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Hello fellow collectors! ☕

I got started into this collecting hobby just about a year before I joined MFC. In a year, the collection has grown quite huge. I bought almost any figure that I liked on sale, pre-order, and even hunting it down over the www. I made quite a lot of impulse orders. I'm thinking of setting some limitations. Hmm... Where should I start?

I'm starting to let go some of my figures, and selling them. Downsizing my collection. I've minimized my future pre-orders to most wanted or favorites only. MFC is helping quite a lot. There are so many that I want. That's a start.

If you are interest in buying some of my figures, especially the extra copies, check out my small online shop on Amazon. Later I may consider selling some on eBay and/or MFC. PM me, if there is something that interest you from my collection. Here is a list of items I'm willing to sell, LIST #32586.

I've adore so many of those beautiful Dollfie Dream photos. Early October 2013, I've bought my first Dollfie Dream, Saber Alter ITEM #83799, from findra. Late March 2014, I won a chance to get my second Dollfie Dream (first DD Sister), Youmu ITEM #179276, from the HTD Kyoto 10 After Event lottery. I won a chance to get my third Dollfie Dream Saber EXTRA ITEM #80469 from the Volks USA's "Holiday Greeting Event" lottery in December 2014. Early February 2015, I got my fourth Dollfie Dream, Miku ITEM #172745. In mid-April 2015, the cute IM@S CG Uzuki ITEM #270164 joined as the fifth girl in my Dollfie Dream family. Early July 2015, the passionate IM@S CG Mio ITEM #270163 joined her friend Uzuki as my sixth Dollfie Dream. Sept. 11, 2015, the elf from Shining Resonance, Kirika ITEM #323505, joined my Dollfie Dream family as the seventh. She'll be my lucky elf. Late March 2016, Rin ITEM #368655 joins my Dollfie Dream family. Late September 2017, Kirito ITEM #549536 & Asuna ITEM #549538 of SAO arrived to my home just in time for Asuna's birthday. Mid-December 2017, Anastasia ITEM #482250 of IM@S CG joins me for the holiday.

I'm excite for the new vinyl BJD "Smart Doll" by Culture Japan. Plus they are gonna make a male version too. Would love to see the outcome of their Automatic Version. Decided not to get a Smart Doll and stick with my Dollfie Dream that I own for now.

Lately I've been sway toward collecting NA themed figure/statues. Kind of bring back the childhood memories of reading DC & Marvel comic books.
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