seems fine to me. Some people seem to be having issues with it.
That's cool that you have figures of both of them! I know there are some people that collect only Rin or Len but they're just so cute as a pair and they have so many great duets! Whoa that's huge, does look kind of freaky actually. I don't even want to think about how much shipping for that would be. x_x Yeah it's a shame because the song list for the Gumi game seemed pretty solid but there's just no point if the gameplay is bad. :S What are splatfests? Man, I am so out of the loop with Splatoon lol. The mobile site is fine but I don't like that there's not an option to switch to desktop anymore, I use my phone for like everything and I always prefer to browse sites in desktop mode rather than mobile. The desktop site isn't that bad but I don't like how the banner looks and not a fan of the logo. I can understand why some people are upset though, I never really like change either lol.
Il y a 1 an
KeiraKoneko38 (Il y a 1 an) #23459870Yeah, and it's cool that you have a twin! Maybe people would recognizeRun and Len better haha. I hope so, too, it's be great! I think the cop outfit is really cute, but they apperently made a 1/1 scale of it @.@ They would be great as DLC at least, maybe seperate from the Teto, Neru and Haku pack, though. Or only Gumi in the same pack. If they were to be DLC I would want some exclusive songs, too haha. Gumi deserves a lot more love.
(Also off topic side note I just became obsessed with Splatoon oops.)

Oh yeah definitely, but I don't think we'd be able to agree on who would be Len lol. Love the Kagamines though, sad I don't have any figures of them yet. Oh geez the 1/1 scales are insane. Like does anyone even buy those at that price?? Gumi does need more love. ;-; Sucks that she got a bad rhythm game too, IA's rhythm game was at least really good even though she was alone haha. Aw I've been meaning to get Splatoon forever! The price never drops so I should really stop putting off. How is it? Is it mostly just fun to play online or is the single player fun too?
Il y a 1 an
KeiraKoneko38 (Il y a 1 an) #22832485I were planning to do Anon and Kanon together with her in the original box art outfits, but she has no idea who they are haha. And yeah, with those prices I'll probably never get a Yukari figure due to my budget ^^; and yeah, I guess I do like rock a bit that I think about it, haha! more IA concerts would be great, and maybe some other vocaloids would be fun to see live, like an Internet Co., Ltd. concert!
Aw, I don't think a lot of people would recognize Anon and Kanon anyway. :( Guess you just gotta go for Kanan instead of Kanon. I think if I did cosplay, Anon and Kanon would be an easy one to do with my twin haha. Never say never, at least one Yukari figure is bound to bin! Hopefully. Would you be interested in any of the new Yukari figures they're making? I just want the Internet Co. Vocaloids to at least be in a Project Diva game. >.< I dream of the possibilities lol, like Meisou Rhapsody and Bad End Night. One Gumi guest appearance in a chibi game is not enough.
Il y a 1 an
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