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Bringing the hobby to your door.
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Love collecting, cannot stop. Discovered Touhou a while back and haven't looked back. Will be expanding this collection as time goes on.


I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
Il y a 6 ans
OryharaKestrelHey, didn't hear back from you on the Alice and just want to make sure she's everything you wanted. Hope my packaging worked well :P

Sorry, been meaning to email you back but I did receive her about 2 days ago. She is perfect, thank you so much!! Can you believe all the figures I have and I still have them in the box? Haven't had time to dedicate a space in my house and find a nice display case (or two, lol) to display them. And with the weather here lately being 100 degrees don't want my figures to melt, lol. I see we almost a similar collection. I am jealous of your kosmos swimsuit figure. Also see you ordered a snow miku, you will love her. =)
Il y a 10 ans
Happy birthday. I wish you have much gift
Il y a 10 ans
Ilvias adorable little doll
Hi! I discovered your page on Tomopop ^^
You've got a lot of Touhou plushies >w< cuuuuuute!!!!
Il y a 10 ans
Yay, I'm commenting to myself! Ah, well it seems I got my Petit Vocaloid Nendoroids in and behold the lucky I got a complete set! Talk about great odds on my part. Just one dupe that I may be giving away. Not sure, thinking of doing so on Tomopop or something. It's just Meiko so it's nothing special but I'm sure someone will want her to mod or something. Hell, I'll pay for the shipping. Anywho, Spicy Ory, out.
Il y a 10 ans
Sannouk Kit Cat
Hello OryharaKestrel, welcome and have a great time here on MFC Tsukiboard ^_^
Il y a 10 ans
Mia-chan ねんどろいどが大好き
Welcome to the board OryharaKestrel! Awesome avatar! :D
Il y a 10 ans
Hey, thanks for the look! My goal in setting this up was to have a solid place to show people what I have and this works perfectly. I haven't added everything yet but that will end soon. I wish I had the grace to find an arcade cabinet but that's a pipe dream right now.
Il y a 10 ans
Welcome! I'm new around here as well. Love Touhou as well, but then again, I love any bullet hell shmup. Couple years ago I picked up an Egret II so I can play the DoDonPachi series, Ketsui, Mushihime-sama, and other shmup titles.

You have a nice collection so far. Look forward to seeing you around! =]
Il y a 10 ans
De-JaY Teitoku
Welcome to Tsuki Board!
Il y a 10 ans
Bringing the hobby to your door.

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