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hello, i'm june!!
i'm a freshman in college, and i've been collecting merch for 5 years! my first figure was ITEM #144335
i play LLSIF (mainly WW), so check out my sukutomo profile if you want to friend me! ♡ (schoolido.lu/us...)
nishikino maki is my baby, i love her with all of my heart ♡ i started collecting her merchandise in july 2016 (my first makis were ITEM #316790 and ITEM #356870) and i've been continuing the journey ever since! i completed my maki figure collection (excluding new releases and garage kits) on september 22, 2018 with ITEM #328061 ♡ my next goal is to collect as many of maki's goods as i can!!
animal v1 maki is my favorite card, i'll buy just about anything with her on it ♡♡
i also like to collect hoshimi junna, the serperior line, bulbasaur, and a few other pokemon!
that's pretty much it!! it's nice to meet you, feel free to send an FR and i hope you enjoy my profile ♡♡


Have a great birthday!!~
Il y a 1 an
Thank you so much for accepting my friend request.
Maki's is one of my favs in Love Live..~
Il y a 1 an
BagelChanIl y a 1 an#60975924thank you!! your maki collection is lovely as well ^^
sorry for the spam >.<
Il y a 1 an
alluhamanIl y a 1 an#60922673im diggin the shrine
thank you!! your maki collection is lovely as well ^^
Il y a 1 an
im diggin the shrine
Il y a 1 an
im diggin the shrine
Il y a 1 an
im diggin the shrine
Il y a 1 an
Happy Birthday!
Il y a 2 ans
happy birthday!! <333
Il y a 2 ans
Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day!
Il y a 2 ans
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