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Hi there fellow anime lover! Here is some information about me:
I am 17 and am currently working as a paper shredder (I know, sounds grim). In my spare time I like to do things such as make films, edit, sketch, take photos, watch anime and play video games. I am currently trying to start my freelancing career which mainly includes editing film.
I have been a huge anime fan for years and I am very glad that I have found this community. As you can see my collection is very small but I'm hoping it will grow now that I have a job! (yey) ^_^


I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
Il y a 6 ans
Naoto-chan 一リッカ
MillicentIl y a 7 ans#1690900Sounds great! Do you ever upload them to the internet? And character designing is so fun, I would say it's the best part. I hope you keep going with it :) ..and I am good thanks :D just finished my job so I'm very happy xD
Yep, I'm planning to upload them in the internet on my pixiv account when I'm done. :D
I'll be sure to keep going with it. >o<
And it's really good to hear you're enjoying your job! Keep it up! XD
Il y a 7 ans
Naoto-chan 一リッカ
MillicentIl y a 7 ans#1680446wow thats so cool ^_^ I wish I could write a manga! Whats the story about? :D
I haven't come up in summarizing the story but it's romance as well, LOL. XD
I really just draw things to let it out of my mind since I even have the tendency to imagine it in my mind. I'm currently working first on the character designs. :D
How are you as well by the way? >_<
Il y a 7 ans
Naoto-chan 一リッカ
MillicentIl y a 7 ans#1671802haha thanks I will have to send you a link :D how are you recently anyways? :)
I'm doing good, thanks. :D
I'm working on my own manga, just out of boredom and I want the ideas out of my mind. XD
Il y a 7 ans
Doing good and I'm glad ^^MillicentIl y a 7 ans#1671807Hi there :) im doing great thanks, (loving this website :D). How are you? :)
Il y a 7 ans
hey there.. im just wondering how you are doing
Il y a 7 ans
Naoto-chan 一リッカ
MillicentIl y a 7 ans#1659892I will have to send you some :D I also make amv's for fun (anime music videos) if your interested :D And haha okay :D
wow~ AMV's? thats awesome! XD
Ooh~ I already look forward to seeing your film edits and AMVs. I'm really interested! ><
Il y a 7 ans
Naoto-chan 一リッカ
MillicentIl y a 7 ans#1657569sorry for late reply! and haha, I've never really published the films I have made by myself. I normally just edit films for my friends, then they are put up online :)
ooh~ I see but even if its edit, I would love to see or watch them perhaps. :D
Don't worry about being late in replying. I don't mind. XD
Il y a 7 ans
Naoto-chan 一リッカ
MillicentIl y a 7 ans#1623051haha, yeh but Im also a paper shredder which is actually what I get paid for. I make films as a hobby and help out with my friends projects as well. Its fun :)
that's really nice to hear~ :D
now I'm tempted to watch some films you made, it really sounds cool! ^^
Il y a 7 ans
Naoto-chan 一リッカ
MillicentIl y a 7 ans#1619690Thank you :D
you're welcome~ and wow, you're a film maker? thats sounds cool! :DD
Il y a 7 ans
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