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Harvest Moon, Fire Emblem, Odin Sphere, Persona 3/4, Final Fantasy (mostly the GBA ones), Tales of (Symphonia/Abyss)



enjunishikiori (Il y a 3 ans) #9310389that propic 10/10
Would you prefer the D
Il y a 3 ans
enjunishikiori (Il y a 3 ans) #4728680

Aaaah not quite the kind of updates I meant BUT MUCH BETTER ONES! I'm so happy to hear that! LBM will be an adventure lol. I'll be staying with a friend that I got to know online and have only seen once in person, and meet another one ( you ♥) I only know online too, and it's all not just once but multiple days in a row ;A; Boooy it will be weird, awkward, and lastly amazing. I'm excited ><

Oh I see :3
can't we share it? ;v;
Ah I see, yeah he's nothing special at first but the episodes just keep getting better and better. I think once they hit the 20 they just kept amazing me by not being what you'd expect (= a pink chlichée angsty school romance). It gets pretty dark (child abuse, homophobia), supports minorities (black or indian characters, gay and possibly bi [just my theory but let's say it's implied], adopted children), sets great perspectives (chubby girls that the boys go crazy about because of the boobs while your girl is too thin and it's up to you if anyone wants her lol I found that great) and I liked how the boys sexualize you (Armin my bby is the nerd/geek/otaku and once you can ask him what you could do for a cosplay and he immediately suggests Yoko Littner. God I love that boy though my favorite's Nathaniel) and know the others do as well (I'm not 100% sure how to translate the german sentence I read but one time you fight with Nathaniel and when you choose to have the next date with him you two make up and when you tell that to Kentin he's like "bastard knew he couldn't wait too long.")
Simply put, it gets VERY MATURE. Not like with death or other sad bits, but just overall character interactions god I love this game ><

Yep that could have been me. Actually it sounds a lot like my Uni story already haha.
And once again we don't have the same phenotypical type but that's probably a good thing. I love Ann because she is a sweet bun and ray of sunshine and the world to me, but not for the ginger part of her :D not really into it, even though my two little siblings were ginger, but my sister dyes for a couple of years now and my brother has grown to be more blonde, something he's happy about as well xD
Gaah, this sounds like shit talk now but you have to believe me I thought from the picture the girl in the middle is the cuter one ♥ I was too afraid to say this if you turned out to be the other, haha. left girl is super pretty too though so it wouldn't have mattered much ^-^

IKR and I'm kinda really horrible at it? xD I have a pretty decent memory, I can memorize some numbers within minutes and stock them up for days, so dates were no problem to me. Once I get to explain a political system though... I don't know, I study and study and study and the outcome is still horrible lol.
I like linguistics defnitely better than history, and I kinda genuinely enjoy them, but they become pretty hard and everything that's hard and a danger you'd fail eventually seems negative to you... kinda sad
Well my co students say our teacher's voice puts you to sleep but I actually think it's soothing and easy to listen too o_o/ he should read an audio book some day lol
My city's probably not the first place you'd want to visit but if you do you're more than welcome x3

Ib is reeeeally atmospheric, so a LP should be not too scary o_o/
Aaah, it's a game for the DS and its sequel for the Wii, Another Code and Another Code: R. I count them as one because the story just continues with the same characters but if you count them separetly then I guess Ib is third. Also do you see the cutie creepy ghost haunting my comments section on my profile? He's a main character from the first game and my favorite fictional character of all time ;^;
They are pretty much visual novels, but strictly not as you move your character freely and solve some (very creative) puzzles, but still like 90% of them are dialogue. And I know I know, Nintendo games are not "cool". But this game man, this game. It is my favorite fictional story of all time, much because of the "dry" way of revealing the story. A lot of sad stuff has happened in the past, but since you live in the present, you learn of these events, especially because you learn about them in a non-chronologically order, as... facts. That's what they are to you. The player has to look into the character's minds himself to understand how they felt, instead of having crying faces being illustrated on the screen. Someone died? You don't see a shadow bowing over the corpse crying and screaming. You read that the person died and the other discovered it. How that drove him into suicide is up to you to imagine.
EDIT: felt like mentioning of course they are of some sort revelant to the player character, otherwise it'd just be a history lesson and indeed very boring lol. I just liked the calm, not over-the-top style.
I think that is actually what made the game boring to a lot of people, but since the story itself was SO GOOD (a lot of death and blood yet no antagonist at all!) I was totally emerged by it and my head spun around it for days straight. I was only 13 when I played it the first time and I still haven't found a game, or even fictional piece, I like more ;3;

Ooooh that's great!! I actually started to do sports myself recently too that's a miracle for my standards but I eat too unhealthy. It's good you take care of your body so much, and when you feel prettier you feel better overall! x*

"write what day it is the fancier way" funny that I know exactly what you mean and THAT'S SUCH A GREAT WAY TO SAY IT
We don't even have to write "green" in Kanji xD I think it's dumb since we have to know all the other colors and leave that out but on the other hand I guess I shouldn't complain haha
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Memyandi (Il y a 3 ans) #4675320

Don't worry about it, it's fine ;v; they're keeping us busy but not excessively- just making sure we keep up with the lessons and study regularly. I'm still adapting to it xD
I do, actually! All our exams in the winter session are going to be in January/February, so I should be able to get a weekend off for LBM *v*/

Me neither, not personally at the very least- I'm just fascinated by drag as an art form is all uvu some queens are pretty much artworks on legs ,___, <3
Getting sweet is such a cute way to put it omg can I steal it
If I recall correctly, I'd gotten to the episode where Armin and Alexy are introduced? Either that or the following one, I'll have to check sometime :o let's play find the login info
Well, if you put it like that, I'll have to start playing it again! e3e/

I can relate to that :'D I'm good enough at remembering faces or names, but when it comes to matching them up
oh boy
back in highschool we split up our class and regrouped with students from others according to our chosen 3rd language, and even after seeing them almost every day for 2-3 years I could only match like three names to the correct people (obviously it's not like I befriended everybody, but still...-)

Ann works perfectly 'cause it means I get to be ginger
Thanks ;v; I'm the one in the middle, the girl to the left is one of my best friends~ it's a pic from the pre-Halloween party I mentioned so it's kinda late to put it up but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

History can be a pain to study if you're not that interested in it y_y it's important to know, of course, but unless you're really passionate about it it pretty much ends up feeling like a chore- linguistics on the other hand I found out to be very interesting (and kind of fun tbh?), though if your professor's not good at explaining you're up for some loooong hours <___> I'm studying from the book now and it's way easier to follow. Hopefully your teachers are better than mine? ;v;
I see, nevermind then ;v; of course I will! I'll most likely have forgotten the entirety of the German vocabulary by then so I'd most likely need a guide 8D /shot
I know I know how could u not

Ahh I have yet to watch an Ib LP ;3; is it something I could bear to watch alone or not 'cause I'm kind of easily scared
Also you made me curious now, if Ib's second then what game is first place? ovo
Yeah, I wanted to try my hand at contouring in the meantime but I'd like to feel happy about how I look when I take my makeup off too ;v; it doesn't help that I suck at doing my makeup
lately I've been trying to improve my image in any way I can -so dieting, working out, getting clothes I actually like and whatnot-, but fixing my nose is out of my hands y_y thank you, I hope so too ;v;
Ah I wasn't referring to you ;3;..? If it came off that way, I apologise, that was unintended ;_;

We've done a few more now, I can now write stuff like my birthday and what day it is in the fancier way
I am totally fluent already just watch me
Jokes aside, so far we've only seen the simpler ones, but I browsed further into our book out of curiosity and holy guacamole the colours
who the heck decided I had to draw for like a million years just to write "green"
Il y a 3 ans
enjunishikiori (Il y a 3 ans) #4458489

I'm so sorry to hear you're so busy ;.; I really hope everything's settled soon and they finally leave you some air to breath, lol. Do you have some updates by now?

Ah I see! I know alot of bi/homo boys and girls in RL but not any transsexuals or drag queens so I can't really tell >< I haven't gotten sweet with Julius at all so I don't know that either, sorry :/
Aaah I was about the same age when I started, maybe a little older, but actually managed to stay put with every new episode xD I don't know how far you get but let me tell this game gets BETTER AND BETTER. The characters are so realistic yet totally quirky and tbh it's every tumblr user's dream lol. Do you even know Alexy? I don't want to spoil if not but I LOVE the way he's written. He's being such a sarcastic bitch about everything yet he has the heart's warmth and is super excited all the time but when things get serious he's so much tougher and calmer than any of the straight boys. Pretty sure he's the best written gay character I've ever seen in fiction ><

Oh okay, then I guess not -shots-
I totally feel that right now; now in 3rd semester people you didn't talk with much become friendly with you more and more and I KNOW I know all their names from those introduction thingies from a year ago and have worked in groups and talked with them or heard the teachers call them and I cannot fathom how few names I remember ~.~

Speaking of what to call you as my calender still goes with Ann; you've changed your profile pic! And it's a RL one like mine *3* I was a bit sad that Ann was gone but oh my gawd that photo looks super duper cute x3 Who are you btw? Left or right girl? :)

Thank you ^-^ Yeah and we also have to choose to put more focus in either history or linguistics and I hope I didn't do a terrible mistake choosing the latter -.-" Fun fact I tried both first but because I had another course at that time I had linguistics I couldn't be there even once but was in every history lessons, yet I managed to fail history class but made linguistics. Guess how much that influenced my decision to focus on linguistics. x_x
Aah I couldn't even do half of the things in chinese class so I could NEVER live/work there unless I spend years from now on learning it, and I don't have the time to freely study a language I'd prefer others (f. ex. arabian) over, or money to go into a country that doesn't interest me THAT much. I'd still love to do it but it's not worth all the money and effort ;.; Sweet of you to suggest though! If it does work out with you coming to Germany let me know :)
Yes I can only imagine XD I'm super bored this semester already so I'm still sad about it though:D
Thank you you're such a ray of sunshine I love you

Super glad to hear you're enjoying your social life, hahaha! It's not that bad to stay home with friends when you all agree it's more what you wanna do :> I did that once with a friend when we were getting ready for the club but were done too early so we searched a LP playlists of a horror game cause that was what we were craving right then, and discovered "Ib", which is very high among my favorite games of all time, probably 2nd place. So we watched like 2 videos and decided it was the greatest thing we've ever experienced and did not stop once until we had seen all. It's not that long, but we totally screwed partying for it, lol.
OH MY x.x So the rhinoplasty is for beauty purpose only? I'm sorry to hear you feel like you need it. I think I have a quite big and round nose myself but I'm not suffering too much under it to want to spend so much money to have it being made different. I wish you all the luck though and that you're hopefully 100% satisfied with the outcome! o_o/
... Yeah I'm totally not one of those kids to be able to spend like a 1000 dollars a month. I didn't even have 1000 dollars in total at one point of time in my possession yet xD

Glad you (still) like them! I kinda still like them, they're obnoxious to learn with all the tests we have to go through but I like to be able to read and write them, it's so much fun :) I hope you never lose your excitement but feel free to tell me if you should XD
Il y a 3 ans
Memyandi (Il y a 3 ans) #4219853

Don't worry! If I'm this busy one month in I can imagine how hard it must be for you ;3;

Well, I was talking more irl than anime stereotypes 8'D I do agree with what you're saying, but from what I gathered it isn't the case with Julius? I've watched a bunch of ingame videos and hardly ever do his looks come into question, maybe in that one weirdly translated scene with Candace (if I recall correctly she originally called him a transvestite or something along those lines?), but that was it. Then again, I suppose I should play the game first >v<
...omg Amour Sucré I forgot it even existed
I wasted waaaay too much time on that site when I was ?16?17? (confession time I bought action points once and felt guilty for like a week)
Oh I'll do more than that gimme some time alone with my old pal Paint (tfw no Photoshop)

It's super duper long so only read it if you really feel like it x°
That makes perfect sense, actually! This summer a friend of mine introduced me to a group of her friends with the nicknames she'd given them, so at times I still have trouble remembering their actual names x° everyone nicknames me anyways so feel free to call me whatever uvu

Ow, that sucks ;3; definitely glad to hear you're still happy with what you're doing, though! That's the spirit u__u/ if your schedule makes it possible, wish you luck on getting in next year ;v;*
Our uni's like that too, from the second year onwards you start studying the culture and literature as well ;3; English even has a separate linguistics class and as of now I'm really glad it's the only language to have that-
If you're only looking to learn the language maybe you could consider studying/working in China for a while :o though that'd probably be a better idea for post-graduation. I was actually considering doing that for German, rather than adding it to my classes next year >3< partly cause I'd have to start from scratch again, and partly cause I'm thinking of picking Philosophy as my extra exam ,_,
On another note, a girl in my Russian/Japanese classes started studying Arabian on her own and showed me the alphabet today
let me tell you both of you are complete bananas for even thinking of learning that and also that you rock and are overall super duper awesome

Oh, definitely! I've been having tons lately, actually <3 last week we had a pre-Halloween party at a friend's place (most of us couldn't make it on the 31st, so we decided to make it early), then on the actual Halloween night I was supposed to go at the event our university had organised but ended up watching movies on Netflix with two friends 'cause we'd gotten cozy with blankets and stuff after dinner and couldn't bring ourselves to get all dolled up and go out again
we're now dubbed the retired ladies of the group but I dare say it was worth it
Oh man do I feel you on the money part
I'm planning to save up about 4000€ these next three years to pay for half a rhinoplasty (I still need to ask my dad, but my mom already agreed to provide another quarter which tbh made me really happy, I was kinda nervous when telling her 'cause I thought she'd go "You don't need that"
and she did
but she also said if it makes me happy it's fine so that was a huge weight off my chest ,_,
) and when I think there are people my age who can spend that same amount of money like every three months without a single worry I die a little inside

We've started kanjis now! So far we've only done a couple words (jin/hito and yama/san) and numbers, but tomorrow we should be getting a few more. They really do make things easier to read! *v* Considering we only know a bunch of them right now, it's really comforting to already be feeling the difference- spotting conjunctions and the like comes way more natural than before, for one.
So basically now I'm super pumped for whatever's next 8D
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enjunishikiori (Il y a 3 ans) #3873107oh my god two weeks I'm so sorry

... aaand I totally topped you. I'm sorry >< Uni has started again and even though it's less this semester that it ever was, since I have to travel by train so much, internet is 90% mobile for me and that means I can do small stuff like commenting somewhere no problem but really can't reply to long messages like ours... so please don't feel offended when you see me being active on MFC but not replying to you, I will eventually!

Yeah, I don't like freckles at all and I hate the cute "farmer boy" kinda style, and those two often come combined, not only in HM but anime in general. I see we are quite often of different opinions here, lol. I don't like drag characters in most japanese media either because I think they are done way too stereotypically and used for comic relief or to show off a contrast between their physical appearance and powerfulness, like, when anime makes a little kid in a magic or weapon centered world a really strong chcracter because it is surprising and "interesting" in their opinion, which it may have been, but there are too many characters like that by now IMO, and also it's easy to write stories like that, but hard to stay consequent with that character's development and behaviour. Practically the only character like this I find done perfectly is Alexy from Amour Sucré, and maybe Garry from Ib and Toph from AtlA.
... imagine us being grandmas and telling our granddaughters "when I was your age I had 2D-husbands that would kick all your little kid so-called boyfriends to the moon" imagine a grandma voice to make it funny please

I see! I may check it out when I have the time but chances are I won't, sorry ;v; but it's good to know I finally know, haha! Thanks and your name is perfect too *3* I actually haven't changed it in my birthday calendar yet cause I actually feel like I know faster who I myself am talking about when it's still "Ann", even though I know no other Viola so it doesn't make sense at all buuut that is how my brain is working I guess @_@
That sounds pretty relatable too actually so yeah you're probably right ><

Sadly, I didn't make it to arabian! The problem is that I applied to it and was put on a waiting list without knowing at all how many people were before me, so maybe it was impossible to get in from the start, even before I applied. So no matter how many people dropped out, it weren't enough, and the next beginner's lessons starts in a year, but then my Uni situation will be totally different so I have no idea if I'll be able to do it. That sucks and I'm sad, but there's nothing I can do ;v; I'm doing alot of other activities though that aren't languages but still will be lots of fun, so I'm happy!
I'm also not sure about chinese anymore bc at Uni we don't only learn the language but everything about China and it is really difficult to keep up when you're actually not that interested in it... especially bc I'm doing the very same with Japan. I would love to do the languages in both only but I'm not that much of a fan of history, economics & co but as I love japanese I'm ready to deal with it, but then do it all again in chinese which I don't like as much, is really obnoxious x.x I failed chinese last summer and think I'll give it another try and when I make that I'll have finished the basic lessons and then think really hard if I want to do the advanced lessons...
That makes it 5 languages + maybe 6 considering I'll only be able to do basic things in chinese for me as well! *highfives you* I hope you can achieve that just fine, too! :3

Okay haha, I see. That is pretty different from where I'm going to but I can totally understand you don't want to go there then, but well there are lots of other fun things to do :D
Yeees I felt that exact same way! And I've actually been to the UK recently for the first time too and loved it, so I think about getting there again soon and maybe actually watch it. But I need more information about it before then and also money orz

Well, all the other pupils liked her so the situation wasn't clear to anyone, and I didn't say anything and even if I did there were 30-something other pupils in my class alone + no idea how much of those she was having who would tell differently so nobody'd believe me anyway (which was why I didn't say anything pretty much), so there was really nothing the school could do and I don't blame it one bit, only the teacher herself.
JAPANESE IS SO FUN! I actually think the fun begins with Kanji, haha! I knew the kana before I started to do Uni so the first weeks I was extremely bored and only less than half of the first semester was somehow challenging for me, while the second one was almost one complete challenge and really really fun! Yeah many people tend to do the mistake to think kanjis are the root of all evil but they actually make texts sooo much easier to read, so please don't hate them, hahaha!
Il y a 3 ans
Memyandi (Il y a 3 ans) #3582370

oh my god two weeks I'm so sorry

They've done a darn good job on the boys this time. I don't like Mistel either, but Fritz has so many freckles and I love love freckles so I'm torn sob
Ivan was my pick back then ;v; haven't played ANB 'cause I heard the gameplay's not too great (and I didn't have a 3DS when it first came out), but from what I gathered Soseki/Sanjay seem like they would be my favourites y_y
Oh my that's adorable ;3; make that a book I'll read that shit I don't normally go for hyperactive bachelors, but I heard about his love letter thingy and how it spelled out "I love you" in Japanese and holy moly that's so cheesy I love it
Wizard would be angsty. So angsty. I'm so up for that Chase on the other hand might just be my least favourite (I might change my mind when I actually play the game, but from a first impression POV I'm not really feeling him), along with Calvin. bishie and the beast
Eh I have a huge weak spot for androginy/genderblending/drag and whatnot so he's kind of a dream come true, haha x° also I read his events with Candace and I don't think they've got chemistry at all, so there's that. I might make a boy file and marry Candace myself to even things out ;v;/
...I just pictured our entire generation in like 50-60 years from now gleefully playing games all night long in retirement homes
it was beautiful

Ah, I see! I'll have to mess with the settings at some point ò_ò
It's from Please Save My Earth! Basically the main characters have had a previous life and are having dreams about it and then shenanigans happen. The plot's kind of trippy but I really loved it back when I read it. Enju was my favourite character, and since her actual surname's too long for most websites I picked her reincarnation's surname c:
Aw that's a really cute name ;v;/** mine's Viola!

I dunno, I'm kinda lazy so I worried it might have the opposite effect on me- like, if I stopped studying I might end up not feeling like taking it up again. I do feel way more motivated now that I'm doing stuff I actually like, though! Linguistics' a pain but oh well
Man, what a mess D: glad that eventually worked out!

...If you actually manage to do all that you're going to be my new hero like that's freaking glorious
Provided I get at a decent level in the languages I'm currently studying, I'd be at five, mayyybe six if I pick French up again, since it's really close to Italian it shouldn't be too much of a challenge- I'll catch up to you just watch me
Anyways that's super awesome and I wish you all the best uvu I'm sure you'll manage just fine!

They're super full of drunk people, creepers and whatnot on normal weekdays. On holidays, it's the same except tenfold so it's just worse than the worst x° I'd rather go to pubs or the like and hear some live music somewhere I can actually breathe, haha.
Ah, I see ;3; sorry to hear that! If you can have a good time when you do meet, though, it's still worth it uvu/

...Are you serious I need tickets for that and I need them now

That's awful :/ schools really need to keep a closer eye on teachers like that. I read articles about that sort of stuff happening here sometimes and honestly it baffles me that they were even allowed to become teachers in the first place.
Yeah, you're right about that, but that's not what she focused on. When talking about the upcoming trip (so reminding my classmates of stuff they were to bring and the like) she would go on trying to guilt trip me because everyone picked the destination and they'd said how much it would be since the beginning of the school year- except we (well, they) picked it because it'd be cheaper (around 200-something euros) and I'd always made my intention of not coming clear, too.
BUT who cares let's talk about nicer stuff like how fun studying Japanese is. I'm sure I'll regret saying this when we get to kanji but oh well
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enjunishikiori (Il y a 3 ans) #3521202

True dat, aside from Licorice, Lillie is the only girl I like, so we both have only two we like. Very different from the boy side where there are only two I dislike (Fritz & Mistel)! And if I wasn't going to marry Kamil/Cam in TTOTT I'd even have 3 boys (him, Nadi & Raeger) I can't decide between... and I'm also starting to grow on Klaus. HALP ME
Yes, I liked Amir in both GrB and AnB! Actually I'm still not married in either of them so I might just go for him... but I planned to go for Ivan in GrB and Allan in AnB, or maybe Neil, or actually AnB is the only game lately where I'd consider playing as a boy bc both Tina and the witch are sooo beautiful ><
I married Luke in AP! And it was sooo not planned lol. Basically it was clear to me I'd marry Chase aka waiter guy from the start, then I kinda disliked him and tended towarsd the wizard but once I had both of them love me I still hadn't all requierements for marriage ready so I jokingly made my friend's favorite Luke love me too and spontaneously chose him when I was ready :'D NOT because I started to like him while I made him like me, that's the funny part, I still kinda didn't, that friend just talked me into it. But once you two ARE married, once you HAVE A CHILD... he's SO adorable! o.o I really didn't expect to like him this much but I'm glad I don't regret marrying him lol, but I'd like to go for wizard/Chase on another run... Julius haha, he wasn't an option for me but I'm sure he's fun ot be around :D
Oh man, I wish I'd have the time to play every game multiple times for different grooms >< Maybe in 10 years

Nah you didn't really miss it, because MFC doesn't tell you at all so you couldn't have known, unless you actively look into your settings to make them tell you and most people don't even know that's a thing. I only learned it myself after I missed my angel purinbun's birthday. That's why I was so keen to learn when it's yours lol.
BY THE WAY, something I was planning to ask you for a long time: what's the story behind your username? :D I'm struggling to find any anime character I know in there and Google has no idea either. I also don't quite now where to shorten that to fit in my birthday calendar (right now you're there as "Ann" lol). Or we'll do real names, mine's Julia :3 also thank you owo

Oooh, but aside from the fact you might be annoyed to study again bc school ended only so recently for you (I worked part-time jobs 1,5 years in between end of school + start of Uni and don't regret it one bit cause after that time I really enjoyed to study again) I don't see a reason why you wouldn't like it! I like Uni's atmosphere and when you can study what you love, which languages seem to be in your case, it's all good :) I hope chances stay good !!
Oh they got the process rolling, that was the problem lol, because I used a false certificate and that's not allowed of course, if I hadn't said anything I could have been accussed of deception and never enroll in that university, and since I applied to the 5 that were best for me... ouch.

btw I just enrolled for arabian in a language school this upcoming October ;A; It's full though so I have to wait until someone drops out and that might never happen, but I hope I'll have the chance. I totally screwed korean, swedish and russian and italian I'm afraid though because my studies for the next two years are a MESS and I need to organize them. The plan is to improve my french and japanese a lot, chill out with chinese and arabian (study them but slooowly...), find ways to practice my english and do dutch at some point (I heard it's easy for native germans and doable to learn within half a year so I'll just shove it in between some time) but for the latter two I don't have concrete plans yet. However, if I can actually manage that I'll speak 7 languages and that's ENOUGH xD

Lol really xD clubs can't be as freaked out on holidays as on normal weekdays, can they?? XD I'm honestly impressed!
Yes you're making a lot of sense, don't worry! I'm pretty much the only one who stayed home while all my friends moved away, so that way around I'm kinda the same as you, and I miss my friends alot... I see them less often though, happy it works out so well for you guys :)

I'll listen to both links when I have the time >< (right now I can't do sounds, meh) If you haven't replied by then I'll edit this message
Aaah see, already solved the mystery. Yes I'm indeed talking about a musical of the Disney version! Didn't know the original had one too. What I've heard the british guy say is that they kept everything except for the statues (which were obviously nothing than comic relief and ruined the movie) and told just a tiny bit more of Frollo's backstory, so the story is darker and Frollo an even more complex character. So basically they took the movie and made perfection out of it *_*/

Both actually, and I'm sorry to hear you did experience that. I did too and I had one teacher doing that; I mean I had more who just didn't like because I was lazy as fuck but one did the bullying and it was awful and the worst time of my life but I'm all the more happy it's over and Uni only got adults who don't do that :))
To be completely honest, I can kind of understand your teacher, because your classmates had to spend that money too or else there was no trip at all which would have sucked too. But she can't force you either. I've always hated class trips and refused to go on one too.

That is one good idea 8)
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Memyandi (Il y a 3 ans) #3517733


I know, she's got the Yamato Nadeshiko vibe going on x° that's not usually what I go for, but aside from Licorice (and when it comes to her I'm biased because of knowing her as Reina already) I don't really fancy any of the girls ;3;
Oh he was Raeger, right- I thought that was Klaus' name, got them mixed up ;v; I checked the Wikia now and now that you mention it Nadi looks mighty fine. I was actually interested in Amir back in Grand Bazaar but never got to marrying him, so maybe I should give Nadi a chance this time round?
Who did you marry in AP? ovo I haven't played it yet 'cause I don't have a Wii, but I know I'd write my name all over Julius' face as soon as I'd entered town. Stay back Candace that's mine

Yup, on the 1st!

Yes, so far everything seems to be fine! I'm pretty excited (and nervous, but that's normal I guess) and have heard good things about this university, so hopefully it'll work out. Should it end up not being the right thing for me, though, it'll still be experience. Right now I just have to stay positive uvu
Oh man, that's dumb D: I mean, I understand they'd require the official one, but to get the process going they could have gotten all the relevant info from the wrong one regardless- you know what, fuck paperwork

Ah, here that's the standard, so it doesn't really make a difference if you go on regular days or holidays x°
We see each other every few months or so, but that's fine by me. We still keep in contact over Facebook/Whatsapp, and not being able to meet up everyday adds anticipation so the reunion is always more heartfelt! am I even making sense right now

Wait were you talking about a musical inspired by the Disney movie 'cause I didn't even know that existed °_° the only Notre Dame musical I know is based on the book (this one www.youtube.com... ), if there's another one I definitely need to go watch it ò_ò/
Here's a translation, btw! lyricstranslate...

Do you mean from classmates or teachers? With classmates it happened pretty much all the time :/ teachers usually didn't do anything about it, but they were never the ones doing the mocking, at the very least. The closest thing to that was when last year my German teacher made a huge deal of me not coming to Prague for the class trip (I didn't feel like spending 400+ €, considering I could have gone there on my own for much less money); I didn't let it get to me, but had I been younger I might have. I just told her that not wanting to spend that money was different from not being able to afford it, and at any rate it wouldn't be her business.
I hope nothing too bad happened to you? ;_;

We can take care of that. Let's score us some HM cosplayers at LBM 8)))

Perfect u_u/*
Il y a 3 ans
enjunishikiori (Il y a 3 ans) #3502617

Haha funny I'm not really interested in Agate, I think she looks so "normal"? :D As for the girls I like Licorice best but she has already appeared as Reina in TTOTT, so within the original girls I like Lillie best she's so cute! Buuut I'll definitely play as a girl myself and I'M SO MARRYING WAITER GUY aka Raeger hnng. I may, may have gone for Kamil if I weren't 100% sure to marry him in TTOTT once I get to play again but I think I prefer Raeger over him anyway! I've missed out on the one from Animal Parade but I won't miss the chance of cute waiter uniforms again I swear! uwu
Also my heart bleeds over Nadi because I always wanted to marry one of the black boys but somehow someone else always slightly tops them ;.; I was SO close to marrying the wizard in Animal Parade but I also loved waiter boy but then a friend made me marry someone completely else lol but I don't regret it because he turned out to be very sweet and now Nadi'll probably be topped by Raeger but Nadi is so cute ;^; Maybe I'll check them both and decide only right before the marriage ><

Oh is it? That's good to know hehe well thanks a lot Mom & Dad for making my birthday freaking 11 days ago so that doesn't help at all =___= I've only read it on Wikipedia and even if Nintendo really said that they might still delay it so maybe we shouldn't get our hopes up but then again why not

Ah I see... good luck getting it done quick, then o_o/ Is everything going well so far though? Can you go to the university you desire, have the studies you desire and so on?
Aaah it was sooo dumb. When I left school I would get my final certificate alone in a room with the school principal - that was then I learned if I even made it and if so how good I was etc and could discuss it with him. Then, some weeks later, there was that big party where they call the pupils on stage and give them another certificate that's just packed fancier. Same grades, same names, same stamp from the school. Looks identical. BUT there is ONE thing different: the DATE. So when I applied to various Unis (that was another mistake to apply to 5 at once but my grade from school was rather bad and I wanted to be enrolled somewhere) I accidently took the wrong certificate and learned much later this wasn't the official one I was supposed to show. Normally, that wouldn't have bugged me, because I understand this is a mistake. But both certificates were identical in every important point, it's an entirely unimportant one that makes them different and was the problem. So I had to call every Uni and some I wouldn't reach at first and/or they wouldn't even understand what was my mistake and it took days to fix it in which I was really scared I may wouldn't be able to start Uni because of something so dumb but my fault.

Ahaha funny special occassions like New Year's is exactly when I don't like clubs at all lol. They're cramped and everyone's drunk before even coming there and the music is shit. The first two reasons are actually why I don't like going on weekends as much as within the week! Unfortunately almost no club is open then but some we like to go to are and I prefer it, but since most aren't we go on weekends often too and that's also fine with me.
Yes exactly I try to stay under 15 Euro everytime but that still adds up >< Aah, I hope you can visit your friends from Milan often enough? ;v;

I'm not sure about that lol xD Yes I saw it here in Germany and was totally blown away! Also bc I love the story of course, together with hunchback of Notre Dame, Mulan and Brother Bear it's my favorite movies of all time and I love them alooot! I think HOND might be my favorite from them though especially because the dark medieval music really got to me and how obvious they were about sexuality too; I literally couldn't believe what I saw/heard during Hellfire! I've heard a british man talking about HOND's musical and that it's kinda new...? Now I'm confused lol
Oh wow yeah that song is amazing! :D I bet the lyrics are, too! How great for you, I wish you tons of fun! o_o/

Ah okay I see, but at least you weren't mocked I think that's the worst about the school system but yeah the way they educate is shit in most places too :/
I see so they're letting it eat you from the inside, that pretty clever lol

You can do that nothing will be worse than that time when I spoke to chinese people !
Ahahaha no but now I will, thanks for mentioning xD and sure you're invited yay now I only need the groom
Yaaay!! Sounds promising! *-* Another friend of mine moved there too so I now have even two places I could sleep at so the chances of me being there have improved again owo
Il y a 3 ans
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