Bringing the hobby to your door.
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Happy Birthday!
Il y a 1 an
blonde_1Il y a 2 ans#25353380Hello! Thanks for the FR ;)
No problem:)
Il y a 2 ans
Thanks for joining the Trigger Club! :)
Il y a 3 ans
Thank you! ^.^blonde_1Il y a 3 ans#17526835HaPpY bIrThDaY!!! :D
Il y a 3 ans
blonde_1Il y a 3 ans#15229872Happy bday! :D
Thanks ^^
Il y a 3 ans
blonde_1Il y a 3 ans#14591253Haha thanks! I love them so much! I had to refrain from getting any of the maiko ver. figures lol. But I am so excited for the new scales \^o^/! I've been hoping for them but I didn't think it would happen.
Nice, i only have the figma figures of it, i really want an scale of Homura & Madoka :( , i think that there'll be a lot of PMMM figures in the future, yk after all it's a very popular anime
Il y a 3 ans
blonde_1Il y a 3 ans#14525870Thank you so much! ^.^
Yours is nice as well! So many good figmas!

your PMMM figures are like amazing >_< !
Il y a 3 ans
blonde_1Il y a 3 ans#14411136Thanks for the FR! ;3
Your welcome, btw your collection is awesome n_n
Il y a 3 ans
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
Thanks I'll check out Junko's work. I hope it's a nice break to Gundam and Rayearth.
Il y a 4 ans
blonde_1Il y a 4 ans#13646432Thanks for liking my Kaori picture ^^
I'm actually going to temporarily remove it because I noticed a couple little tweaks I wanted to do after uploading it, so I will be re-uploading it again tomorrow :)

You're very welcome, and thank you for letting me know about the new picture! They are both stunning!
I'm a huge fan of Pure Trance, so I was very happy to see it! Have an awesome day!
Il y a 4 ans
Bringing the hobby to your door.

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