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Hi again. I was just looking around my profile and remembered that we had a conversation about The Birthday Massacre a while back. As you probably know, their new album came out recently. It's slightly different in that it's more melodic than their previous works, but it still keeps the atmosphere they're so well known for. I think some of the songs sound... almost dreamy in a way. Anyway, just wanted to see what you thought about it if you've listened to it.
Il y a 9 ans
Il y a 9 ans
same, havent been on as much as i used to haha
so much stress >-< butyeah :c but how are you? how's lifeee? xD
Il y a 9 ans
Il y a 9 ans
catvillage66Il y a 9 ans#2310287Thank you for the friend request!

No problem, thanks for accepting!
Il y a 9 ans
Kaneel on Ice
Aww, cat, sry you'll get a really lenghty reply after wonfes, i'm already caught in it ^^° .

There was also a performance today i wanted to tell you about, yukaris voiceprovider chihiro ishiguro is a guest at hyper japan in london and had performed a duet with yukari there. A friend of mine went there and i gave them the base of my yukari figure to let her sign on it(hopefully), i'm already looking for pictures.

Also wonfes, look what Gift teased us ITEM #235327 Teto plush

I'm also looking forward to see any news of the Tony Taka Kagamines, same with the Senbonzakura versions and even more if they continue the line with Mei-chan and Luka. And i'm anxiously awaiting the lily, i would die if they'll announce a gumi to go along with her.
Those idolmaster girls, i haven't managed to get into the series yet but those designs are hard to pass, expect you have to save display space because of those awesome bases.

Expect full answer after wonfes and also my yukari review which will be finished hopefully with the signed base *.* .
Il y a 9 ans
Hi Kitty! Thanks for accepting the FR http://www.cute-factor.com/images/smilies/onion/0fbbf481.gif
Il y a 9 ans
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Has Kaito gotten any new (good) songs lately? I haven't checked nico in months.
Il y a 9 ans
Kaneel on Ice
your commenthideThat is quite the contrast. O.o The weather here was very strange this week. On Monday it was beautiful and a nice 20 degrees outside. Then on Tuesday the temperature dropped down to 0, and it snowed! Its mid-April, this is ridiculous. Fortunately all of that snow had melted, and its gradually warming up again... I feel as though mother nature is enjoying toying with us.
Gah, it happened to me again as I was typing this! And I was almost done too...T~T I seriously need to remember to get that. OTL Well, now to retype everything...

Glad to hear that! I hope everything works out for you. ^^

I know, there are so, so many other Vocaloids manufacturers could take a swing at, which I'm sure would sell just fine, but no dice. It really sucks, there are so many I'd love to see brought into the light. It would probably help boost a Vocaloid's popularity too~ I'm actually quite surprised that IA only has one figure, considering how popular she is. I do think that she'll get some more love in the future though. In regards to other Vocaloids, I guess we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed for now.

Glad to hear they're on their way. I did not know that, that's interesting. I've been listening to some reprints from that album on YouTube, which definitely makes me want it more, but I must say, I really am liking Teddyloids music. I checked out more of his songs, and there really good, if your into electronic music anyways. :)

Unfortunately I cant help you there, I'm awful with computers. I haven't done much browsing as of late either, I have still been checking out the rankings though, and this adorable little song popped up a few days ago. (ext link)

I'm quite happy with how Maika has been received so far. I even have a nice little collection of songs featuring her built up. I'm also very happy because I just found out that Circus-P got Maika! I can't wait to hear what he'll do with her. :D

I'd expect so since they've recorded an English VB for her before, and because her voice provider speaks English. I've heard some people who could use her V2 English bank to its full potential, so I do have high hopes for this V3 one.

I don't really listen to UTAU, so I only know a handles full of UTAUloids, so I just downloaded Teto. I'll just need to practice, practice, practice! The reason I downloaded UTAU is actually because I wanted to practice with it, as I want to be able to use Vocaloid one day. But I wasn't going to go out and buy Vocaloid without any experience, I could completely suck and have just wasted hundreds of dollars. So practice for me!

I'm extremely eager to hear the voice bank. Sadly, we must play the waiting game now though. I am so impatient... One thing I'm looking forward to is that I'll be able to translate French songs that people make with ALYS. That will be fun, and good French practice too. I can't speak French fluently, but well enough to do a translation with a little help form a French to English dictionary. ^^'

I'm keeping my eyes on Sebonzakura Rin to display with Lily. She looks very cute.

I wouldn't be surprised to find out that that's true. If a manufacturer sees a chance to make money, then they will jump on it. Hopefully that means that there will be a lot more variety next Wonfes.

When I first saw her, her legs looked like they were switched around and it still looks a bit weird to me. But anyways, I've decided that if she'd anymore then 10K, I'll have to pass and see if she'll go cheaper. I really cant keep spending money on pricey figures like that. I'd be willing to spend a little more on Eren, so I should start saving now. I'm sure GSC will have his prototype out soon too, got to milk it while its hot!

I look forward to reading it~
I see you got Yukari, your pictures look great, and I received mine a few days later. I'm really happy with her, she turned out much better then I thought she would. The paint is very prcise on mine, there aren't many seams, the sculpt is lovely. My only major complaint would be that her skin is a tad bit yellow. A smaller complaint would be that her hair is rather flat, but overall, I love her! What are your thoughts?

They do sound very cute. ^^

Oh, and have you heard about flower? A new Vocaloid that was just announced. I really love her demo, nothing gets me like a strong voice. There's been so many wonderful voice banks coming out lately, hopefully that trend continues. There's a teaser of her design on her official website, it looks like it will be more gothic, and I really like gothic cloths, so I look forward to hearing more info on her. (ext link)

Late reply again, i was extremly distracted because of easter and even more so because of Nico Nico Super Party 3 on last weekend of April.
Several hours of Live streams, Vocaloid DJ's and MMD concert took it's toll, but it was oh so great.
Later more of it.

Weather is still acting a little strange, may is usually the nicest month but it's like april weather all over again and everything is blooming way to early for the season because it was so warm during april, no chance taking some nice pictures outside.

Well it seems i will take my chance earlier then expected, a big convention is coming up and the shop i usually work for on cons was listed as an exhibitor so we started to prepare everything for it but we wondered that after the application they never got back to us. Then, last week, they let us know that they don't have space for us and cancelled us.
I started to think, okay, well no con for you, would have been nice to see Akiakane, Miume and Kamen Liar 217 but you can live without it and safe money.
A day later they announced HachioujiP/ 8# Prince as a guest ... .
I knew that they tried to get him there, i was in contact with one of the responsibles so i knew that whoever they asked for making contact to him seemed to mess up, because in january they still hadn't heard anything from them and where slowly searching for other artist to replace Hachiouji which i thought would be Akiakane now, but no.

Here we are, announced as a guest on my birthday there is no way i'm missing this opportunity to see him live, even more so because he will be DJing and doing a panel.
But because the pre-order for con tickets is already closed and weekendtickets at the cons counter are very limited and i'm to much used to the wonderfulness of an exhibtior ticket i will apply for a workshop, a MMD/ MMM workshop.

Only two and a half month left till next wonfes, i'm sure we get to see some surprises, maybe something like Phats Lily again.

My CDs arrived really fast in the end and Decorator EP is playing all day long, Teddyloids remix of Decorator*gnnnnh* so good and my new favorite song from the album got Connection, totally replaced Decorator as my favorite. The song is sung by Miku in english with tuning from CircusP and i was like, i can nearly understand everything she sings not to mention that the lyrics are nice too, a little bit like tell your world.
I promised you to see if the booklet of Galaco Super best had any more information on which bank they used, well none at all, nothing, only lyrics >.>

It looks like i'm not the only one who can't change to the english interface from the japanese, problem now is to find the right person to tell them of the problem.
That wonderful, sweet, too adorable for words cover with V3 Mei-chan of Sweet Magic, that is no comparison to her old V1 bank. She sounds so lively in it, the normal, not Sakine Meiko version too, i also like the Sakine V3 illustration in the video. I hope someone did a cover with V3 Kaito so i could make a MMM video with those versions.

Yeah i think from the latest releases Maika is the one who got most of the attention in a good way, so many original songs popping up.

Crypton is still teasing us with tweets about Luka V3 but no real big news.

I can totally understand your reasoning for UTAU, i know a lot of Vocaloid producers are suggesting to start out with UTAU to get the basics of voice manupilation and stuff. Even more so because barely none of the companies offers trial versions of their vocaloids so especially with new releases you never know until purchase if you can work with the voice.
Good luck with Teto, if you ever feel like uploading a song with a video, note me ^-^

My french became really rusty, i can still read a lot and understand the gist but nothing more.

So Miakasa price was finally revealed and even her normal version became rather pricy.
I think her biggest problem is one a lot of figures have, looks great from one or two angles but not so good from the rest.

Don't laugh, i'm still writing it, decided to improve the visual appearance more, with a better display of the pictures, more structured text etc and the coding is taking it's time and Nico Nico Super party distraction again ^^°. Will see if i can finish the photoshoot today, what a shame to keep a lovely lady waiting, even more so because i started and am nearly finished with Yukaris review, some thoughts from what i have written for her:
Overall she came out great for a companies first, the sculpt is just like the prototype, they changed the hair a little, it's flowing more now and has more strands but everything else stayed very close to it. I love her face, it looks so lively together with her sparkling eyes.
Coloring is indeed uneven, you have her dress and stockings which are nicely shaded and where even tiniest dots are painted accurate but then you have the jacket, with messy stripes and bunny print.
Her hair shading is very subtle but i think it fits with the light appearance of the illustration, same also for the skin. Yellowish might seems a bit exceptional compared to skintones of other figures, but it fits with the purple because as it's complementary colour, i'm not sure how she would have looked with a say more peachy or pinkish skintone.
One think whic irks me is her base and the big peg they used on her feet, it's not really stable and do not try tipping her to the back or front, she will come out to easy. Another thing is her scale, Pulchra listed her first as a 1/7 scale, then down to 1/8 but the final product is more like a 1/7 again. She's to big compared to my other 1/8 scale ladies, not only in height but her whole body structure, face etc is bigger then any of my 1/8s.
Had to play around a lot which whom i could display her in the and and how, because of the way she overthrones all of my vocaloid ladies expect for Lily.

Funny enough i listened to the demo without noticing who was singing it, afterwards i saw the news about flower and since her design is now fully revealed it's interesting to have a rock/ gothic vocaloid but on the other side i'm worried about her marketing. No more demos, no hype to build up, thats even worse than Nanas and we saw what happend to her after the release.
Voice wise, if they really decide to make something like Ritsus Kire voicebank i would be all over her.

So, Nico Nico Super Party, i'm not sure you have seen it or heard of it, but they made an awesome ~30 minutes MMD show again. Only used great remixes for their songs and you have to see and listen to it www.youtube.com....

And while we're at news, SeeU is getting a concert end of May.

Zunko-chan is finsihed.

Miku as an opener for Lady Gaga(kind of old and already happening but still)
Il y a 9 ans
Hey Kitty! She's here! After 2 months Miku's finally here!
I received her this morning at work, I mean, on friday morning. The package was a mess and it was opened http://www.cute-factor.com/images/smilies/onion/d582d79f.gif, but the figure was still inside and in perfect condition thanks to all the bubble wrap you used http://www.cute-factor.com/images/smilies/onion/d5f02ecd.gif
From now on, she'll be on my desk so I can look at her from 9 to 6, from monday to friday, forever and ever, 'till the end of the world, or 'till I get fired for having so many figures all over my desk http://www.cute-factor.com/images/smilies/onion/th_053_XD.gif

I uploaded some pics to show you:
PICTURE #988605
PICTURE #988606
PICTURE #988607
PS: And talking about Miku, the wait for Deep Sea Miku is almost over! http://www.cute-factor.com/images/smilies/onion/016.gif
Il y a 9 ans

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