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I am pretty sure that the first anime I was exposed to was Sailor Moon, I was probably in my early years of elementary school, maybe six years old. You are free to speculate on how that might have made me who I am today to your hearts content.

In March of '09, after my anime watching hobby had been going downhill for a while, I decided to marathon Clannad. I was hit with such an emotional blow, and by the end of it I wanted something to remind me of it. I found Toyslogic and eventually checked out the forum. I discovered another side of anime, a sub-dimension consisting of fans who have taken their anime experience to a different level, one known as figure collecting.

It didn't take long for me to be enticed by this new world. Soon I was preordering every figure I could, buying Cospa shirts and wearing them in public, watching all the new shows, playing anime themed music out of my car stereo. I really enjoyed it. I was reintroduced to my hobby, my passion, maybe even myself.


Il y a 1 an
Hi, I just want to wish you a Happy New Year!
Hope that 2015 brings more fortune and happiness, as well as more luck if you are still collecting anime T-shirts.
Il y a 5 ans
Greetings, Sir!

Just wanted to let you know I finally got your Sena figure in the mail today. I'll PM you the FedEx Tracking info shortly ^_^
Il y a 6 ans
Congratulations! You were one of the winning nominees in this year's Holiday Contest I held! (^_^)/

Head over to my latest blog entry to see the prize you won! I'll PM you later today with details!
Il y a 6 ans
Kzuki Stalker
Your shit is outdated sir! '-'
Il y a 7 ans
kilani Sayaka Rank
Il y a 8 ans
Vambee-LacuerIl y a 8 ans#1039534Hey there! Ah its no problem, its easy to forget to reply sometimes haha, and I've experienced some failed posts myself :P

Yeah its definitely fun to see the world, you'd miss out on a lot if you stayed in your hometown all your life! I definitely want to see more new places sometime in the future.

I've been waiting for that! I read through all of the shirt reviews the other day, good job on them! I like how you show the in detail of the print, especially when its distorted too, its interesting to see. One thing you said that I can agree on are the stars that look like dandruff on the Erio shirt. I have two Kanon shirts with snowflakes on them that give me the same reaction! XD

Hi! Yes, I posted more and more lately, and I posted also some T-shirts that are not allowed here. Like the ones from conventions etc. Anyways feel free to spam comments :P

I'm trying to post something everyday, so hopefully I can keep up with the pace :)
Il y a 8 ans
Vambee-LacuerIl y a 8 ans#950456Haha thought it might be :P Lol I know what you mean, I tend to wear the same shirts multiple days now. I don't think they get too bad before I wash them XD

Wow you get around haha, all over the world. That's really cool. I see, it sounds beautiful for sure. The only other nice place I've been to is Aruba. It was funny seeing iguanas walking around everywhere, they didn't even mind the people. But all those trips were long ago, I haven't been anywhere in a while haha, need to go soon.

Sorry for the late reply! I thought I had replied, but looks like I forgot /or by any chance I replied but there are some crash?/

But anyways, yes I like to go around and see the world /if I have the money/ because I think it's fun to look at other places and cultures.

Anyways the shirt section on my site is already up and running (www.chenyongyua...). Check it out if you like to! :)
Il y a 8 ans
Vambee-LacuerHaha sweet, that's a good idea. Is that also one you mainly wear in the house, as opposed to outside? :P

Definitely, this site really puts it all in perspective. I still can't believe I have as many figures as it says I do. Crazy.

Of course, it was nice to browse around hehe. Ah that's a shame, where else have you been? I saw you went to St. Lucia, that was always a place that interested me when I was young, because one of the characters from one of my favorite games was named Lucia. From Lunar 2 haha. But I have been to St. John, it was really nice. Cool, I'll look forward to seeing some shirt reviews and anything else you add!

Yes, it is still a home and sleep wear :P But usually I try to wear more for the better ones... unless it already smells after a short while :P

Well been to several places in China, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Maldives, USA, Japan to name a few. Too bad but I hope I can re-visit it someday :P St. Lucia is a really beautiful place. It's not really your usual island type of place. It is a bit mountainous, so it gives a different type of beauty. I love that place :)
Il y a 8 ans
Vambee-LacuerOh that one looks pretty good too, very colorful indeed.

Haha thats a nice story, a Cospa shirt is a great souvenir! Cool way to get into a hobby. Haha wow thats a massive collection, they certainly do grow without you noticing don't they?

I've been checking your website over the last few days, you did a good job with it :) You've drawn very interesting characters too. I like the illustration "All Nighter" a lot hehe. Seems like you've been to many beautiful places, from the photography. Keep it up! I'll be visiting the site from time to time for sure.

Yes that one is one of my favourites too. I bought a spare so I can wear it more :)

For sure... yeah I buy little by little and it grows without me noticing. Until I came up to this site.

Oh thanks! Thanks for visiting and checking! I had been to more places but unfortunately I did not have my camera back then... well at least I can take on my recent ones, so it's not bad :) Well I think I will be putting my anime T-shirts too in the blog section :)
Il y a 8 ans
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