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Hi there! Hope you are having a good day.Recently got serious and started collecting figurines and other anime stuff.I buy figures of characters I like or the ones that strike my fancy. I try to exclusively collect one piece figures but its hard not to buy other figures so I find myself struggling at times in deciding which one I should get. Artbooks are another collection I am building. But enough about me, its nice to meet you and yeah, happy figure hunting guys!


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Technicolor birthday wishes to you!
Il y a 3 ans
Happy Birthday to you :-DDD
Il y a 3 ans
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oh cute i wish you the same.
Il y a 3 ans
PaleLightningIl y a 3 ans#17065872http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/PaleLightning1419529491.gif

Thanks mate! And Merry Christmas to you as well!
Il y a 3 ans
theyasminshow Militant Missionary
PaleLightningIl y a 3 ans#17065710http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/PaleLightning1419529491.gif
Thank you :) May your Christmas be technicolor!
Il y a 3 ans
Merry Christmas!!


Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerWe haven't talked in forever, how have you been? :) Are you doing anything special for the holidays? :D
Il y a 3 ans
PaleLightningIl y a 3 ans#17065759http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/PaleLightning1419529493.gif

Thank you! ^v^
Happy holidays to you too!
Il y a 3 ans
PaleLightningIl y a 3 ans#17065923http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/PaleLightning1419529491.gif

Thanks! And merry xmas to you too!
Il y a 3 ans
theyasminshow Militant Missionary
PaleLightningIl y a 4 ans#11769680Oh its alright :)
I don't mind. Sure you have your own things to occupy you like work etc so its fine. On the subject I too now I'm off uni looking for a job. Found out the hard way that its quite difficult. This one I applied to rejected me over the most ridiculous basis: Me is too overqualified. Yeah right! They never tell you the real reason I figure it was due to my attitude to the interviewer lady.
She asked for my opinion on something, ofc I won't hold back over a topic I feel strongly about. Soon after she had that look in her eyes; disagreeing with what I said. Oh well its better to be jobless than sucking up to somebody,back to the drawing board ah..
Sorry I got carried away that really ticked me off.
5?!! You pulled big time. Haha true those one are great. It's rare to find these will you keeping them for good or selling them after a while? Bigger question do you retain majoirty of bought collection? As preferances change over the years or a better version comes out in cases like those is selling ever an option for you?
Children playing on iPads, my five old cousin has an iphone? Heck we have. It amazes me everytime I see how different my childhood was compared to kids today. At their age I was building sand castles and waiting for the next DBZ episode to drop!
Oh that's a shame. I have some old random postcards along with bunch of other plushies/books absent in the database.
Seriously, good friend they are ^_^ No actually just found out through you. Heard of mandarake tho. How has your experience been with them? My go to shops specifically art books and doujins is either J list or cd japan. The shipping however ah is off the roof <- Mainly why I limit my buys and wait for a sale.
I know right,its such a tragedy he has been sitting in the box because my shelf is too small to faciliate him :(
Sansei would be a great 1/4. Btw you were not kidding about Sansei you really are a mega fan haha, I can see many figures of her in your collection. Interested to see how you display them.
Fair point and you do have a very lovely collection. What surprises me is how you find the room for all of it. For example my small one its already hard enough lol
I might not be able to buy as many figures come end of this week. You see while forex is important factor for us in the UK we also have the possiblity of brexit (Britain leaving EU) meaning the trading would be affected immesely, a consequence of which will most definitely involve steep price increases. Importing things may become more expensive for me in turn not very economical and viable *rubs head*
Hmm yeah and when the forex + shipping is good the retail price could go up especially with doujins that come in limited runs.

Sometimes people do get rejected for overqualification here, it's like "for your skill set/experience we'd have to pay you more than what we're looking to pay" kind of thing. It's the weirdest slap in the face to get from what people tell me, like someone saying "you're TOO good" and rejecting you for it. It makes me wonder if they'd be better off lying? lol
That sucks >.< but you're right, if that's how it is you're better off in a job with more agreeable people.

I think I'll keep most if not all the books I got. I love that old early-90s art style. I think I kept most of my collection but I did sell a whole lot: LIST #24784 Some people have anxiety about selling but I think in time your tastes will refine either with experience, or just reaching that point where your space and/or money isn't as expendable when you started. :P
With the forex shifting a lot of people are being more considerate about preorders and hitting a "Ah! What do I do?!" wall. I kind of eased out of things early so I'm okay with this. So far I don't miss anything I sold. I think about a few items but so far no regrets or deep longing to have them back. Doujinshi are a lot harder to sell than figures though. >.<
On the bright side, my PO list is pretty small and I'm really excited for just about everything on it. Which TBH unfortunately I couldn't always say before.

J-List is awful, I don't deal with them anymore. CDJapan for some odd reason does have really inflated shipping prices. I only use them when they give me "we miss you" or "birthday bonus" points lol. Mandarake is good, there's a huge selection and I've bought plenty from them. But right now I'm kind of pissed with them because my friend and I keep getting our cards rejected by their 3DSecure verification and they won't help us. Our cards work with 3DSecure everywhere else so it's definitely something on Manda's end. But they're just "contact your bank" and won't say anything else. They require card on 18+ goods, everything else, PayPal is okay.

Hehe thanks ^^ One day I'll show off my Muramasa collection. I'll have to photograph it in time as I receive more of her figures and goods. I don't have room for everything though; I rotate displays about every 3 months. It's a nice way to keep my room environment fresh. Everything else gets kept in a nearby storage facility lol my room is like a closet!

There was an MFC blog about Brexit X_X everyone's affected, people are buying into JPY since it's uninvolved and more "Secure" than other currencies right now so JPY is going up. Well, it was fun while it lasted, right?
Il y a 4 ans
theyasminshow Militant Missionary
PaleLightningIl y a 4 ans#10981293Gomen gomen for the late reply me was finishing his last final exams then the after parties...ah my brain never felt so heavy and wrecked.How has your been week been?
Now the actual reply haha.
Doujinshi? Cooolll which one did you win? I hope it lived up to your expectations.Like the artwork for me is of importance the plot can be mediocre but the art has to be relatively drawn well.
Speaking on the subject I recently found these Oda Non comic I was madly searching for like forever.That was the one time I regret missing the sale period. Tho sadly it is not the limited version :( You might have heard of his work of Non Virgins?
Your June will be my December all them Saber's are dropping around that time lol. Studies are one thing I have to be serious about not just because of my ethnicity (Asian) I wanna do well in life perhaps that's due to the many years of being taught to put studies first but I like to think it's my personal motivation that is the main reason.
Not exactly a loot however I bought a slideshow collectable 1/4 iron man statue.Cost me a fortune still contemplating is the size worth the price? They are only 3000 pieces made guess understandable.
Well that be my mental age that has accelerated then, physically I've remained the same.Waiting on that beard to come anytime now xD
That's the dilemma man I happily order a Saber only to cry later when the turn to pay comes. I know right Alter Saber was so tempting I don't blame you I was on the verge until saw the price.Is it just me or Saber's have gradually increased in price I remember you could get them for like 50 including shipping.Probably true for figures in general.

Sorry for the even later reply... I've been quite the busybody myself :< haven't been on MFC full-force in what feels like ages.

I just picked up the doujinshi from the post office yesterday! Five really old Sailor Moon books... I really like older artwork with those big detailed eyes and the bad anatomy lol. Some of the books are 18+ but they're far, far tamer than today's ero books. How far we've come, lol. I looked at them one by one and each one was better than the last. They're not on the database yet though (nudges self)

My MFC friend actually gave me Non Virgin for my birthday lol! It was on my wishlist for some time and I was very close to ordering it... do you use figinstock? It pops up on Mandarake from time to time and the price is reasonable there.

Oh wow, I think I've seen those in person in convention displays. They're ridiculously nice @__@ but I don't have space for a 1/4 display unless it's a character I'm crazy for, like say... Sansei Muramasa :9

I think the price hike is part "we can get away with it, they'll still buy it" and part license holders demanding more. It sucks for us. But, I've got a nice collection under my belt and a few figures I'm looking forward to... but I don't get tempted as much by extra figures because of high prices, shifting forex, and sometimes it's simply about quality. I didn't mind the prices gradually rising before because the forex was amazing. But now, they're still going up and the forex is almost back to 1:100, so I'm getting a lot less bang for my buck. One of the first scale figures I ever bought cost me like... $45 after forex (can't recall shipping). Those were the days...

You know what is my danger zone though? Doujinshi. I like Comiket hauls... but with the cost of shipping books + changing forex, I haven't been dipping into new artists as much with the past few hauls. Sigh~
Il y a 4 ans
Exclusive anime goods from Japan!

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