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Hello! I'm fairly new to the whole figure collecting world but I saw a nenderoid at the first convention I went to and fell in love with its adorableness. Said nendo, Hatsune Miku 2.0, was bought of course. XD

I have a fondness for nendo sized figures but have recently branched out into wanting to purchase scales. ITEM #396841 I blame you. I'm sure it will be the ruin of my poor wallet as I've managed to keep purchases to at the most one a month and to (mostly) characters I know. I wonder how long this will last.

Okay I uploaded a hastily drawn profile pic so I would seem less... oh what is the term I'm searching for... transient? Temporary? I don't really know. I draw a bit but I currently don't upload it anywhere. That might change, it might not. I'm painfully shy when it comes to showing off my art. Same with chatting. I love it but knowing if I have something in common with someone is so difficult. XD
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PeanutButter (Il y a 1 an) #20317646The items from the nendoroid wedding split arrived today. They were packaged well and the original boxes were included as requested. Communication throughout the process was clear and concise as well. Thank you very much for allowing me to participate! :3
Thank you for the feedback! I'm happy to hear everything arrived safely, and much thanks to you for participating! =)
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PeanutButter (Il y a 1 an) #17321659Received the straps today! They were packaged well and all accounted for even if tracking was a bit weird but that's the post office's fault. The clasp on Len was broken but since it was brand new it's more a defect than anything. I sacrificed a clasp on an old piece of jewelry to fix it and it's good as new! Really satisfied and they are adorable hanging off my new purse. :3
Thank you so much for your feedback and for being an amazing buyer!! I'm really sorry about the broken clasp! I wish I knew D: If you ever are interested in any figures, I will give you a discount to make up for the clasp :3
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PeanutButter (Il y a 1 an) #13348106For the Anime Island preorder option is the coupon a recurring yearly thing and there will be another if I do the 20% down payment now or it isn't a recurring thing and I have to suck it up and pay in full now.
Sorry first time considering a scale figure and the price is scary. I told myself no scales unless it's a favorite character and a go big or go home scenario.

Hey! This got a little long so I wanted to move it here

I don't know about the coupon but here's something I do with Anime Island and expensive stuff:

They have this system where you can slowly pay off a preorder whenever you want. If you search "Payment link" you can find things to add to your cart that can pay off the money you owe on your preorder. You add the payment link to your cart and then state what order number and item you want to make the payment towards in the comments, and Anime Island will process it after a little bit. It helps with really expensive things to not pay all at once

Sorry, this really did not address the topic of your comment at all! But I just wanted to share this because a lot of people don't know about this, so...
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