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Collected figures since early 2016-ish. Started to watch anime in 2008 but in 2012 I started to watch more widespread anime series and shoujo. I also ended up getting into BL/Yaoi in 2013 because of my recklessness. I own several things that aren't listed in the database.

Azur Lane Crosswave-EU Limited
Fire Emblem Three Houses-EU Limited



Oh I forgot about it yeah it's out of my price range atm. Sorry about that!
Il y a 27 jours
Hi I think I deleted your comment while I was cleaning my inbox. What figure was I asking for again and how much?
Il y a 27 jours
Hi! If you are still interested, please send a DM to either my Instagram, Twitter, or FB. Username is nanidoss :)
Il y a 4 mois
LucifieryIl y a 5 mois#75985135Hello, sorry for the inconvenience. I created an entry for an item: Azur Lane Crosswave Limited Edition. I saw that you edited it and I didn't intend to create the one for the JP limited edition. But the EU/NA ver. I'd appreciate it if you created an entry for the EU/NA ver.

Unfortunately, localized versions of media aren't allowed in the database. Any books/games/CDs added have to be a Japanese release.

"Media released in Japan (Japanese releases only)."about/faq/#ref-...

So whenever there's an EU/NA version added, it's deleted or edited into a Japanese equivalent.

(I keep my NA games in a list (LIST #75671) instead of my collection, since I technically don't own any version that's represented in the database.)
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broken-Toybox lump of laziness
Thank you for the FR~♡
Il y a 11 mois
Thanks for accepting the fr :D
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Thanks for your FR

Nice to meet you ~
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Welcome to the board Lucifiery! :)

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Enjoy your stay! ^^
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Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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