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Hello! I'm not sure what to write here yet, but I'm sure something will come up. xD
PreCure, Big Bang Theory, Saki...
Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter...
Final Fantasy, .hack-series
Anything catchy
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Happy Birthday to you!!! \(^_^)/
Il y a 5 ans
♫♪♥ happy birthday ~
Il y a 5 ans
Happy Birthday!
all the best =)
Il y a 7 ans
SakuyanMerry Christmas to you too~! ^^

Recieved some very nice presents from my family, lots of kitchen-things and other utensils. :D Family and friends don't really buy Japanese stuff to me, they give me money so I can buy it myself, haha.

How about you, having a good Christmas so far and did you get something nice? ^^

Often I choose what I want related to Japan, and then the buy it (so was it on my birthday), but I have got some little presents. Sadly we want to go to Germany, to family, but we couldn't because of the weather. =/ So it is a little less than usual, but it was okay.
I have got some clothes and bureau-stuff, and when Archonia have the Miku Nendoroid in stock, then her also (that will be next week when everything goes alright by Archonia :])
Il y a 8 ans
Saku~nyan ^~^
Merry Christmas! Have you received some nice presents?
Il y a 8 ans
SakuyanHaha, I guess that's true. xD

Totally understand school and stress. Sounds tough though, but it will be worth it when vacation comes! And I'm sure something good will happen on your birthday too. n_n

Yeah, it was though, but now I have Winter Break, and that literality. How is the weather in Oslo? By me is it so chaotic because of extreme snow fall.
And Wednesday was great ^~^!
Il y a 8 ans
Heei :3
Så fin samling du har!:D
jeg så at Amae Koromo er på salg på Hobby link japan. 40% :3 wiiin.
Jeg ville bare si hei, du er like gammel som meg og har samme hobby som meg.

god jul. mvh Marion
Il y a 8 ans
SakuyanOh wow, hi! :D I didn't think anyone would actually find me via LiveJournal, haha. Yay, a fellow European citizen. x3 I can't understand Dutch at all though, but we do share some of the same words, don't we. ^^

Just fine, thank you. Just watched the newest HCPreCure episode. x3 And you? :D

You have the same nickname and ava as on LiveJournal, and much PreCure Mechandise, so it was not so difficult... ^^"

But I'm fine, maybe a little stressed because of school, one week before the Winter Break and they think to put EVERYTHING in that week. It's crazy.. But I will have my birthday wednesday, so there will be some hope...

I haven't seen the new episode yet, and I think that I wait 'till the subbed version from Doremi will be out ^^"
Il y a 8 ans
Uii... with speaking German and Dutch I can understand a little Norway! XD I'm soo good *ironic*

BTW: Hai!
I think I'm writing you a message, I'm hyun_su from the Livejournal Precure group ^^". And now I've found you here on MFC :3

But.. how are you so? x3
Il y a 8 ans
Welcome to the boards! Good job with figma Ui!
Il y a 8 ans
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