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Started collecting around July 2007. So expensive, but addicting ^^;

Sale/Trade information:

Since I get this often and always take my time to respond, and hardly anyone ever responds after, I decided to put this here.
FOR INTERNATIONAL BUYERS, I will only sell internationally in one of these cases (note, you only have to meet one condition, not all of them):
- You have a very good / high reputation on this site and have some positive seller/buyer feedback
- Have a very high positive buyer/seller feedback rating
- If the price of the figure is low and the item is small, I may ship on a case by case basis. You cannot have just joined the site recently.
- You have to pay for a shipping method with true tracking, insurance, and any other service that paypal will accept as proof (our post office is super expensive. You're looking at probably $50-80 for shipping a normal sized figure. Canada would be a bit cheaper most likely, but still quite expensive). Will not lower declared value.
- Use an alternate payment method such as gift cards, money orders, wiring, etc if you want to use the cheapest shipping method and/or want to declare a lower value.

I've done the last method with a few people before. It is always a risk. However, I do have the feedback and you can see my buyer's list below. Some users were repeat buyers as well. I also have proof for many of them in my messages that said they received their figure, or they added the figure I sold them to their owned figures collection.

You can also read my comments people posted below, or my seller feedback. I explain it more in detail in my buyers list below, but basically there should be more than it shows. I have also been a member on this site for a very long time when it was still really new, and can provide 3 other non-store feedback systems that I trade/sell at (though not figures) that use similar feedback like this. If you prefer ebay feedback, I have some of that as well.

Users I have sold/bought/traded with (good positive experience).
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I created this list a tad late, so I definitely missed a few people. I used to use figure.fm, so I sold a lot there. If they had an account here, then I listed them here, but most that I have listed, I sold them on this site. I believe there may be some users that deactivated or deleted their account here, so they may no longer be in the system.

And the reason I have this is that the feedback system was not yet implemented for the majority of these. If I did use the ads section, most didn't bother to leave feedback. I don't generally ask for feedback either, unlike most of the other sellers here do, so that's why it looks like I don't have as much. I also list on the forums section anyways, so there is no "official" listing to leave me feedback in those cases. Some posted in my comments section, so feel free to read some of the comments there.

Good buyers I sold to (most recent at top unless it was a repeat buyer):
hughjazz44 x2
TheDriver (local pickup)
autumnlucks (local pickup)
Aechon x2
XxTheDarkKingxX x2
p38lightning7 x2
SpoonActive (figure.fm)
hiro4 x2

Here are a couple screenshot examples as well of what I'm talking about regarding saved messages. These are messages I received from the buyers. The body of the messages tell more detail if it doesn't show up in the title. Didn't list them all because I was lazy lol. This is just a preview to show I'm not just making up user names.



Good traders/sellers (also includes users I did group orders/split boxes with):
I forgot to update some users. Sorry ^^;

I rather not deal with these following users:
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You go in here if I have a bad experience with you, really waste my time, or are a repeat offender.

1) brucelee - shady person who wasted my time
2) bethykins - repeat offender with no communication
3) Altercation - fairly dishonest seller and is rude

There are a few others, but I forgot to update the list. I do believe in second chances, but the following listed stood out to me.

I will reply to all comments on your profile comments page. I also reply to all PMs. I am running a bit full on my inbox, so if it is full, you can comment and hopefully I'll see it lol.

Please read the following if you want to contact me about a sale or trade. I am always willing to sell. I am constantly in need of space...
If you are NOT willing to communicate, why waste time sending a message? If you have a question or just want to talk, I am ok with that. But wasting my time about a sale/trade and not following up or ignoring me is another thing. That is rude, especially since you are the one asking me first.

Also if you are looking for something, why would you post in the comments of the figure page, or post a list that you are looking for a certain item if you aren't going to respond to those requests?

So if leaving a message about a sale or a trade, only serious buyers/traders please.

Priority for sales in order of most important to least if all things are equal:
1. Highest offer accounting for all expenses (such as shipping, fees, etc)
2. Domestic buyer (sometimes supercedes highest offer).
3. First person to ask (unless your communication is lacking, or you can't buy in a reasonable time frame)
4. Good communication. (you're detailed, fun, you seem cool and I like you, etc)
5. Easiest transaction (the less work I have to do, the better)
6. Anything else

All of my gashapon/trading figs are for sale.

Also, because I am trying to limit the amount of figures I have (due to space issues) and I tend to get bored of things fairly quickly, I'm willing to take offers on most of my other figures/goods.

Feel free to look at my whole collection of owned and ask if I'm willing to sell/trade something you are interested in. I'd be willing to part with anything for the right offer.

Please note, it says I'd take offers. If I had an exact price, I would list it. You can also view my sales/trade list for what I'm more willing to part with. If I don't have an exact price, then I'm expecting either an offer or a price range. If your offer or price range is reasonable, I will consider it. I'm willing to negotiate. Also some of my figures are unopened, so please take that into account.

You may wonder what the point is for taking offers? Have you had a hard time finding something, even if you're willing to pay a good amount for the item? Sometimes you just can't find it. Other times, things are at ridiculous prices that pretty much no one would pay. Well if I have something you want, I'm a good one to ask. I've helped quite a few people already and they were grateful, so I figured why not?

Also figures I've actively listed for sale I may match an in stock price from a reputable seller.

/end sale/trade info
Too many random anime and shows to list
Don't really read books? >_>
All types of videogames
Almost everything
Appareil photo
is cheap and crappy or I use my phone
I5-2500k, Radeon 7950


THank youuuu
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Mia-chan ねんどろいどが大好き
Thanks for the b'day wish drakanity! ^_^
Il y a 6 jours
Mia-chan ねんどろいどが大好き
drakanity (Il y a 1 an) #25853715Happy Birthday!
Thanks drakanity! ^^
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drakanity (Il y a 1 an) #19549485Happy Birthday!

Its my Bday? I must have put on a fake one. My real bday is in September lol
Il y a 1 an
drakanity (Il y a 1 an) #17897233Been a while since you've been a stranger and I only see you playing Blazblue lol, but Happy Birthday!

Haha. Thanks! Yeah. I still play a lot of blazblue whenever I'm not at work or doing other things.
Il y a 1 an
Hey dude! Sorry for not replying back, I don't go here as often anymore. I'm usually just playing Overwatch now since I have a new computer, haha. I hope everything has been well with you though.

Yea I ended up going to AX, but I know for sure I'm not going next year. This years AX was ok for the most part. I hope you had fun in AX :)

I do still remember that you're a Laker fan and I do understand now that the Lakers are currently decent, haha
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drakanity (Il y a 2 ans) #15351995Happy Birthday! Might be a day late? lol.
Thanks! actually a few hours early lol
Il y a 2 ans
drakanity (Il y a 2 ans) #14666597Why are we not friends yet lol.
Rofl! We are now :3
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Mia-chan ねんどろいどが大好き
drakanity (Il y a 2 ans) #14666838Assuming the notification is correct, Happy Birthday!
Yep it is (well, in Australia anyway). ^^ Thanks drakanity! :3
Il y a 2 ans
Full review of seller on Ad #66380

Drakanity is one of the most legit sellers here in mfc. Not to mention one of the most legit, but actually one of the most kindness. Considering that the user and I live close to each other, the user was kind enough to give me a slight discount.

Upon meeting Drakanity, Drakanity was really approachable. Drakanity gave me some insight knowledge of packaging figures, as well as figures he has sold in the past. Drakanity was also kind enough to help me package my donation gift for a fellow user. There were some tips he gave me, as well as leaving me options for shipping. This comes to show that he has knowledge of selling figures and experience when putting effort into keeping a figure safe.

As for the figure itself, everything seems fine and dandy. The instructions were left inside the box, and the figure looks fantastic. Although there is some very VERY tiny marks, it is still barely noticeable. It is a used figure, so I am not surprised.

If you have any questions about Drakanity, then you are free to message me. I can't really evaluate his shipping since we met up, but the figure itself matches the figures status on the shopping ad. I will definitely contact him again if he sells a figure I am interested in.
Il y a 3 ans
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