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Kimi no yume mamoru RIBBON~♫
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Happy Birthday!! I hope you have an amazing day, that is filled with love, happiness, family and let's not forget about some delicious birthday cake!, Love,

Il y a 4 ans
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Happy birthday
Il y a 4 ans
RoronoaDevKunIl y a 6 ans#2047888Thank you for the friend request !
Sanji is my favorite man in One piece :D

Thanks to you for accepting
That sounds great! He is also my favorite character!
I love Sanji!

I hope seing you around soon! (///_ó)/~
Il y a 6 ans
hello miss!!!
comment tu vas?? desolée de pas avoir pris des nouvelles ces derniers temps, il s'est passé trop de truc dans ma vie et j'avoue avoir un peu oublié de repondre et tout, je m'en veut un peu :'c
Il y a 6 ans
RoronoaDevKunIl y a 6 ans#1981951Hello you !! :D
I'm fine thanks and you ? We didn't talk for so long !
Well, in 4 days I'll finally pass my driving licence, I don't wanna think about it ahah ! ><
Otherwise, I'm saving money, to travel to Japan, we can say it's my new year's resolution, so I don't buy figures, that's hard !
And you ??? Are you married yet ? Eheh :3

I'm fine as always, been working like crazy lately. I've got two jobs now, ahahahahahaha. . .
Yeahhh, It's been so long, it's all my fault for not replying you as soon as possible. . .
Ohhh!!! Good for you, I'm so excited for you on getting your licence. GOOD LUCK!!!
Wow, when is your target on going to Japan??? My target is two years from now, ehehehehehehe. . .
Ahhh, as for me I don't have a new year's resolution, ahahahahahahaha. . .
Dang!!! I bet it's really hard for you not to buy figures right now. . .
Nope, still not married yet. You do know it was a joke right??? ahahahahahaha. . .
How about you??? are you married yet??? By the way do you have a Facebook???
Il y a 6 ans
Hey2x, what's Up!!!??? What's Up!!!??? Happy New Year!!! How are you???
Il y a 6 ans
RoronoaDevKunIl y a 6 ans#1902544She is out in Europe too, but can't buy it now T3T ! Well there are not really interesting games for me now so I can wait :3. Ahah! No problem, that was funny ! And you're right ! :D Yeees, I love animals, I have cats, dogs and my rabbit, you have pets too ? :3 Oh thanks ! Oh so you have time for the anime expo. This december I think this is ITEM #166032 she is quite in the theme xD ! Talking about that, I hope you had a good Christmas !! :)
I see. Yep, there's not much games that I fancy but I was really interested on playing Killzone: Shadow Fall and it was awesome. It really sucks that Watchdogs was pushed to next year june. Every PS4 fans was looking forward to buy it as a launch title but was push. Uhuhuhuhuhuhuhu. . . Wow, that awesome. I only have a parakeets, back in my home planet we have a lot of dogs working for the government as a K9 Unit. Wow. Did you buy her??? By the way I just pre-order a figure last night, I'm sure you want her as well since you like girls ITEM #166425 she's cute and hot as hell. I don't know her character and what anime she's in but I fancy her very much that's why I bought her as soon a I found where to buy her. Ahahahahahahahahaha. . . Merry Christmas as well to you Miss Chloé. . .
Il y a 6 ans
RoronoaDevKunIl y a 6 ans#1893072You have a PS4 :D I want one too >< ! Ahah it happens to me a lot too, falling asleep while watching something, it's hard for me to sleep without any "presence" xD Oooh! You really got me with that wedding thing!! I really believed it, even if that surprised me! >7< Yeah, well, I hope I won't be nervous... Because when I get like that, I just lose my composure and do stupid things :/ ! Ah yes, I love animals, but I don't want to have the pressure of a veterinary so... :D
Oh when is Anime Expo ? I'm quite sad, there were so much figures I wanted that came out this december, but no money to get them all... It breaks my heart xD

Yup, I have my PS4 for over a month now. Ehehehehehe. Is the PS4 not yet in Europe??? Yeahhh. But I watch while laying on my bed that's why I fall asleep, ahahahahaha. . . Sorry about that, sometimes I exaggerate things a bit, it keeps things interesting don't you think??? Wow. You like animals too, I guess we're much alike. I don't know much about veterinary but I'm sure you'll do fine. The Anime Expo is this coming July 3-6 www.anime-expo.... Yeah, same here it breaks my heart that I still can't buy Franky and Shiki they're way too expensive. Uhuhuhuhuhu. So what is the most wanted figure for you this month of December???
Il y a 6 ans
RoronoaDevKunIl y a 6 ans#1892872No problem :) I saw you weren't coming that much ! Yeah I missed you :D ! Good, I hope you pass your exam then. You're getting married ??? Wow I'm glad for you !! When is this ? :3 For me, nothing really interesting, I'm still learning to drive, I've done half of my lessons and it's going well for now. And I'm searching for a work experience as a vetenary assistant, and I keep wanting more and more figures ahah ! :D
ehehehehehehe. . . Yeah, I've not been coming much lately, when ever I get home from work I automatically turn on the PS4. Either I play games or watch netflix, sometimes I fall asleep while watching netflix when I woke up the next morning the anime that is playing on netflix is still playing. Ahahahahahahaha. . . Weee. I missed you too. Yup, hope I pass it. About the getting married part it was a joke, ahahahahahaha. ^,..,^ That's great keep it up and the next thing you know you have a driver's license. Ehehehehe. Ouhhh, your job must be interesting. Yeahhh. Me too, my list keeps on getting longer and longer, But for now I'm sticking to P.O.P's for now cuz I'm saving to go to Anime Expo next year. . .
Il y a 6 ans
RoronoaDevKunIl y a 6 ans#1889255Hey ! That makes a lot of time :) You didn't answer so I come to have some news, I hope you're doing fine :)
Ow my, I totally forgot to reply you. I'm really100x sorry, for almost 2 months I didn't open my account much. I only open to update my figures I owned. Ehehehehehe. . . You missed me huh??? ^,..,^ The news about me is I'm done with school, finally. I passed my finals and I'm done with my clinicals. Just killing time right now I'm just waiting for the State Test to schedule me for the exam. If I pass the exam I can work at the hospital as a CNA. For now I'm busy with 2 things, 1st my work, been working like crazy this month and 2nd is my wedding day. I'm getting married. How about you??? How are you for the past 2 months??? What's the news in your part???
Il y a 6 ans
The world's finest hobby kits and toys, direct from Japan.

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