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Welcome to my page!

I first started figure collecting back in 2011 with my first purchase of Banpresto's HSCF figure of Madara which soon escalated into me coming across MFC and starting a small little collection of my own mainly of figures of characters I like or of ones that are awesome and related to Naruto.

Some of the things I like to do include, writing Naruto fanfiction, listening to music, reading manga, making origami flowers, Wondering the meaning of life, Day dreaming, Wondering what Obito see's in Rin, Wondering why he won't notice me, obsessing over Rin Matsuoka and Sousuke Yamazaki, playing video games, I also love East Asian/ Japanese history and mythology and anything related to Kitsune or Tengu.

I love taking pictures of my figures and hope to have some interesting shots up soon along with some reviews of 'neglected' figures that need reviews and more attention.

My collection is still pretty tiny in comparison to some of the larger collections everyone on MFC seem to have but I hope that with time (and with more Madara and Obito figures) it will grow!


NaruiIl y a 4 ans#6732190Hey!! I've been good?! How have you been?!! it's seriously been so long!!

Lol! It certainly has, I've been doing alright. Had a bit of hardships this past year and the beginning of 2016 unfortunately, but I'm trudging through them one at a time!

How about yourself? Anything interesting?
Il y a 4 ans
Heya! How's it going!?
Il y a 4 ans
Lol! Don't worry about it! I've been pretty absent from here too.

I've been doing alright lotta stuff changed in my life within the past year. Some good some bad but not much to complain about. lol

How about yourself?
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DeadlyAnime Web Designer
Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
Il y a 5 ans
I'm so excited!! I was able to add an Itachi figure to my collection!!!

How've you been? Haven't heard from you for a while.
Il y a 6 ans
Still admiring that pic above the comment box. Harrrr!
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NaruiIl y a 6 ans#2203776No Problem!! Would you like for me to break up my replies or put them in quotations? I also have pretty bad eyes myself (Though I have both eyes but my vision is deteriorating so we're both like Uchiha's lol) and eye strain isn't fun Y__Y and I actually think it's kind of cool you have one eye, if you don't mind me asking , how did you end up with one eye? You don't have to tell me if you don't feel conformable and I totally understand if you choose not to! I'm just really interested in eyes (one of the reasons I like the Uchihas or maybe I got this obsession after liking the Uchihas LOL)

Yes, lol. That’d be nice. I admit I’m replying to these in Microsoft word documents lol. So I can sort everything out.

No I don’t mind telling, lol.

I had an eye injury as a child, a cat scratch on the side of my eyeball. They were able to fix it but it had gotten very infected before we could get into the doctor’s office. Anyways, as I got older the scar on my eye seemed to get inflamed and puffy, as some scars do.

It was becoming very painful to blink, because every time my eyelid closed it would cross over the ridge/scar. It was also causing pain from pressure being put against my tear duct.

My vision after that has always been bad, but that one more so. I was 75% blind in that eye before the surgery, my glasses lens power was always different, the left eye, the one I got taken out, had a higher power in it. They believe that was caused from the accident. He said they could have removed the scar tissue but since its scar tissue it’ll grow back and likey be thicker that the previous scar tissue. Told me it’d a never ending battle. So I decided, out with it.

I have a prosthetic glass eye as a replacement.

NaruiIl y a 6 ans#2203776Nice Dp btw I just watched the episode with that scene yesterday and the funny thing was I took a screen cap of this sexy face Madara was making (it was after he blasted Naruto to the floor and was waiting for him to get up, I'll keep it as my dp for a bit if you'd like to see) and was thinking of making it my dp LOL then I wanted to capture the scene in your DP but I couldn't do it because of the panning effect D:

Thanks! I haven’t been able to watch the episode yet! I have it downloaded but haven’t had time. I

LOVE YOURS!!! That sexy face tho!!!

NaruiIl y a 6 ans#2203776We're the same age then!! But I'm just a tiny bit older than you, I'll be 20 August 15th!! XD You're lucky you're a saggitarius I'm thinking a Saggitarius is more compatible with a Capricorn than a Leo (there are so many mixed messages, some say Leo and Capricorn works others say it doesn't Y__Y it makes me quite sad LOL but I'm not like a normal Leo though because my Moon sign which determines personality is in between Saggitarius and Capricorn so I have a bit of those two with my Leo characteristics which may be good or bad! XD What's your moon sign? ) LOOL Aww Don;t worry, even though you're a Saggitarius I think Madara was born on a cusp because he has a few Saggitarius characteristics too!! XD

Actually Capricorn and Sagittarius are very different, however I do have some of the Capricorn tendencies when I’m determined with a goal. Even more so if I’m mad at someone. I can be scary in person lol.

Well I was supposed to be born in January but ended up a month early so there we go, maybe I’m a mix of the two!

Ahm… it looks like an arrow with a slash on the body.

NaruiIl y a 6 ans#2203776LOOL dem eyelashes, Itachi has the prettiest eyelashes out of alll the Uchiha's , so gorgeous!! XD He would make a beautiful Girl actually LMAO but he's also quite Beautiful as a Man!! And yes, Villains tend to be made better looking maybe because of the whole "allure of the villain" or maybe it's because they're always made to be smarter, manipulative, intelligent more so than the Good guys or the main characters!

Hell I think he has the best eyelashes out of the entire series. ;_;

NaruiIl y a 6 ans#2203776I actually haven't watched the Avengers so I don't know how Loki and Thor's personalities are like (But I did see Loki in a trailer and he seems like he has a pretty sexy personality LOL ) But You know I think they're both attractive though I might find Loki more attractive if he's evil LOL or maybe it's the black hair? and I mean Chris Hemsworth as Thor looks majestic as f** because of his hair LOOL but hmm I don't know!! XD Why do you like Tom Hiddleston as Loki?

*Gasps* You haven’t seen it!?! I Chris Hemsworth too! I didn’t like him in the last Thor movie though, his hair was too long! Loki? Tom? Um. I just think he portrays Loki perfectly, he is definitely not replaceable. Loki’s mischievous, scheming, maniacal, he’s sexy. Lol.


I know right!!! The part where she’s talking to Naruto is the part that gets me. Oh my rikudou my throat hurts afterwards because I cry so hard.

NaruiIl y a 6 ans#2203776and Aww you don't like Naruto? He used to be annoying as a kid and I actually quite disliked him too (I think before I was even that aware of the series I preferred Sasuke just a little because he was cooler) But Naruto has actually really grown on me!! but omg I love Kushina to death and Minato a little bit but he doesn't have too much of a strong personality in my opinion XD but omg Naruto and his parents are the most ultimately awesome family in Naruto

NO!!! I hate Naruto Uzumaki! I think he’s still THE most annoying character in the series. Why? Because I’m sorry but Naruto has legit ably, become Ninja-Jesus. And it’s stupid, Kishimoto has made him so strong and capable of anything that he doesn’t even look like a ‘hero’ in my eyes anymore.

It’s hard to explain -_-

NaruiIl y a 6 ans#2203776And you know , you're right I still feel stupid for briefly even beginning to think that maybe Tobi was some fraction of Madara (maybe like a vegetative Madara upheld by Zetsu cells?) To be honest I actually even began believing he was Izuna like you did!! I was sooo hoping he was Izuna too because I want to see more of Izuna!! and I remember there being times when I sat there and though, okay if Tobi is the Real Madara why the hell does he still hide his handsome face, and why did he change the side his bangs fall on? is he on drugs? is he going Senile? LOL

LOL Don’t feel stupid!!! I did too!! I was hoping Izuna would have somehow been “Mr. Foot.” A couple chapters back. But once again Kishitrollo stomped all over my feels.

NaruiIl y a 6 ans#2203776OMG I remember all those people thinking it was Shisui, Tobi looks NOTHING like Shisui I agree Shisui has slightly wavy hair and Tobi's was full straight they probably just figured since they had the same hair style they were the same person which is stupid!!!

I know right! I was like literally pointing and laughing at those people. I mean Shisui was cute, I love his hair and I could recognize it miles away! O_o He has good eyelashes too though.

NaruiIl y a 6 ans#2203776LOL Madara the Sex god LMAO and to think, not too long ago he was an insecure cute little Tsundere who couldn't pee properly LMAO I still can't get over that XD What did you think of Madara during his childhood/ those chapters deadicated to Hashirama and Madara's childhood?

Tis true though! He is! Him and his damn beautiful hair!

I thought it was okay, I hated how the arc was mainly based on Hashirama’s childhood though, I mean we got to see all his brothers. Why couldn’t’ we see the other three brothers that Madara and Izuna had? Also I had been hoping to maybe see the Uchiha and Senju matriarchs, but we didn’t!!! I was very upset!

NaruiIl y a 6 ans#2203776LOOL, Sorry XD I agree with you though, the whole Rin thing is stupid and everything Obito did is stupid, he didn't even fufill his duty as Madara's slave and even tried to steal Madara'a name, fame, and power, the nerve!! LOL but since the young Obito was awesome I actually hope Adult Obito goes back to that so we can have some respect for him!!

It is! I mean everything about his arguments is bullshit! I’m sorry but I hope he dies, because I won’t forgive him for tainting Madara’s legacy.

NaruiIl y a 6 ans#2203776A lot of people hate the Uchiha clan and Madara? I'm somewhat surprised, I always find that the true fans of Naruto who actually follow the series LOVE Uchihas and Madara or at least respect him and think they're cool, it's usually the types who barely know nothing about the series who hate Madara but yea I've run into quite a few Madara haters, they're funny because they make fun of him (Saying he's gay and stuff but really why the hell does it matter if he is gay? though I'm kind of hoping he's Bisexual X3) but I just really want to say to them "Well look at your pathetic self, do you think you could amass the amount of power this man has? " In the end, I think all the people who hate on Madara without good reason (a good reason being they just dislike his personality or dislike him as a character or have a valid argument as to why they hate him aside from his 'seeming' gay) are just but hurt jealous men with tiny dicks who wish they could be half as admirable as Madara is.

I have listened to so many people hate on Madara, it is actually rare that I have ever come across a fan like you. Except on tumblr that is, but like everyone I meet in person who is a fan of the anime. Hates him. I also have a few skype friends who like him too.

I’d say this.

“Oh? You think you can be sexier than him? Well when you succeed such a thing, come back and find me so we can debate that. I’ll be at my computer, so you know where to find me.” Lol.

NaruiIl y a 6 ans#2203776LOOL stay away from Viz!! the fans on there seem like idiots from what you tell me. I usually post on Naruto base and there are ALOT of people who are much more intelligent and mature, I've had quite a few interesting debates and such on there (there are a small share of idiots on there too but more mature fans) and there isn't much Madara and Uchiha hate (usually Sasuke hate to be honest but I don't blame them) and if there is hate usually there is good reason or a good argument!! But You go girl, we need to stand up to all those misinformed haters!!!

I've been on viz for five years, a lot of the people on viz actually are out of the fandom now, it’s just a giant mess of drama. I have met ass-hats there that’s true, but I have made some friends there that I wouldn't depart with for anything! Also met my boyfriend there too, and yes lol. We do see each other, its not like’ internet woohooz boyfriend who isn't really my boyfriend we just say it because we think online internet dating counts!!’ craze. He’s a nice guy and I’m thrilled with the fact that we met on a forum. Finally found a guy who doesn’t treat me like the dirt beneath his feet. It’s awesome.

NaruiIl y a 6 ans#2203776But that reminds me, adding to/ continuing on from your quote, Looking at Madara's life makes me cry every time lol, thinking about all the emotional suffering he had to deal with... You know, I still feel that deep down he's actually a good guy , just really really tainted because everybody treated him like shit or ignored him and pushed him away (he tried to help the Uchiha clan because he loved them but they threw him away, he trusted Hashirama with his life but that idiot kind of just 'abadoned' him sort of....). Like they say, bad shit usually happens to the good guys while the idiots thrive.... no offense to Hashirama though because I love Hashirama but seriously, Madara was a better hokage candidate his only flaw was that he seemed just a tiny bit shy... but no instead all the stupid Konoha Ninja pick the Senju >:(.... I just want to give Madara and big hug ):

I agree with you, I think when Madara said he wanted to achieve peace. He meant it, and after he and Hashirama founded the village. I think Hashirama thought the goal was complete, but he didn’t. So when he went to his clan, thinking they’d help, their betrayal hurt worse than anything. As Tobirama explained, “Curse of Hatred” is basically developed when an Uchiha loves someone to the point it breaks them to the point of insanity when that person is taken from them.

Speaking of the “Curse of Hatred”. I believe that, I admit it I can see that being the cause of the frequent need for vengeance that developed in several of the Uchiha. Why the Sharingan develops, why they have always been shown to be very stoic in general, and the power they show if their emotions are fueling their bodies.

I’ll explain the last one with some examples.

Sasuke and Naruto vs. Haku
Sasuke vs. Orochimaru (In the forest of Death/Chunin Exams)
Sasuke vs. Itachi (Pre-time skip)
Sasuke vs. Naruto (Final Valley)
Sasuke vs. Danzo
Sasuke vs. Itachi (Itachi’s death)
Itachi vs. Nagato
Itachi and Sasuke vs. Kabuto
Uchiha Clan vs. Senju Clan (When Izuna dies)
Madara vs. Hashirama (From what we’ve seen)

All of those were battles that showed extraordinary power increases when emotions, life experiences, or motivation was set in their minds. I think the “Curse of Hatred” is not always a bad thing for the Uchiha. Yes it can drive some down dark paths as it did with Sasuke, Madara, and Obito. As well as most of the Uchiha Clan before the massacre.

So yes I do believe that Madara is really a good guy, or he’s a man with good intentions, but like I mentioned he’s trying to go at it the wrong way.

NaruiIl y a 6 ans#2203776Hmm actually yea I agree with you, but I don't think Hashirama would have helped to be honest... Even if Madara told Hashirama how he truly felt, I think Hashirama wouldn't quite really understand or know how he feels because Hashirama is loved by the village people and by the whole nation... but at least Hashirama really cares about Madara so you have to give him that... You're right about the conversation, I think Madara was kind of on the fence about whether he should stay (and Hashirama would have been his only person to stay for) or whether he should go and that conversation was kind of like the last straw.

I think Hashirama would have tried to help, but he wouldn't know how. As you said he wouldn't know how to. You could tell when they fought that Hashirama didn't want to, that he wanted to help him but Madara was beyond the kind of help he could give him by then. Talking would not have accomplished anything with him.

NaruiIl y a 6 ans#2203776But if we think about it, Do you think maybe Madara may have been using Hashirama in a sense (though that wasn't his intention but maybe he was considering it?)? In that scene when he talked and mended his friendship with Hashirama a top the Hokage rock, Madara paused quite a bit as if he were deeply thinking while he was talking to Hashirama, and then as Hashirama stated that he think Madara should be Hokage maybe he felt like everything would be okay and go along smoothly and he would become Hokage (or maybe his mind was still 'good' at the time and he was thinking of becoming Hokage to add meaning to his life and protect Konoha since he didn't have his brother and his relationship with the Uchiha's was souring?) and then when he heard the conversation and how Hashirama would most likely become Hokage, he just sort of fled from the scene which is kind of sneaky and then warned the Uchiha Clan...

No, no I don’t. I think that day Madara was questioning whether the village was a good idea or not, you could tell by him fidgeting with the leaf that he was really thinking on something hard. I have a feeling that that was what he was contemplating. I think he was feeling uncomfortable with the idea of several clans getting to live in the village. Several clans back then hated the Uchiha for their ferocity, and I’m sure lots of them had trust issues.

I don’t think he really wanted the title of Hokage, after all. A leader is nothing, without people who will trust him. He knew this.

The clan, I think he may have went to them after he heard what Tobirama said, especially since he figured at this point that lineage would be thought of for the second Hokage. He knew if Tobirama would get it, his disdain for the Uchiha in general would have been disastrous and it kind of was, since later when he got it he moved the Uchiha to the corner of the village and gave them a ‘job’ as the police force as a ‘reward’. The clan however thought he was wanting to start war again, so they abandoned him.

NaruiIl y a 6 ans#2203776I feel like if he hadn't gone into the 'darkening' (as I like to call it) then he would have been okay with Hashirama being Hokage because Madara would ultimately be his advisor but the fact that he kind of was eaves dropping on Hashi and Tobira(not to confuse him with Tobito LOL) might suggest that Madara was mainly trying to mend friendships so he could become Hokage? I mean, I just find it strange that he went from Nice Madara to evil Madara as he as saying Good bye to Hashirama sort of in the blink of a day and there definitely was more he was planning and strategizing now that I think about it. I always tend to mistakenly believe he was a good guy until he left Hashirama but that was because I was caught on the surface, though surely that moment he met with Hashirama at the Hokage stone was the turning point or Decision point in Madara's life and it just makes me sad seeing him evil... As hot as he is, he doesn't seem too happy... and I want to see him happy (lol maybe I'm just a little too emotionally attached to him, sorry if you think I'm strange!! XD) I mean what do you think? Could Madara's darkening have been prevented? Do you think he's completly 'lost' so to speak? I honestly really miss the good guy Madara just because he was happy, hell I don't care if he's evil I just want to see him happy and content with his goals but he's not even though he fulfilled his life long goal!

Honestly, I don’t think so. I think the only way it could have been prevented, was if the Senju and Uchiha had been able to come to truce sooner. If Izuna hadn’t died, I believe most of his despair was formed through the mourning of being alone. I do not think he ever got passed it.

I’ve been wondering if he knew what would happen if he did start the infinity tsukyomi in the first place. I doubt he knew all these people would die once it was cast. “The Dream World” I think he was hoping it’d be effective on him too. Maybe he would be able to be with his family under a genjutsu.

I think this turn of events, with Kaguya, I hope if she is defeated and IF we see Madara one more time he might change in personality a bit. Notice the wrongs he did, as he dies.

NaruiIl y a 6 ans#2203776LMAOOO I hate Justine Beiber and Miley Cyrus too, though I do think Mily Cyrus is amusing in what she does (not amusing in a good way though) XD she's ruined Wrecking balls forever!! XD Ahh I feel so weird I don't know many of these celebrities because I don't really follow celebrities LOL but Tom Hiddleston is kind of cute XD

She is not amusing at all to me, because as sad as it is. She is still an idol to so many little kids and her disgusting behavior has actually influenced some into bad things. Yes this comes from experience in knowing a couple kids.

… that poor wrecking ball tho.

YESH!!! He is very cute!!!

NaruiIl y a 6 ans#2203776OO I'd like to see these drawings LOOL I usually hate seeing Hashi Madara stuff mainly because people always screw up the characters so badly!! (They make Madara so perverted and classless it's nasty... eugh XD ) but what you describe actually sounds quite good and the person's done a good job of portraying Madara and Hashirama well LOL I can actually see them as how you've described them XDD LOOOL Tobirama is spot on though,definitely LMAO I can just picture him hating on Madara wanting to save Hashirama LMAO

You got a tumblr? I can show you the blog!

NaruiIl y a 6 ans#2203776Oh I think I saw those too!! Were they like Teen Izuna and Madara? They looked quite nice but their faces were printed on if I remember and it didn't quite fit the body XD You could always just make your own custom plushies? I've been meaning to make a Madara plushie of my own or even just modify the already existing one (change his clothes maybe) but hand sewing is a pain and drafting humans doll patterns is sort of hard Y__Y

Ahm, no these were all hand-done even the faces. I can’t sew with a crap!

NaruiIl y a 6 ans#2203776Hmm You mean Madara being those really huge Tsume Statues that go for like over 200? I'm glad they didn't add him to that line because, I could beg my parents to buy him or save up but I would hate to spend that much on a figure (but knowing me I would ultimately buy it, I went out and begged my parents for a PS3 just so I could play Storm 3 to molest/ play with Madara for crying out loud LOL)

Yeah! I’m glad they didn’t do that one for him either! Even though it'd be cool as hell!!

I mean Itachi’s sold out so fast!!! I only had like $100 at the time of his release. ;_; I’m so sad I couldn't snatch one.

Oh the molesting Madara part of Storm 3…. Harrr!

NaruiIl y a 6 ans#2203776But honestly when they announced they were considering a Madara I wasn't really expecting him to be a part of that line mainly because they only do really popular characters (like Gaara, Deidara, Itachi and Madara isn't as popular as the Akatsuki are but that's probably a good thing because less annoying immature fans squealing over Madara when they don't know shit about the series or about him) but to be honest as much as I appreciate a scale I'm slightly disappointed in the proto type... Madara looks... weird... He's a hard character to nail properly but I don't like how they did his hair even though it is Accurate, it just doesn't look like him. I was expecting them to do something similar to what they did for Gajeel I think his name is because he has similar hair (here's the figure, ITEM #88290) but a different sculptor did Madara and their work on his hair is simply amazing (I think every single spike was sculpted) but it seriously doesn't look like him... What do you think about the figure? Maybe I'm just too picky/ Critical but the HSCF figure looked soo much more accurate (though they kind of messed up his nose because Madara's nose is wider and slightly hooked). Maybe it will look better in person though and I hope it does!!

I think he looks great! However…. there were a few issues I had.

The hair I did have one issue with. The right side in the front, they made his bangs overlapping his eye too short, and kind of missed the bangs that frame his face beside it, other than that they nailed the hair.

His gunbai is the other issue.

I’m so excited with the chain weights, but the size or more the shape of his gunbai kinda looks odd to me.

NaruiIl y a 6 ans#2203776Are there limited Editions for the game already (aside from the cover with Itachi Shisui andDanzo I think?)? I never got the Collectors Edition for Storm 3 (because it was slightly expensive and I didn't feel it was worth it since the figures of Sasuke and Naruto were basically a re colour of an already existing fig) but I really hope a nice collectors edition comes out and they include an awesome pre-order bonus again like the exclusive Jump costumes or something!! that would be really nice!!

I’m not sure yet. I got the collector’s edition for Storm 3. I got the “True Despair” version. Same here, they are a butt when it comes to prices.

NaruiIl y a 6 ans#2203776And I agree I hope to see a new move set for Madara containing a lot of his newer abilities, I also want to see Sage Mode Madara he look so hot in that outfit... *___* (I'm sorry if I already said this LOL I feel like I did?) <3 but a lot of other characters need some serious updating like Hashirama!! and a lot of the Akatsuki who, I've heard, have the same move sets from Storm Generations. Just new move sets overall would be very nice along with an unmasked Obito , I know you hate Obito but I hate how they handled the ending for Storm 3 it was crap, Obito just left when his mask cracked and Madara was like "Opps I gotta piss, bye guys" and then just left... felt very out of character for both of them (more so for Madara he's never one to 'run' away from a fight)and was very disappointing. Not sure if they addressed this in Full Burst though, I really have to get around to that!! And yes The Akatsuki backstories do look very interesting, I'd love to see The Ame Trio and Itachi and Shisui's past mainly because they're the only Akatsuki (along with White Zetsu) That I actually like and respect XD

I was disappointed with Madara’s awakening honestly. Even though it does mondo damage! Madara’s my storm ace when it comes to online. Him and Sasuke Eternal Mangekyo.

I know Obito and Kushina have been confirmed for the new game though.

NaruiIl y a 6 ans#2203776Ahh even just cut scenes would be nice but I seriously do hope they have child Madara and Hashi, it's a possibility considering that they childhood arc sort of comes next in the game but they didn't really fight as kids (that we saw) so you're probably right, they probably wont be in the game but I think Young Adult Madara and Young Adult Hashi might be? I just hope they reveal more!!

I know right!!!!! Even cutscenes would be a huge plus for me.

NaruiIl y a 6 ans#2203776I'm sorry for these long long essays LOL I don't realize I'm typing so much but It's been very fun talking to you about Naruto, I haven't had many friends who love Naruto and talking about it as much as I do so it's nice to really have a discussion with someone who's just as interested in it as I am and also knows what's going on XD

Nah, don’t worry about it! Just try to break them up a bit, sorry it took me all day to reply. ^^; It’s hard for me to read so much with no vision in one eye. So it takes me a bit.

NaruiIl y a 6 ans#2203794Sorry for the second quote I forgot to address the part about your fanfics XDD I'm surprised you write fanfics!! Do you post them on FF.n? (I used to write some too but then took them all down and have been trying to start up again but lost the motivation LOL Been trying to get out a Necrophilia story related to Madara though!!) but I'd like to read some of your fics if you have anything that's not too graphic maybe comedic? LOL I like dark things though so if it's really dark and sexy I'd like to give it try!!

Well… I hate to say it but nearly all my stories are very graphic. However they always have a dark theme to it. Here’s my account.


I’m not big on comedy fics. Mine are often very serious! I hope you’ll like some!!!

NaruiIl y a 6 ans#2203877I'm sorry to do a third comment but I hope you read the recent Chapter!! Because of this
www.mangabee.co... (and the mystery of how Madara got Hashirama's cells is solved LOL)

Nah! No problem!!

Madara! You kinky little bastard, you!.
Il y a 6 ans
NaruiIl y a 6 ans#2201203LOL XD I'm sorry if I offended you or anything (I secretly ship it too X3) I looked through the comments on the page for the DXTRA Madara figure and saw one of your comments about Hashi x Madara I think LOL. And Thank you, there needs to be more fans like us who like seeing the characters in character!!
And yes exactly!! I also dislike how they change the art sometimes too, like for example they made Madara all super skinny when he's supposed to look so much more manly and buff and .... hot XD but now he looks lanky and skinny in the anime which doesn't suit his character after seeing him all buff and big (along with his hair which also makes him look bigger!!) he also looks a lot younger in the anime but in the manga I would put him at physically being 30 - 35. As for the authors intentions A good example would be with Naruto because of all the fillers that side track the main story and are completely different from what Kishi may have intended or meant, while they are interesting it just doesn't feel as 'authentic' since it's not exactly from Kishi but from the anime company and they also messed up a few things (with regards to Naruto!!) Which may have caused Kishi to change some things in the manga (I think like Itachi's susanoo was made red in the anime when it's orange and I think this may be the reason why Madara's susanoo which would look awesome as red, was instead made as blue but of course we don't know for sure unless we ask Kishi ourselves)but yea while a Mangaka can control mostly anything in the manga to suit their needs I feel like they don't really have control of what the anime company produces ?
Thank you for agree, I thought I was the only one!! Al thought you have to give koodoos to the Seiyuu for being pretty good as voice acting (from going all goofy to serious) it still doesn't fit and I completely agree with everything you say LOL and the anime company messed that up too, Obito had a nice deep voice as a kid in the flashbacks/ Kakashi Gaiden episodes but they suddenly changed his voice in the flashbacks in the recent episodes to match his really high voice.... :( I wish they don't do the same with the video game and give him a deep voice instead!!
Madara's voice is just really nice <3, but you're right I feel like it should sound a bit classier maybe? but it still sounds very nice <3 What does Baki sound like btw? (I'll try looking for a soundclip LOL) But it's a little creepy when you know that the guy who voice acted Madara also did Light Yagami's Dad in Death Note LOL althought I swear Madara and Light's Dad do not sound anything alike O__o
The current events in the manga, don't even get me started LOL I am really hating on Kaguya right now for blowing Madara to bits, no I;m hating Kishi right now for blowing Madara to bits!! (But we got to see him fat for a brief second which looked kind of funny)!!! I swear I always knew Black Zetsu was going to betray Madara, there was something always weird about his character (like how he didn't respect Madara the way White Zetsu did) and ahhh!! Kishi builds up Madara so well, I was expecting him to be the final villain and then BAM he's defeated by Black Zetsu of all people... BLACK ZETSU, like seriously?! Madara should have seen Black Zetsu's betrayal coming a mile away!! I completely agree it's like a bomb, no, more like Kishi jut puked on all of us and said "well hurr durr deal with this Madara fans!" No offense to Kishi though LOL I'm still frustrated and really hope this isn't the end of Madara because that would be pretty sad... I was , even though it's a little over done, hoping to see Naruto talk some sense into Madara just so I could see him as a good guy again like he used to be XD But maybe I'm hoping for too much LOL What are your thoughts on the current events in the manga?!

Sorry I didn't reply faster; Finals are coming and I must brace myself.

But lmao don't worry I was kidding, I don't feel offended or anything. I actually found it to be an interesting observation since I though I wasn't so obvious about it lol Looks like I was wrong.

Regarding Anime mess ups: Yep. It seems to be pretty common in anime studios to make characters slimmer and younger than what they actually are (they stylize them more, basically); Seems to be something related to what they find appealing. Or maybe a mix of both that and making animations smoother, easier, and thus faster ┐(◔ - ◔ )┌ I can't say I like it when they make everything without any shading at all or just use a lame excuse of one.
However, I look forward to the moment they have to animate shirtless Madara, and suddenly he will be all buff and people who only watch the anime will be pretty surprised.

Ohhh Mads hair. Mads hair is everything. Is the only hair that matters (?). I love how it looks so messy, yet soft but at the same time you wonder If It's clean at all or he even gave a damn about taking proper care of his hair because It also looks like shrub. A fashonista shrub.

Honestly, I think Kishimoto is the oposite of Murata: If you looked at his interviews, and general attitude, you would actually end up wondering If he even likes what he does. Specially when he says things like "I draw manga because drawing is a thing I'm was good at". It gives me the impression he doesn't enjoy making Nardo anymore and that he's both enslaved to his work and the whims of his superiors. At least when you compare it with people with more freedom, but honestly I don't even care that much.

Like I said before, I don't think Kishi cares about what the anime does anymore. Actually, they may even make his work easier when they include filler episodes with crappy character development that we will never get otherwise (Sasori comes to mind). And Kishi is probably all "Eh. Well whatever, now I don't have to worry about this, is covered".

Though It is true that anime companies are still companies and they can be a little annoying when they want to change this (like colours. Like Mads Susanoo or Konan eyes. Or everybody's red hair, wich is supposed to be one type of red, not red with white hue, red with a magenta touch and so on). Mangaka's and anime studios can be bickering forever when It comes to those things. It has happened before with other mangakas, and It will still happen haha.

In general, I think seiyuus are amazing. Even If the voice seems unfitting because of the sound, they still do a great job acting.
Oh, by the way, there are some clips of the next Naruto game. I think you can hear Tobito's voice in there, so check it up!

Baki in that anime sounded like a classy villian (wich given the context of the series was ok) and Mads sounds like an angry old man. Older Mads sound like that grumpy grandpa that will yell at you for messing with his lawn though.
lmao I didn't know they were the same voice actor. See, that only shows you how cool seiyuus can be haha.

Some links that hold my opinion about the recent events of the manga (I didn't write them but I agree with most of what is said, except some very, very personal opinions):






In general, I think Kishi is... not very kind with most of his characters. He doesn't treat them well, he sometimes doesn't seem to know what to do with them or just does very poor things. Or worse: He wastes nice chances to make good stuff (Edo Tensei arc, Madara and Obito dynamics**). In fact, I would say he knows how to write and develop villians rather than heroes. He does so in such a way that he has to trash his villians in order to elevate his "gud gaiz" e_________e

Yeah, well, I said It was like a bomb, but It felt like he took a dump on it :T And I wouldn't worry about Madara not appearing again: He has to get closure. Is a little uncertain but It looks like he will destroy Kaguya (And I mean in a figurative sense, considering is more likely that she will sealed again. But he will drag her in the mud) and then bring Mads again.

And OH GOD NO. I would rather see how Kishi throws Madara in a ditch forever and never brings him back again than let him be TnJ by the "Child of Prophecy". Let Madara have his own self; Nardo has already messed up other villians with his awful speech.

Now onto the nice things: This last chapter. Jfc. Kishi just made HashiMada guro canon lmao. And everything about Kaguya or BZ still makes no sense. Kaguya is still someone who is completly irrelevant because again, the big things were made by someone else??? Like wtf Kishi. Are you already regretting what you did to Mads? lol At this rate my wish of Kaguya still remaining as a cheap plot device with no personality to mess up the story will come true.

Anyway, I apologize If I sound a little bit harsh. I really like to talk about this things and sometimes get a little passional lol I also like long replies, so thank you about that :> Though I won't be able to reply as soon as I would usually do :I

**I mean he could have showed us more about them interacting with each other to make it more dramatic. idk, the story of the old, lonely man and the young and naive brat that becomes his disciple with some emotional deep? We know they are dicks to each other but c'moooon kishi.

Take care!
Il y a 6 ans
NaruiIl y a 6 ans#2203687X3
LOL I agree, I'm also hoping and am pretty sure Obito is alive because it would be very sad to see him just die in the war!! and LOL in a sense Madara sort of deserved it for trolling everybody he trolled but what happened is pretty bad and it seems kind of like Kishi just pulled it out of nowhere to stop Madara but I hope that's not the case and that this isn't the end of Madara!! What are your thoughts on what's been going on in the recent chapters?!

Kishi seems to be pulling most of his ideas out of nowhere, but they are kind of tying together. After todays chapter where Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerZetsu clames he started it all, and their all part of his story seemed a bit much.

I'm enjoying it in terms of quality, but not because of where it's going. I'm unsure to be honest. I want to find out more about the fate of those who are transforming into white zetsus. - to be honest, I hope in the anime to prolong it we get a filler episode for each character and their dreams as throughout the series we've only ever known a few of their dreams, such as Naruto to be hokage, Tenten to be a great kunochi like Tsunade, Sasuke to arrive his clan, Rock Lee to become a powerful shinobi without using ninjutsu.. etc.

Also, the fact that they are just way too overpowered. Naruto was a strong ninja before he got Ashura's power..

How about you? How are you finding the series as it is in current events?
Il y a 6 ans
NaruiIl y a 6 ans#2201275Thank you for accepting my friend request!! I'm sorry for not sending this sooner!!
I Hope that we can be friends even though Madara sort of took away Obito's Childhood, killed Rin and may have even killed Obito (though I really hope Obito's not dead!) XD

LOL. No problem :D

I doubt Obito is dead due to the fact that Kakashi saved him in the latest chapter with the kunai). I feel worse off for Madara to be honest, he got trolled by Black Zetsu.
Il y a 6 ans
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