I watch way too much anime and read even more manga. RIP wallet
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Yor0zuya (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃━
Hello how much are you asking for the knb figures I am looking for kise kuroko aomine and maybe Kagami too.
Il y a 1 mois
I ordered Makise Kurisu 1/8 scale and came in exactly as described. Very satisfied and would order from again!
Il y a 1 mois
Hello was wondering how much u selling megiumi from konosuba
Il y a 1 mois
ductrinh0801Il y a 2 mois#80176120Hey will you clear out some of your inbox? I'm interested in your Alice by Genco! Let me know!

Oops sorry about that inbox filling up quickly. Atm I'm not sure if she will be for sale. I notice that she is completely out of stock right now and current market price for her seems way too high to actually get anything close to what they have her listed as. So unless you wanna throw some stupid numbers out there lmk haha
Il y a 2 mois
Hey will you clear out some of your inbox? I'm interested in your Alice by Genco! Let me know!
Il y a 2 mois
Apologies, I was getting so many messages at the time it must've gotten lost in the mix. Sorry about that!
Il y a 5 mois
Thank you for Roy! He was shipped fast and and arrived in excellent condition.
Il y a 7 mois
Hi! Sinon is still for sale, I'm looking for £75 + shipping for her. Since my inbox is full you can get to me at marc0.defreit@gmail.com
Il y a 1 an
I love your icon!
Il y a 1 an
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