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Hello! I'm selling most of my collection, so please refer to my List if you are interested in any of them!



Happy birthday!! ~~
Nagyon boldog szülinapot! ^^
Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerhttp://static.zerochan.net/Flandre.Scarlet.full.815211.jpg
Il y a 4 ans
Got to wait till March next year for Patchouli nendoroid, gosh.
Il y a 5 ans
Remélem nem baj, hogy bejelöltelek. Gyönyörű gyűjteményed van! :3
Il y a 6 ans
brucesolmiano No Caffeine No Life.
TadeshiIl y a 6 ans#2265752Awww, thank You! <3
You're welcome!! :D
Il y a 6 ans
Hellooooooo ^.^ Thank you! I'm really glad you love them :D Yay! I am proud to be your Love Live enabler hehehe :9 Ahhh not creepy at all! :B

TadeshiIl y a 6 ans#2265765H-hi I just wanted to say that I love Your videos.
And that I watched Love Live! because of You and I am so grateful because of that, and You inspire me, Idk why, but You just inspire me (holy shit, I am creeper)
Aaaand sorry, I just wanted to say thanks for everything? I'm so random, gomen, I'm a weird little creepy shy blob.
*hides under pillow*
Il y a 6 ans
DeadlyAnime Web Designer
You are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
Il y a 6 ans
brucesolmiano No Caffeine No Life.
Happy Birthday !! :D
Il y a 6 ans
Ne haragudj, hogy csak így rád írok. Nem érdekel esetleg egy Remilia nendoroid? Eladnám a sajátomat és gondoltam megkérdezem.
Il y a 6 ans
They need to release info on the Yukarin nendoroid already >:I
Il y a 6 ans
Must take moar photos again 8D
Il y a 7 ans
You can buy Japanese anime and manga merch!

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