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Two people using the same account. We're really lazy. >.< And we share our tastes. And we're always really, really sorry about the bad english.

We're brothers, and we live in Brazil. We started our colection with a gift. The older one, the one writing, got a present for a really good friend. Tifa, PlayArts. Tifa is really our favorite FFVII character, and it was our first contact with a real Action Figure.

But we still prefered to go deep into games, our financial didn't let us to even think about buying figures.
Time changed, the same happened with the financial situation. Little by little we decided to buy more Action Figures. Our dream was to, one day, complete the Play Arts collection.

What made us go even futher with figures was when the younger one discovered and started to visit Tomopop. There one user said that it was happening a free shipping promotion with HobbyLink. And there we saw our first passion, Lei Fang Kotobukiya. It was our favorite DoA character for a good price and free shipping.

When we received her, luckily without taxes, she was gorgeous. So we starded to look on sites, looking for promotion. One day we discovered Amiami, selling \"World is Mine\" Hatsune Miku. And that made the snow ball so bigger, that we coudn't stop it anymore. Now we give up some games, sell others, just to buy figure. Not the most interesting story, but I really didn't know what to write here. >.<



SuokunIl y a 5 ans#3482702Não foi nada, sempre bom ter mais pessoas com quem conversar. ^_^
Valeu. ^_^ Sua coleção também é muito bacana. O woody, assim como Mario e Luigi são muito bem feitos, sempre tenho vontade de pegá-los. E a Kanetsugu, assim como a Junbei, são lindas demais. ^_^

Bom dia.

Então... compensa pegá-los, pois, apesar de serem articulados, pra mim são os figures mais fieis destes personagens.

E você tem tannnntas perfeitas que fica até difícil escolher quais as mais tops. hehehe


Il y a 5 ans
SuokunIl y a 5 ans#3481506Agradeço pelo invite. ^_^

Eu que agradeço por ter aceitado!!!

A propósito, sua coleção é fantástica.

Il y a 5 ans
SuokunIl y a 5 ans#3107551Na mosca. Nem deve ter sido difícil. ^_^

Pois é, lembrei que coleciona com seu irmão :D
Il y a 5 ans
SuokunIl y a 5 ans#3106683É que na verdade quem costuma manejar essa conta é meu irmão. Ele que posta mais aqui. Reconheceu seu nome porque eu falava de você pra ele. Não consegue advinhar quem do LE que é? ^_^

Hmm, Syftner?
Il y a 5 ans
SuokunIl y a 5 ans#3105840Valeu, Caio. ^_^ As taxas doem o bolso e o espírito, mas a vontade de colecionar é maior. Como anda sua coleção? Ainda desanimado?

Eita, você é do forum LE(não liguei o nick a pessoa)? Rsrs

Então, dei uma animada, até comprei alguns 1/4 ultimamente.
Il y a 5 ans
Coleção incrível, ainda mais por morar no país das taxas, parabéns.
Il y a 5 ans
Thanks for the info on the shipping out of your order. Nice scaled collection you have going as well. How do you display them ?

= )

Il y a 7 ans
SuokunI gave up on Ninga Gainden 3 when I saw a video and it looked more like God of War than NG. It's a shame. I love NG. But if it's easy, it isn't NG.
So they're making DoA 5 easier too. Men... That's a shame. I'm not really a good player, but to make it too noob friendly means that in the end you sacrifice the core of the game. A good game means being playiable to the noob and with enought depth to the expert. Well, I'm probably going to buy it anyway... I just hope that they take feedback from this demo.

It is true that games of the new Team Ninja are truly a lower level (Itagaki back please !!!)... I finished NG3 in 10 hours ago, when I truly struggled on the previous... The scenario is not bad, but the graphics and level of difficulty are really bad (I'm not talking about content in DLC)! I would attribute a score of 10/20 to this game... As for DOA5, it shows frankly it will be easier, cons are simplified and super blows very easy to place, I feel that all the noobs are going to benefit in Live! I testified to Tecmo via their survey, I hope they will consider my complaints! Well I learned there is no long there will be two new characters: Mila and Rig. I look forward to discovering them anyway :) DOA5 arrives on September 25 (exact date officially announced by Tecmo). See you soon!
Il y a 8 ans
New club you might be interested in CLUB #801
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SuokunIt's a shame. Maybe one day I'll sign it.
Definitely. I only hope they don't make any mistakes like they did with Ninja Gaiden 3. Are you planning to buy?

Yes, I also pre-ordered yesterday DOA5. A fan like me can not miss this game release, although I'm sure he will be disappointing in the gameplay ... I finished Ninja Gaiden 3 today, the scenario is not bad but I find it very easy compared to previous games. Moreover, having only one weapon is really shameful on their part, others are available in free DLC now, but still! I have DOA5 demo (with the four characters), the combos are almost the same as in DOA4 but cons are simplified and the super blow are too easy to do! I'm afraid all the noobs who can not play, use it all the time! We can put Japanese voices in the options and the classical camera, but it's really the difficulty level has been lowered ... The novelty is that we can up 5 rounds now ... Hitomi is too ugly! And the left trigger does nothing at all! In short, I expect to test all of this in Live...
Il y a 8 ans
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