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Vilseriol! I'm a casual Figma- I mean, FIGURE collector who started with Figma Yukiko and my collection has snowballed from there.

Most of my collection- I'm ashamed to admit it- consists of Figma. They're one of the best looking figures out there, in my opinion. Their shading, coloring, worksmanship, and the way the figure feels in my hand, makes it my favorite brand for articulated figures. Though I just wish the brand was cheaper, or at the very least, came with lot more accessories.

I like scales but they require quite a bit of space, which is something I need more of. Plus, I like to play with my figures. A lot of them don't stay in one pose for long

Aside from that, I also have a pet Bombay cat, I enjoy airsofting, and, don't laugh, gardening. Yes. Gardening. Vegetables are good for you!


The Sony E-mount "My lens is bigger than the camera" experience.

Zeiss Loxia 50mm: Takes good pictures AND makes me feel like a special cupcake because it's manual focus only. Just don't be that person that hands it to a passerby to take a photo of you, while they wonder why the image isn't focusing, okay?

Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8: This lens defeats the purpose of a mirrorless camera's smaller size. It also makes people uncomfortable due to the large profile.

But damn! It feels good to have a 28-75mm zoom that doesn't cost a kidney, isn't slow, and can pull macro duty as well!

Venus 105mm f/2: A bulky telephoto lens that's decent even up close! Bokeh is a bit overpowering at times, however.

Sony 28mm F/2: I just really like the 42mm focal length when I set my camera to APS-C mode.

PS I have more gear than skill.


tomocchi Superneko
Oh man, you would have so much "fun" getting it. xD
Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerGotta clear ALL the VR Training things on Hard first to even unlock the fight you get it from. And it's a special VR Simulator in Ch17. Then you have "3 Person Team vs. Top Secrets" and it is only available in Hard Mode. 5 fights in a row. First 4 fights are Summons. Shiva, Fat Chocobo, Leviathan and Bahamut. Bahamut is the ruiner of everything, lol. Man, that fight is REALLY hard. If you can do that, nothing else will get in your way, even without the accessory. xD That big lizard summons Ifrit when he is at half health too, uses Megaflare regularly which wipes the party without Reprieve (and to get that you have to get a lot of Manuscripts) and/or Manawall, and his Umbral attacks are just crazy powerful. After that you fight the "Top Secret" which is a variation of Ultima Weapon I guess. That is a cakewalk compared to Bahamut, so if you can beat the dragon you're good. It took me 4 tries to beat Bahamut, still amazed it's only 4, lol.

Yeah, true enough. :3 Hope you made more progress.

Haru is my fave too. She was my girlfriend in the end, haha.
Hope you enjoy the new things in Royal. I won't be getting it anytime soon. The original game already was too long for my liking, even if it looks so cool and I like most of the characters. Can't imagine going through it with even more things added atm.

Normally they don't, but you know, special circumstances. They currently also give a 2 month payment deadline, which is awesome of them. Thank god I got more Shipping options back, so I can actually get stuff now.

Nice! I got a bit more waiting this year. Maybe... without delays... which will happen for sure, lol.
Il y a 1 mois
tomocchi Superneko
How is that cheating? That accessory is there to get, if you do it before or after doesn't matter. ;P I did the hardest thing first to have an easier time afterwards, lol. Though it doesn't really make it that much easier. Sure, some chapters it really helps out a lot, but most of the time it's just a LB sitting there and not being used. xD

That wasn't a long break, lol. I'm glad you beat it in the end and that some of my rambling helped. :3 Reno and Rude won't be a problem. I'm sure.

Noir? The P5 Noir? Hope she will turn out good.
I got so much stuff sitting at AmiAmi, but no Shipping available, lol. Only DHL and I won't pay that much for a Prize Figure or Trading Figures. >.> I think I'll just pay DHL for my Honoka figure, cause I really want to have her. And probably for most of the Scales. But AA can keep Nendos and everything else for now. xD I'm glad they keep the things if you pay for SAL Shipping and then send them out when it's available again. I really hope that will happen soon. Or at least give me EMS back. Or Airmail. :/
Il y a 1 mois
Not yet as I waited for the Switch version, but thanks to Corona that was delayed for another 2 months I believe. It's coming out at the end of the month now and then I'll finally play it!

I also heard before that 3 isn't quite as good as 1/2 :/
Il y a 2 mois
Hahaaa!! Thank you so much Val (though I know this is way late)!!! Hope you are well and staying safe with all the madness ongoing right now!!!
Il y a 2 mois
tomocchi Superneko
Thank you, lol. It will probably take a while, but I'll get it done. xD

You mean 7r Hard Mode? I... think it was way easier than what I anticipated when I heard "no items and no mp regen". I never used many items to begin with in Normal, or magic for that matter, so I had no problem. The first thing I did though was get the best accessory. That was the hardest thing. If you do that first everything else will seem easy.
Hell House is the first hard fight in Hard mode. I needed a couple of tries too, but got it done in the end. Bioga on its ass, control Aerith most of the time, only switch to Cloud when it spits out Tonberries and Punisher Mode (or Triple Slash) them to death quick. When he summons the other 2 thingies, let the house take them out with its Rocket Charge move and a couple hits from Cloud if you can get them in safely. Or Bahamut will be out by that time and damage them too. I never use magic on this boss, though that surely makes it easier. Unless it does the move Heavensward cause that tackle hurts like hell and it's better to stop it. I take the slower way, lol.

You really want realism in a game with magic, summons, swords as big as houses, ghosts that conrol fate and the word "fantasy" in the name? :P

I mean, I waited like 10 years for FF15 and KH3, I'll live if it's "only" 5 years for part 2 of 7r, lol. But the sooner the better of course.

Yeah, I heard about the riots and everything going crazy. Hope you will stay safe.
Il y a 2 mois
tomocchi Superneko
I went into hiding and cried for 3 weeks.
I really hope it won't be more than 3 years, lmao.
Or I'll cry for another 3 weeks.

I love everything about it and Aerith the most. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Playing other things atm, to get over my sadness lol.
Jk, I was really sad, but I'm okay again.
Trying to Platinum the Nathan Drake Collection, already done with 3, in the middle of 2.
Saving worst one for last. xD

How are you doing?
Il y a 2 mois
Hey Val!

So I finally started playing FGO about 2 weeks ago and I've just got ATALANTE!!! I'm soooo happy! She's my first ever 4☆ from the gacha and I'm so glad it was her! I just prayed "please be someone that I know and love" while I was rolling my only ticket and she appeared! I knew I should've bought her figure months ago..

Now I have Emiya, Carmilla and her! 2 archers but I'm fine with it. Hope I'll get someone I love next!

Anyways, thought I'd share the happy news! I know it's kinda random sorry ^^'
Il y a 3 mois
tomocchi Superneko
Another week, and Platinum done. xD
Il y a 3 mois
tomocchi Superneko
Hey, it's only been a week! :P
Il y a 3 mois
tomocchi Superneko
Sooner or later it will be a PS+ game, then I‘ll get it for free and then I can try. Don‘t really want to buy something I‘m not interested in, even if it is on sale. Leon is a cutie, I know, lol.

Classic Mode might work like in FFX-2? I guess it must be somehow turn-based, why else would it be called „classic“. Probably gonna stand around and wait for Atb to fill and then choose an action, like before. And the characters might have auto-attacks to fill it up instead of having to push a button yourself. Sounds really boring, tbh. xD I can‘t play turn-based much anymore. It gets boring fast. When I farmed in FFX last weekend I fell asleep 3 times, cause there is no reason to really focus. Nothing happens if you don‘t press anything, lol. I‘m glad FF7r changed it. Can‘t sleep there.

Shut up. x‘D

I‘m just waiting for work to be over so I can go home, eat and play, lol.
Il y a 4 mois
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