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If you’ve somehow stumbled on this page...


I’m a simple collector who started this hobby back in 2018, with Kotobukiya’s Pokémon Trainer Line being my first scales. I absolutely adore the series and they are my #1 priority when it comes to collecting figures. I am very slow and picky when it comes to buying, so I don’t usually regret what I buy. That being said, I have also missed figures for that same reason
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Overall, if you like CUTE things and/or Pretty Boys, we’ll get along swell!


Thank you very much for your kind words!
To answer your question, I didn't make the display cases myself but I did repaint them in red (and also the former TV stand under them) to integrate with the rest of my interior that has touches of red here and there (like my sofa).
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Thank you for your kind words!! I must say I get the same feeling seeing other people's Pokémon collection too; it just brings so much joy and nostalgia. Can't wait for the new core Pokémon game later in 2019!!
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