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https://pm1.narvii.com/6430/2d2fb7f21e6c4b62b4084523ab821401f24611ab_hq.jpgHi, thanks for visiting my page! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I'm a gamer that's also super into pro wrestling/puroresu, the MCU, Disney, and (of course) anime and manga. As far as my collection goes, I've been focusing on Love Live, Sengoku Basara, Vocaloid, and Kingdom Hearts. I also have a huge weakness for straps, clear files, and anything Wario.

Favorite Video GamesBy SeriesAce Attorney • Animal Crossing • BioShock • Code: Realize • Danganronpa • Elder Scrolls • Fallout • Fire Emblem • Hakuouki • Kingdom Hearts • Legend of Zelda • Project Diva • Sengoku Basara • Sonic the Hedgehog • Tales • TWEWY • Uncharted • Wario. Anything with Wario. • Yakuza • Zero EscapeFavorite Anime and MangaHide 20th Century Boys • Clannad • Code Geass • Daiya no Ace • Dragon Ball Z • Fairy Tail • Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun • Hokuto no Ken • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure • Katekyou Hitman Reborn! • Little Witch Academia • Love Live! • Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica • MonsterOne Piece • Pandora Hearts • Welcome to the NHK • Yakusoku no Neverland • Yowamushi Pedal • Yuri!!! on Ice
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Oh I did not know about Stephen Amell and WWE but damn what a truly great guy! <3 I admit I've watched heck of videos of him because he's just so awesome XD I didn't even know he's cousins with Caitlin's husband! LOL I've watched Young Justice religiously back then if that counts? XD And I started Daredevil a couple of months ago but I keep forgetting to resume since I'm on my Naruto rewatch XD Do you have any recommended shows? :D

Oh yeah we don't have Groot yet, huh? That's very interesting since he's a fan fave. Then again we've only gotten Star Lord so perhaps they're finally slowly making the Guardians of the Galaxy. Thank you LOL Indeed now I feel obliged to get Nishinoya but he's so overpriced everywhere T_T If you happen to randomly see him at a good price let me know! XD Shhhhhh I dont wanna admit I am getting sucked in into this nendo thing but I just saw another cute one and I want it so bad cause HE HAS A SUNFLOWER LOL ITEM #742298 Oh gosh GOOD CHOICES! I love Midorima and Kagami too <3 When we first got introduced to how accurate Midorima can shoot his 3 pointers I about lost it HAHAHHAHA Yeah, I hope we get more of it T_T Though I believe the manga ended right? I don't care just milk it for us AHHAHAHAA Oooh I haven't watched Yowamushi Pedal though I watched a couple of eps of Daiya no Ace because my friend is obsessed with it. XD

Oh my gosh such a bad timing to loan Spider-Man :(((( Can your friend not ship it or perhaps they haven't finished it yet? XD I remember I lent my extra Xbox controller to a friend during this quarantine because she was playing Jedi Fallen Order and it is quite difficult to play that using PC. But after she finished it she shipped the controller back to me HAHAHAH XD I got to the part when Sasori died!!! I'm so sad now :(((( I wanna get his nendo too like you and I also wish they would do the rest of the Akatsuki members. Ooh yeah it's one of those classic animes! I honestly find it VERY INTERESTING how we're getting merch from them now. HMMMM. And yes I saw Camus at such a good price in Mandarake and I just grabbed it along with the other Kuroko no Basket boys! However I am still on the fence with Murasakibara since he's currently there as well. I do plan on completing my Kurokobas but at the same time "what if he goes even lower?" HAHAHAHAH XD Just two more Quartet Night and three more Kurobas boys! >B((((
Il y a 1 jour
Yeah I was quite the opposite lol My friend who was obsessed with Flash kept on talking about it at work that one day I just checked it out on Netflix, then Oliver episode happened and I was like "WHO IS THIS BEAUTIFUL MAN?" but still didn't pick up Arrow XD Until this year because I wanted to see more of Oliver then I got sucked in. IT WAS SO GOOD. And yes I agree, The Flash was just silly compared to Arrow but I think that's also what made me love it. XD LOL I blame adulthood for me because I'd rather sleep tbh HAHAHHA

Dude I know :(( I saw Star Lord and hmmm that does not look much like him? Spidey tho REALLY feels like I'm looking straight into Tom Holland's eyes HAHAHAHHA I hate those DX versions cause we pay more for something so little UGHHHHHH so I usually just get the regular version. Yes! I love looking at deals XD Last night I found a good deal on Kakashi nendo cause once again another store had a sale and I was the last one to grab the last piece XD I felt bad for the guy manning the store I was up until midnight cause I keep forgetting to use the discount code so I had to make him cancel my order lol I just got the Miku one because she is expensive everywhere now so I just took it OTL I saw Kaito in a different place but I'm not so sure if I wanna get him yet cause I'm trying to complete my Kuroko no Basket figures first, because when they came out I only cared about Kise LOL I agree Akashi is such a great villain I FELT THAT POWER WHEN THEY HAD A GAME WITH HIM XD Absolutely reminds me of Gaara for obvious reasons HAHAHHA I honestly hope we get a continuation of Kuroko no Basket T_________T

It's alright XD I play my Playstation for God of War that I call it my God of War machine XD I have a friend who is obsessed with the Marvel Spider-Man game she kept replaying it HHAHAHA One day Imma try to get Team 7 at least, with Kakashi nendo down, I hope to get the others. XD Or at least a rerelease omg the aftermarket prices are just ahhhh Honestly, I agree I love how we see all these old animes suddenly getting figures and it makes me so happy. XD I'm still on a fence getting the new Hobby Max Inuyasha and Sesshomaru figures IDK WHY AHAHHA I think the price really puts me off for some reason. XD Like I want to only get Sesshomaru since that price hurts me, but at the same time how can I get him without Inuyasha. AHH DECISIONS LOL

It's fine with the long replies XD We've been doing long replies anyway so it's all good XD
Il y a 5 jours
I think we stopped at the same season in Arrow? I stopped when Felicity broke up the engagement with Ollie. I got so frustrated with her and there I was so happy my OTP was about to get married but she's like NOPE YOU LIED TO ME. Which is understandable granted Ollie's vigilantism. I did watch the crossovers though wherein Ollie and Barry switched LOOOOOOL I couldn't pass it up because I liked Felicity and Barry back then when I didn't watch Arrow and only The Flash LOL. WAIT OMG FELICITY CRASHED BARRY'S WEDDING TO PROPOSE TO OLIVER??!! Okay, I did not watch that oh my lord now I feel like I MUST HAHAHAHA And same, I'd rather binge than wait for it every week, even though that's what I did back then when I was watching seasonal anime but because of that I tend to forget so I "dropped" a lot HAHHAHA

Dang Disney :(( Are you getting the new Black Widow nendo? HAHA Yes, I've been eying that winter Spidey for so long because for me it's a bit too expensive for a 1/10 and he's even crouching! T^T But I got him for 30% off, a site was having a sale for one night only and i took the chance HAHAHA I see you have the Hanairogoromo set OH MY GOD I've been wanting that so bad but I only see Miku and Kaito now and their prices never seem to go down T_T MAYBE ONE DAY LOL

Understandable XD Games take way too much time and effort compared to watching anime HAHAHHAHA And I love that because we get to lose ourselves in them. And likewise, I am so behind games sometimes but mostly because I can't afford them all on day one and I just wait for sales. XD I see you are a Playstation user! So am I but I use my Xbox more often because it has Game Pass which gives me some new games from Day 1 so I get so save money at least HAHAHA But gosh my backlog is gigantic though. orz OH NO I see myself going to the same hell with nendo. I don't have a lot, for now, *squints at myself suspiciously* but I've been wanting the Naruto Team 7 set so much but at the same time DO I REALLY WANNA GO THERE? HAHAHAH Awwww that's so true! Camus please BE NICE! Agreed his voice is so beautiful <3
Il y a 7 jours
Oh gosh that is kinda funny though, the whole thing about it contradicting HAHAHHHA Thank you, at least I know that the fillers are okay to skip XD Cause my friend told me not to really skip out on some funny Naruto fillers XD oooh nice! Noted on the torrent short version!

I love Arrow and Flash myself! However, I didn't finish season 3 of Flash I think because Barry just kept going back to change the timeline for the millionth time and I was like BARRY PLEASE STOP IT! LOL! Arrow though is just very different from The Flash because it's more serious, and I love it! I mean I love both but I progressed more in Arrow XD I love the crossover of Flash and Arrow so much, they're always so entertaining! Likewise, I was really looking forward to Black Widow this year T__T Are they pushing it to next year or are they keen on releasing it this year?

OH NICE! I'm glad I wasn't the only one too! Cause like sometimes anime can be a bit too much so a break is always good! Love how gaming sucked us in HAHAHAH I finished Haikyuu so now I gotta get the nendos cause I'm not even sure if we're getting decent scale figures of them at all O_O I'm not even usually into nendos since I'm more of a scale person myself but DANG THAT HINATA IS TOO ADORABLE! I love Tsukki so much! But Tanaka is my one true love lmaoooo I don't even have a nendo of him XD I hope they make one of him in their orange uniform though! When I saw Camus the first time it was love at first sight HE IS JUST SO HANDSOME then we get to see how dorky he is XD It's just so hard to hate any of the Utapri boys tbh! They're just made for us to love them XD
Il y a 9 jours
HAHAAHHAHA I don't mind! I love hearing things people are passionate about! <3 Does it have a lot of fillers too like Naruto Shippuden? Cause at least the first Naruto series didn't have much fillers, like so far I'm ep 150 now and there's only 2 filler episodes. XD But one of those is a Kakashi centric one so I don't wanna say it's a filler but it sure does fill my heart lmao

Yeah, amongst other thing. Why is Asia always so forgotten T^T We can't even view the DC one wherein you get to watch their shows too, I forgot what it was HAHAHAHAH So it has always been torrent for me these days. You should check out the new Falcon and Winter Soldier! It's just hilarious and it could be right up your alley XD AND YES I AGREE OMG Amethyst is indeed such a shoujo princess PLEASE KOTO!! She's so pretty too!

Oh man how could you do that to your sisters?! HAHAHHAHAHA And yeah just the 4th season lol! I just finished it actually, SUCH A CLIFFHANGER!! I had a 2 year break from anime since I got into gaming so much XD But I've been slowly getting back to it with this Naturo rewatch! I hope to the figure gods they will bless me more! Oh gods, IS IT WEIRD TO SAY I LOVE ALL THE UTAPRI BOYS?! Like I can definitely say all of them are my faves but if there is one that is my fave-fave-fave, then it has to be Syo-chan hands down! I love my tiny baby! Then followed by Ai! But it depends on my mood on a certain day cause someone I can say Otoya is my fave! BUT IDK THEY ARE ALL LOVELY! XDD Do you have any faves? :D
Il y a 11 jours
Oh my gosh 900 episodes now? sdfsdf I'm only in the 140's of my Naruto rewatch so far HAHAHHA But I shall keep One Piece in mind! I've only heard good things since my friend is so obsessed with it she even bought figures for it. XD

Actually, some bit of age gap isn't so bad either. XD Here's to hoping there's that banter of their because it's what made me fall in love with them ahhhhh <3 Awww, man. In my country, we don't have Disney+ yet OTL So I might do my usual illegal downloads again AHHAHAHA I've been reading the new Falcon and Winter Soldier comic and it's just so hilarious lmao Did they say if the show will be based off a certain comic or nah?

I have a friend who is crazy about SNK so she spoiled me the Armin thing and I was like DUDE DID I ASK? AHHAHAHA Agreed, the storyline has always been so good so I'm looking forward to my catching up! I'm currently catching up on Haikyuu's 4th season, I just started last night XD Had to pause my Naruto lol AND AGREED OMG. I never understood the appeal of Eren/Levi wherein Levi/Erwin is SO FAR SUPERIOR and like BEST HUSBANDS. I will definitely lookout for some Jean/Armin now ;) Same here, for a time Ai was the most expensive but I grabbed a pre-owned so quick now he's back to 14k yen lol It's gonna be a long battle of waiting for the other guys' prices to go down XD
Il y a 12 jours
I haven't watched a single One Piece episode, can you believe that? AHAHHAHA Isn't the anime still on-going until now? :O I feel like there's so many now I don't think I'll be able to catch up. XD

I am hoping they make him same age as Peter, so we can ship away lol. They better show him how he was when he wanted to go to space with his family, and that he had to train hard to just get an approval to be the backup pilot. XD I like Black Cat too better than MJ lol sorry again MJ AHHAHAHAH Yeah, I don't think Venom is ever coming to the MCU T_T Which sucks because I did watch the Venom movie and everything is just so wrong yknow without the acknowledgment of Spider-Man? It's very wrong to me HAHAHA However, it was still entertaining to some degree.

Tell me about it. People just keep dying here and there and then suddenly they become a titan lol I heard Armin is also a titan now? I need to catch up with the anime. UGH. XD And I know, I worry most about Jean because damn if Marco can just die, then so can he in any episode. UNLESS, Marco came back? XD Oh really? With Armin? I kinda see how cute that is! HAHAHAH I'm a basic bitch so I ship Eren x Mikasa and Eren x Armin LOOOL Jean with... MYSELF HAHAHAHAH Jk! Or am I? XD I saw Ai going for something below his normal price so I had to just grab it! Because he's not going below 10k yen at all. T_T I got him for 10,198yen I believe then + shipping of course. HE IS TOO BEAUTIFUL. I've been "regretting" not getting him when they released cause I was hoping they would go to bargain bin like the rest but the Quartet Night are still expensive. :((
Il y a 14 jours
Likewise, Naruto is the exception! And he tries his best every damn time, how can you hate this boy? T^T No problem! I love family drama and all the daddy issues lol Which is why I love the Batfam so much XD

Yep! That original one! And likewise, I haven't watched the 2015 (?) Fantastic 4. I think they changed quite a lot? And yeah, a lot of people hated it. :( But hopefully the MCU will rescue this because I do love them and they deserve so much better! PLUS PETER AND JOHNNY INTERACTING!! Maybe lol Ugh tell me about it, I'm sorry MJ but I love my Peter with boys! I even ship Peter and Ned in the MCU because if that's not love I don't know what is! And same, I love MCU MJ too, she's so unique and finally someone relatable so kudos to Marvel for that! :D AHHAHA Will update you if I finally pulled the trigger on Ron lol

Oh man I heard about the switching of studios. I hope they give it justice! AND YES! Jean is my fave character hands down! LOL YOU MADE ME NERVOUS WITH YOUR SPOILER XDD But thank you for the update lol
Il y a 15 jours
Same here! Kakashi is my all time fave :'D But with this rewatch I come to appreciate Naruto so much now as an adult lmao

I haven't read much about Superboy since he is under utilized unfortunately. But he's currently in Young Justice (2019) and I've been enjoying it so much! But this has him disappearing and only appearing now because DC seemed to have forgotten Conner Kent exists since they've been focusing on Clark's other son who also goes for Superboy, Jon Kent. Jon has never met Conner actually, but has clearly idolized his older brother in Super Sons (it showed his room with posters of Superboy lol) and I believe they are about to meet for the first time in the current Superman run! I'm not even sure of Conner knew of Jon's existence since he's been in another dimension until recently loool

Oh yes! I hope we get an amazing Fantastic 4 for the MCU! I loved the orginal movie as well too. Human Torch with Spidey is one of my ships too!! It's also why I got the Deadpool nendo to be with him AHHAHA Oh man you're making me seriously considering Ron. I have him bookmarked in case I finally gave in! XD

I have not caught up with Shingeki unfortunately. I'm not sure if I finished season 2, but I feel like I did. I'm gonna marathon everything when the final season happens. Do you know when it's coming out? BUT BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE, Is my boy Jean still alive? HAHAHAH Such a shame they never made a good figure of him OTL
Il y a 16 jours
AHHAHA Yes! I still get chills when Naruto uses the Rasengan with his Shadow Clone! Just too good :D Who's your fave character?

Oh gods here I was thinking about how great it would be if they add Superboy with his punk rock outfit and not the shirt one for the Ikemen line and now that you've mentioned it, Spider-Man would be so perfect to be next T_T Koto PLEASE. HAVE MERCY ON US. HAHAHA But Draco is my fave!! XD However I believe Ron nendo is the cutest of the bunch and I almost bought it but I hesitated. XD

Yeah indeed 1/6 is already huge compared to the usual 1/8 and 1/7. It has the most obvious difference tbh, for me anyway. At least 1/8 and 1/7 are so close to each other I can barely differentiate them. That's a good move tbh cause indeed the Bishoujo statues right now are so expensive, hence I also pre-ordered Pennywise bishoujo because I knew she's prolly gonna skyrocket XD
Il y a 18 jours
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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