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Hello everyone :)
I am Rinshuu (or Ulle)
I'm a 19 year old boy from Denmark who loves figures :D

Thanks for visiting my page!

(p.s. My UTAU is Ishikawa May, go check her out.... also check out my UTAU group's blog: "Tsukiloid")

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0Il y a 3 moisNardenNarden
Loleifos (Il y a 3 mois) #22267615Hello!
Your inbox is full

Hello, thank you it's fixed :)
0Il y a 5 moisPal-chanPal-chan
Hi! I sent you an invoice in a PM about a week ago, did you get it?
0Il y a 3 ansThaIssingThaIssing
0Il y a 4 ansPsycosaiyanPsycosaiyan
H(r)ello?Loleifos (Il y a 4 ans) #1768624hrello
0Il y a 5 ansThaIssingThaIssing
Loleifos (Il y a 5 ans) #1120291... óuò ?
I wanted to say stalk you but thought it made me creepy <3

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