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Hello! I'm fairly new to the whole figure collecting world but I saw a nenderoid at the first convention I went to and fell in love with its adorableness. Said nendo, Hatsune Miku 2.0, was bought of course. XD

I have a fondness for nendo sized figures but have recently branched out into wanting to purchase scales. ITEM #396841 I blame you. I'm sure it will be the ruin of my poor wallet as I've managed to keep purchases to at the most one a month and to (mostly) characters I know. I wonder how long this will last.

Okay I uploaded a hastily drawn profile pic so I would seem less... oh what is the term I'm searching for... transient? Temporary? I don't really know. I draw a bit but I currently don't upload it anywhere. That might change, it might not. I'm painfully shy when it comes to showing off my art. Same with chatting. I love it but knowing if I have something in common with someone is so difficult. XD
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