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I'm selling my merch to raise money for college tuition, please help me out!!


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Il y a 5 ans
Oww, thank you! You don't have to hold them for me, I may be able to afford them in a couple of months (maybe around June) :/ if you still have the figures by then I will purchase for sure, I hope you get to sell them though if you need the funds at this moment :)
laevateinxIl y a 5 ans#2525542I can hold them for you if you're interested :)
Il y a 5 ans
Thank you for offering me Haru and Makoto I would love to have them, but I have made some purchases that have left me quite short so I don't think I can afford them, sorry T_T

laevateinxIl y a 5 ans#2525479If you're interested, I'm selling a brand new set of the Makoto and Haru altair figures together for 250USD, free shipping! :)
Il y a 5 ans
laevateinxIl y a 5 ans#2457391I'm selling a brand new set of Free! pic-lil rubber straps if you're interested! :D

How do they look like? Which kind? CX
Il y a 5 ans
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