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I started collecting as of 2015 May. Anime put me on the right path in life. I found something that I truly enjoy and can support what I like.

As of May, 2020 I’m selling almost all of my figures please feel free to browse and offer.
I will match the lowest current price available.
Free shipping in USA!

My Personal Top 3 Anime of All Time:

1. Initial D

2. Terra Formars

3. Bleach

Also known as Frymanx on r/AnimeFigures

NYCC 2015/2016 + AnimeNYC 2017 Participant



Hey, yeah I have seen your messages. Let me a couple of days, I give you my answer on the beginning of next week
Il y a 1 mois
Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have an awesome day!
Il y a 6 mois
Rajke Ca Fanatic
Happy Birthday:D
Il y a 6 mois
Rajke Ca Fanatic
Happy Birthday :D
Il y a 1 an
Happy birthday! :D
Il y a 1 an
Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have an awesome day!
Il y a 1 an
Thank you! I really appreciate it.

Have you seen the Rias figure in which I'm working? I posted some pictures a couple of weeks ago. I'm still preparing some of the pieces for working the details later on.

In mid July I travel to Japan, and of course I'm going to Wonder Fest. Since I'll be travelling, I'm gonna finish as far as I can and resume after returning home. I hope to show later some pictures of the figure before putting the primer.

Btw, did you enjoyed this season of HSDxD? I surely did; really like the designs before and after, I really don't mind those changes. What I really liked also, was the little retcon at the beginning to go more in line with the novels. And it seems that a new season coming is not far from possible. I'm hoping to buy some merch and hunt for some Rias figures I still don't have. XD

Take care.
Il y a 2 ans
Thank you :D
Il y a 2 ans
Rajke Ca Fanatic
A little bit late. But Happy Birthday and i hope you had a wonderfull day. :D
Il y a 2 ans
Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have an awesome day!
Il y a 2 ans
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All Harem/Romance/Action
All Harem/Romance/Action
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