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I'm a wierd anime freak that plays video games and is a Fujoshi, thanks for noticing me!

Anime stores I buy from:

Amiami, Archonia, Tokyo Otaku Mode, Mandarake, Solaris Japan, Conventions, Book Depository and Animere (Anime Shop in Almere)

.....I've ordered way to many things now...

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0Il y a 6 heuresBloosicaBloosica
franjandar (Il y a 1 mois) #25165012Are you planning on pre-ordering Celestia Ludenberg 1/7th scale manufactored by Myethos and Emon Toys?

So sorry I missed this. So far I have no plans to order her, though it is very tempting.
0Il y a 22 heuresKattoKatto SHSL Magical Girl
franjandar (Il y a 4 jours) #27100124Hello Katto!
I just got Franchir (from Merc Storia 1/8th Scale by Core Play) in and she's beautiful, however I'm having some trouble assembling her, getting the wand/staff in her hand is really hard, I was wondering if you could send some pictures of Franchir so I can see how I should assemble her.
Sorry to bother you,
Francesca :)
Edit: I found out that you don't put the wand/staff in her hand at all... Oops, luckily nothing broke. Sorry to have bothered you.
I'm glad to hear you got her set up okay! She's not amazing to deal from that regard but she's definitely pretty ^_^
0Il y a 4 joursmurialitamurialita
franjandar (Il y a 4 jours) #27101644Murialita,
Just today I got item #473919 in....
And oh my god you need to buy her now....
(she's still available at Amiami: [ext link ])
Her shipping was hella expensive, however it was way overpackaged so it's probably cheaper if you order her with other figures.
She's fucking beautifull... A piece of art even. I'll try to post some pictures, but I don't really have good lighting available.

So, here's the thing. I like her. She looks great! The price also looks great. However, my October order is already over $600, and I've got another $150 or so whenever RyuZu comes in stock at the US store I bought her from. So maybe next month? We'll see.

Also, work has worked out and I don't have to stay late, so there will be a stream tonight.
0Il y a 5 joursmurialitamurialita
franjandar (Il y a 5 jours) #27050533...[ext link ]
I need her in my life... Shit I really need her in my life...

I will have her in my life :)
0Il y a 5 joursMuntoeMuntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・人・...
I decided to comment on your profile instead of starting a conversation on such an old comment. GK is shorthand for garage kit which are unpainted figures typically made of resin or plastic.

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