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A lover of Digimon, Pokemon and Final Fantasy figures!

Love cool characters especially dragons XD Nice to meet you all!



dillusiIl y a 5 ans#2684899There are some items that are small but also quite expensive too. If it is above 10cm I can still accept it, but too small it makes it look flimsy for me, though I am OK for most items since they are in around 15cm. Some Bandai ites that are exclusive also quite costly (look at some digimon and pokemon items that I have) are some examples. I am not into modeling and thus don't have airbrush.

Yes, rare items are expensive regardless of the size. If the items are small, I don't mind if they are cheap and beautiful. However, smaller items have less details and not as nice paintjob especially since they are mass-produced. 15cm to me would be just nice. I don't follow digimon or pokemon but I believe you. How is KK nowadays? The seafood there is very cheap :)
Il y a 5 ans
dillusiIl y a 5 ans#2626156Of course, other than selling I also take extras as spares, I actually prefer some larger figures but not more than 30cm, and yes HT is quite expensive though. Looking at some other items Figma also now walking towards the exclusive lines and very popular with Bandai now (almost everything are now exclusives, from what I have ordered). Gunpla has a lot of variations and I am not keen into building them, but my friend do. The built ones like Robot Spirit is good but I also hope that Bandai can make larger and detailed figures (mostly in Figuarts) since they are now raising their price.

I don't really aim for big figures. Too expensive and too bulky although I like the details.

Figures like Figmas are getting more expensive now. Not sure why? The currency exchange rate is not helping much. I do have some Figuarts and Bandais but not that many. I am not into Gunpla.. no yet... haha... too lazy to paint them.

Do you have an airbrush or something?
Il y a 5 ans
dillusiIl y a 5 ans#2614982Haha, I actually don't have all extras, depends as sometimes I think the market value might rise I will take some. Most collectors prefer on taking the HT (Hot Toys) or Gundam as there are all over in KK thus I need to make my purchases online. If you are looking on my specific collection I generally only focuses on a few, such as Play Arts, D-Arts/ Figuarts and some Figma/ Reovltech.
And also some plushies too because of the quality.

In that case, you only buy extras just for the sake of selling, not because you like the specific item alot or as spares?
I am not a fan of HT (That's why I was not sure what HT means earlier on haha) but I know the quality is superb and realistic. However, they are too big for me and too expensive.
I have some Gundam plastic models but they are quite old, and I am confused with all the new designs of Gundam from Bandai. Gunpla is the same thing right?
I do collect Figuarts on top of Figmas and Revos.
Il y a 5 ans
dillusiIl y a 5 ans#2601693I happen to always get one or two extras, so might get a particular plan such as selling online or sometimes wander to see if there is any opportunities in KK. As I am studying Master there, so I always to KK like a few weeks once.
And true, if based on my collection trend I am having issue to find these in KK, other than the pricing is higher after I got taxed, and also limited selections. Gundam or HT are more prefered, but human figures are not much of my cup of tea, except some special female action figures (not so keen on PVC as I want something that are poseable and unique, thats why I am more into Pokemon, Digimon or FF figures).

Sorry for the late reply.
1 or 2 extras? No kidding? For all your purchases?
How are you going to sell online? Selling locally is easier but little market.

KK is a nice place but I have only been there once. I hope you folks are not affected by the Lahad Datu incident.

Looks like we have different tastes in collection. I used to like Gundam but I didn't have time to assemble. What is HT?
Il y a 5 ans
dillusiIl y a 5 ans#2584309ITEM #159617 I am refering to this, PAK (Play Arts Kai) Red XIII (I was taxed 10% for this). Last time I bought 3 and with shipping it is like around MYR800 for both, and second set are a set of Pokemon Center plushies and straps, too in around 15% tax for them.
I checked local shops in KK as I studied there, so will have a trip for a few weeks once. The pricing in most KK toy stores are much higher than that, even the cheapest is close to the price I am taxed. Pokemon Center items are pretty hard to find in Malaysia so you need to get them overseas.

Sorry for the late reply.
Aaah, now I know. I was wondering what PAK means haha. Sorry for the ignorance.
The tax is really bad, and it really adds up to the cost of this hobby which by itself is already expensive. Any plans to sell some of the items (not to sell to me.... i am just asking..)
Studying in KK? Wow... sounds good. But why not the semenanjung? Anyway I have been there last year. The food is good especially the cheap seafood. Luckily I went there before the incursion. I saw one shop at the city centre (not Sri Sabah) but the prices are not cheap and not much variety. Since the tax plus import prices are close to the local prices, than there is not much diff.
Il y a 5 ans
kevinlowlIl y a 5 ans#2583466lol, I dunno. Probably. But taxing 6 sen would be kinda stupid. But then again it's the government so who knows. :p

Every sen counts. Anyway, pray hard that we will not be hit badly because other goodies are already getting expensive, such as food, local shopping etc
Il y a 5 ans
dillusiIl y a 5 ans#2581743How serious for taxation? I was twice taxed this month as I ordered 3 PAK: Red XIII and some sort of items from Pokemon Center, it is like 15% MYR 820 (included shipping after rounded to ringgit) for one and other is in around MYR 100 taxes.

Apa itu PAK? Packs?
15% of 820 is 123!!!! And another 100 for the other one. That is about 6000yen plus. No joke man. This is real **** man. Mana boleh brader? Any reason for that? Any chance to bincang or settle ka? Are they any local shops there? Are you referring to KK?

kevinlowlIl y a 5 ans#2583464Man, that kinda sucks for you guys living over there. I never had anything under 500 taxed in KL. Granted the guys at Customs here probably just goyang kaki and let everything pass. Buy from Mandarake and BiginJapan lah, they undervalue packages. ;)

You never kena before, if anything less than lima ratus? You sure they are not suspicious of the declared value ka?
There is a risk of undervalue sebab dia orang bukan bodoh ya, they know the prices in some cases/items and you may need up paying more if they disagree with the declared value. I am concerned about the risks.

BigInJapan itu proxy kah? How are the fees?
Il y a 5 ans
tanakaIl y a 5 ans#2581545You mean to say that there will be no such thing as taxing us after RM500, and that they will tax us even if it is RM1?
lol, I dunno. Probably. But taxing 6 sen would be kinda stupid. But then again it's the government so who knows. :p
Il y a 5 ans
dillusiIl y a 5 ans#2569288Taxation is quite difficult to understand so most of the time I am taxed when over 200 though. I will try to avoid buying internationally unless I have compare the pricing after tax with local shops.
Man, that kinda sucks for you guys living over there. I never had anything under 500 taxed in KL. Granted the guys at Customs here probably just goyang kaki and let everything pass. Buy from Mandarake and BiginJapan lah, they undervalue packages. ;)
Il y a 5 ans
dillusiIl y a 5 ans#2570637They will perform customs inspection when the item arrives, and I think even SAL also will being checked as they want to see if there is any prohibited items.

In that case, better to use EMS then. So normally you use EMS? Much faster and safer right?
How badly have you been taxed before, for buying figures?
Il y a 5 ans
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