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Buon compleanno <3
Il y a 3 ans
Auguuuuri!!!! Buon compleanno <3
Il y a 4 ans
LadyNera89Il y a 5 ans#3522062Woooo, I'm so sorry for the late reply! I've started a job (even if is only until the end of september and for free, orz >_>) so I'm a little busy >_<
For TouRabu event I couldn't completed it... enemies in map 3-4 where so high leveled that my sword could do nothing... but well, I hope I'll find the new sword as dropp! ^^
Eh, me too, my list is longer every season (and now I'm into Vanguard G, the new vanguard serie X°°° )...
Hoping we'll find some time for our hobby! :)

Gahh, sorry this reply is so late!! I've been really busy with school T__T. I hope you've been doing well? Anything new with you? How did your job go? :>

I still really love a lot of the characters in Touken Ranbu but it was a lot easier to play during the summer when I didn't really have anything to do... Right now I've gotten really into mobile games (especially Ensemble Stars! & a little bit of Yumeiro Cast, haha) so I kind of wonder if tourabu would be easier to play as an app. I feel bad for missing the new swords and stuff though orz.

And yeah, haha, same! I've been sneaking some anime here and there when I can find the time to not guiltily watch it but it feels like it gets harder and harder to make time for it. _(:3」∠)_
Il y a 5 ans
LadyNera89Il y a 5 ans#3345860Hi! Sorry for the very late reply, but I was relaxing to the beach! XD *still holidays time here* And you, how are you? ^^
Thank you, even if now I'm not sure what I'd like to buy as Tourabu nendo XD 90% I will preorder Shokudaikiri <3 My fav above all <3
Oh, yes. I really love Worick voice ** He's so sexy and... God :Q__
ahahaha, I know that feeling... I'm behind with the few shows I was watching... but now I need to complete TouRabu event to get the new sword! (and there is the previous event's sword as dropping too!)
So much thing to do... so little time T^T

Ah, no problem! Sorry for my late replies too, school just started back up for me orz. I've been busy, but I've been doing alright, thanks! :>

Shokudaikiri is really nice *__* I have a soft spot for Kashuu but I've been liking Honebami and Hasebe a lot recently. I've completed the stages for the event but no new sword drop(s) weeps... not sure if I'll have the chance to play it now, but I definitely want to try playing when the drop rate for Mikazuki is increased!!

I've been managing to sort of keep up with anime but I already have a bunch of assignments for school so that'll probably be stopping soon, ahaha... hopefully we'll both get some time to do the things we want to do! x__x;;
Il y a 5 ans
LadyNera89Il y a 5 ans#3200670Well, we'll see after release what I can find! Even if actually I prefer waiting for figure I have to pay Ahahahha.
In this season I'm watching gangsta (bless you Junichi Suwabe!! **), shimoneta (a very funny anime XD ), shirayuki hime. And in plan to watch I have junjou romantica 3, aoharu x kikanju, and other XD
But yes, no will to watch them every week~

I wish you luck in that!!

I'm really glad that they got Suwabe for Worick! His voice is really perfect for him. I fell behind in shows a bit for a few weeks but caught up with most in the past few days. But yeah, it's super hard to maintain the motivation to watch them every week x__x I'm really better with marathoning shows in the end, haha...

(also, I hope you're doing well recently!)
Il y a 5 ans
LadyNera89Il y a 5 ans#3100907Oh, I need to complet the last 9 floors and so I can get Hakata too! ** I still have time until the end of the event XD Yeah, I'm not so lucky too, but I'll try until I'll find all the swords ** Scales figures are too expensive for me (well, if they will do Yamambagiri I think I will buy him XD), so I will buy the nendo... even if I hope to find Mikazuchi and Kashuu Nendo post release... and in case with a very very econimic price -even if I'm not so sure for the price- XD
Here too there are some manga that are out of print or are very expensive... T_T
Yeah... I hope I won't have so much new series to watch XD Often, in summer season, I don't have so much series so I can catch up with the old ones >_<

Hopefully you can find the nendos post-release at a good price!! It seems that a lot of tourabu merchandise gets marked up a lot in the aftermarket though x__x;; it seems possible that Mikazuchi and Kashuu might get a rerelease though because of their popularity? I've seen some people in their comment sections sending GSC requests, haha

Are you watching anything new this season? I've picked up some shows, but hopefully I'll have the motivation to keep watching them every week orz. I'm really happy about Gangsta. and Akagami no Shirayukihime though!
Il y a 5 ans
LadyNera89Il y a 5 ans#3064997Don't worry ^^
Oh, let me know what do you think of it at the end! Ah, S2 was the one that I didn't like so much compared to the others 4... Gintama I want to catch up to see the new season too! ** I saw some screenshot from the last episode and it was hilarious XD Thnak you, good luck to you too!! ^_^7
RNG? Oh, I see! I'm quite into him, and I like trying to get all the swords >_< Even if there are some of them that are really IMPOSSIBLE ç_ç I don't know the other game, but for me it's eought TouRabu XD (Even if I have a very ammount of games for PS3/PSP/DS/3DS that are waiting for me XD)
Yeah, ES21 is pubblished in Italy too, but it's quite difficult to get him without paying double of the original price X_X So I'll read it online ^^ Blass you scanlating groups!
Little by little I started to catch up with some series, since in two weeks spring anime season will come to an end...
(I receveid them last week too and they are soooo cuteeee ** I love them <3 <3 ahahahah it's not a bad idea rewatching Shoholly ** ♪ Kagiri nai yume, idake, kagiri aru toki ga mikata sa~ ☆ )

I managed to catch up with Gintama so I'll try to watch more episodes of Cardfight!! Vanguard soon. I'll definitely let you know what I think! I'm really glad that Gintama got a new season this year though!

Ahaha, my backlog of 3DS/PSP/Vita/etc games is getting quite big too. I started playing Touken Ranbu again and got the new tantou sword from the event but yeah, the super rare swords are still unobtainable for me... it's really nice that tourabu is getting scale figures!! though my wallet isn't too happy about that weeps

ah, really? D: I'm sorry to hear that orz. I'm really grateful for scanlating groups too since a lot of the series that I want to collect in English are too long or out of print or a combination of the both. and jeez, I've fallen behind in spring anime since I've been only watching Gintama orz. I can't believe that the summer season is going to start so soon...
Il y a 5 ans
LadyNera89Il y a 5 ans#3049401Sorry for the late reply, but here in Italy was national holiday (plus I'm into Touken Ranbu XD)
No problem, take it easy! ^^ But I'm glad you liked the first episodes :) Maybe there will be some "dead point" with only boring cardgame duel, but from episode 20 it will become more interesting!
I started Gintama too, but I'm still at ep. 17, season one (the old one XD)... I will finish it someday -and than I have to start Dia no Ace :°°° Another infinite anime.
Oh, I read so much shojo in high school and now I'm a bit tired of them too XD And I quote you, the shonen harem romantic comedy are not my manga type at all.
My friend talked a lot about Eyeshield 21 and said it's a very good manga... maybe I will start it -and my plan to read list will grow more and more -. I know the others mangaka but I haven't read anything of them >_<

Gah, I'm sorry for the late replies as well x__x;;; I'll try to keep going with it! I like the characters so far so I want to see where they go with them. I've gotten really into watching Gintama right now though, I'm only on the second season right now but I really want to catch up to watch the current season. Good luck with your watching!! >o<)9

I'm taking a break from Touken Ranbu actually since my RNG luck is so bad orz... I'll have to pick it back up again though for when the event starts up! Hopefully it won't be too bad. I've been playing Ensemble Stars a lot though since there's an event going on in that. it's tiring though @__@

haha, that's alright! ES21 is really great in character development and art progression, and is one of my favorite manga. it's all online so it's there for you whenever you want to start it, but take your time! and yeah, haha, it feels like my own plan to read/watch lists keep growing and growing...

(also, I got my shoholly straps today and they're really cute!! I feel like I'm going to end up rewatching both seasons before the summer's over, haha;;;)
Il y a 5 ans
LadyNera89Il y a 5 ans#3031855Oh, you can start with Cardfight!!Vanguard from season 1 to 4, 197 episodes where Yonaga is the main chara ** He is so cuuuuuuuuuuute *and I ship him with other chara very hard XD*
Me too, I need to catch up with utapri... and other series, before summer season begins X_X
Oh, it's a good thing to read anything you think is interesting! Yes, I hope too! Or my plan to read list will become bigger and bigger!
Mmm... well, yaoi is one of my fav genres, even if lately I found it somehow tiring, especially the same story pattern x.x Others are shonen mix to mistery/fantasy (such as MAGI or Pandora Hearts *but I need to catch up these two too XD*) and Josei, especially the ones published in the magazine ZeroSUM (Karneval, Makai Ouji, 07 Ghost).
And then I read manga from particular mangakas: Yuu Watase (Fushigi Yuugi, Ayashi no Ceres, The legend of Arata), CLAMP, Natsuki Takaya (Fruits Basket), Masami Kurumada (Saint Seiya series) XD
and yours? :3

I went ahead and watched the first three episodes and like it! probably going to go through it slowly since it's a bit hard for me to get into the card game itself haha. I'm also watching Gintama at the moment as well which is also long haha;;;

I just caught up with Magi! feeling a bit nervous for the current story arc. I read a lot of shoujo manga out of habit since I read a lot of it when I was younger, so now I just automatically go to read them... I do really like josei and shounen, but I try avoid the shounen harem romantic comedy type of manga. I like to read yaoi/shounen-ai as well hehe, though yeah, plot patterns do tend to repeat a lot...

My favorite mangaka are Yusuke Murata (Eyeshield 21, One-punch Man), Takehiko Inoue (Slam Dunk, etc), Ikuemi Ryou (Cousin, Kiyoku Yawaku), and Natsume Isaku (Ameiro Paradox)! :>
Il y a 5 ans
LadyNera89Il y a 5 ans#3012175ahahah, Yonaga dear <3 I like him so much **
Oh, thank you! I found you through your link XD
Yes, even if there are lot of movies (so 1 completed) and specials XD Me too, if I don't watch them for looooooong time I change in on hold list, indeed.
Recently I start reading manga again, especially the ones I bought and hadn't time to read X°°D
Waaaaa, your manga list is fantastic! ** So huge! And lot of them are in my plan to read list X°°° One day I will read them :D

same! I want to watch more things with him in it.

still very impressive hehe!! I can only imagine how long it'd take me to complete as many anime since I'm so lazy with it x__x I managed to catch up with utapri in a burst of motivation though \o/

ahaha, thanks! I have a bad habit of reading anything that looks or sounds interesting to me so my reading list has grown really huge weeps... and I hope you get the chance to read your plan to read ones!! I'm glad we seem to share similar tastes. what're some of your favorite genres? :>
Il y a 5 ans
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