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I love anime, gaming, and my family.
My current figure collection is mostly Funko Pops, but I am looking to branch out. I love the higher quality figures but they arent always in my price range. I will just have to live through everyone here and enjoy their awesome pics!!

Mostest wanted list:

Erza - Fairy Tail (GSC)
Levy - Fairy Tail
Umaru (going out/UMR vers) - Himoto! Umaru-chan

Guys need figures too!!

Oswald - Odin Sphere
Hikaru & Kaoru - OHSHC
Tamaki - OHSHC
Kaname - Vampire Knight
Zero - Vapire Knight
Laxus - Fairy Tail
Sting - Fairy Tail
Rogue - Fairy Tail
Cobra - Fairy Tail
Vongola Primo - Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Gokudera - Katekyo Hitman Reborn



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missauruIl y a 4 ans#4091299Sorry I havent replied. Been crazy busy!!
Dragon Quest Heroes is part of that business... after things finally calmed down I got that game and it is really lots of fun. Very happy with it :D. If you havent tried it yet you need to.
Also platted Lego Dimensions cause I had gamestop coupons and my brothers discount and I got the game for hhalf price hehe! Very fun game! Now I am waiting for the Doctor Who level pack.

Damn your a machine with trophies! I have a pitiful amount for the number of games I have played haha.

Yup, I picked it up and have had some good fun with it. I never did really like Samurai Warriors but this is much better in my opinion. It has somewhat of a story too which is nice. I also have Wasteland 2 which is taking up my gaming time as well. It's a bit rough at the start but it grows on you lol.

Halo 5 is coming soon and I will be hooked onto that for a while I think. I miss my Battle Rifle!
Il y a 4 ans
Well, this review has sold me. www.youtube.com...
Il y a 5 ans
missauruIl y a 5 ans#3708241Voir le spoilerCacher le spoiler
Id rather own dvds I can watch over and over again than buy figures most of the time. That is prob why my figure collection is so small and sad lol. Though recently Ive been on a figure kick so I cant say that would be true if given the option right this moment.
Akame ga Kill was sooo gooood. I agree that the ending isnt ideal. It definitely isnt how I would have ended it, but in the end it is what it is and I accept it because I thought it was a crazy awesome anime as a whole.
Believe it or not I only bought Rosario because of that theme song where the girls are singing and dancing. SO CUTE!! I liked the anime but I wouldnt say it was one of the best ones ever or anything. But... that theme.... <3 OH yes Mizore and Kurumus songs = awesome too <3 <3
Yup I saw that Muv Luv kickstarter. Pretty cool. Hoping they get the funding to port to vita. Hoping more visual novels will follow the same path too.
Hoping for a price drop on the Lego game around black friday or christmas! Hope with meeee

Hey, well your supporting the studios more than I am which is a good thing. I probably should pick up more DvDs/Blurays after finding out about another animation studio shutting down :(

Haha ya the theme song for Rosario+Vampire is awesome - I'm going to watch it after I finish this comment xD.

I'm hoping Sony pulls their head out of their ass and starts to actually try and market their vita more as not an accessory to the PS4, but an actual handheld with good titles. I think the PSVita fills a good niche market that the 3DS does not. But that's a pipe dream I think :(

So I broke down and ordered Alisha from Tales of Zestiria. I saw her the first release and was very tempted. Now I just couldn't resist any longer haha. The detail on her clothing and armor + the pose AND a weapon. I INDEED cannot pass on that. (Haha Gakuto from Prison School xD) Are you into the 'Tales of' series?

I can't wait for my little Umaru though. SO CUTE
Il y a 5 ans
missauruIl y a 5 ans#3683859Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerStunningly beautiful is what Vanillaware does best!! <3!
I used to buy a lot of anime but I have since stopped that because it was just so expensive. Ended up selling about 70% of my collection cause they werent titles I was overly attached to any way. Now I will only buy my favorites. I own Ouran High School Host Club, Vampire Knight, Durarara!!, Rosario+Vampire, DBZ Kai, Black Butler, Sengoku Basara, Princess Tutu, Zombie Loan, Death Note, Steins Gate, Fairy Tail (not all of them), and a bunch of Miyazaki movies. Im planning on buying D-Frag (hilarious!) as well as Akame ga Kill and Umaru whenever they are released on dvd :D .... I realize that seems like a lot but trust me it took yearssss to get that many lol
Im sooo happy fall tv is back! So many new things and returns of old favorites! This fall im watching Doctor Who, Blindspot, Scream Queens, Minority Report, The Muppets, Heroes Reborn, Once Upon a Time, South Park and then in Oct Supernatural and The Flash! As you can see I love tv :D! Fall brings new premiers and it is exciting for me! Supernatural and Doctor Who are my two fav tv shows <3<3
Enjoy the lists of stuff you didnt ask for lmao :P
As for Lego Dimensions- yup I really cant wait to play that one. But I will have to wait until the price drops. $99 for the starter is too much. Hoping for a holiday sale in a few months!

Yeahhh, anime DvDs and Blu Rays are so expensive >< ! I would purchase more but not when I could order a few figures for the same price :\. Ooo, you own Stein's Gate - one of my most memorable anime. Kurisu and Okabe <3. Rosario+Vampire is one of the earlier anime I had seen. Now that I look back on it, the animation and everything seems somewhat poor - except the intro! The intro was great haha xD. I did enjoy it though or else I wouldn't have purchased the DvDs xD. I think it's the anime with the most times of 'Desu' being used haha. I did like the songs from Mizore and Kurumu as well during the 'Meet the Parents' episode.

D-Frag was pretty good, I enjoyed that. I liked Akame Ga Kill too but I DID NOT enjoy how it played out haha. If you haven't completed it - spoiler here.Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerRIP everyone D:

Have you heard about the Muv-Luv kickstarter? It's already raised enough for it to becoming to the PC but if it gets another 20-30 grand (or maybe it already has? I haven't checked in a bit haha) it will also be made on the Vita! I really hope it reaches that goal. I think visual novels are much better played on a handheld.

Oh you do keep track of what's coming out haha, I'll ask you from now on for T.V show infos :D

Speaking of the Flash, I recently watched a good animated film with him as the star called the 'Flashpoint Paradox'.

Ugh ya the price tag of Lego Dimensions at $100 is a little too steep for me especially as an entry into the Lego games. Also, I don't know where I would keep the little Lego input stand you need for the characters.
Il y a 5 ans
missauruIl y a 5 ans#3621002Yup! It is called ' 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim ' and of course the first images of it are gorgeous. They really know how to make beautiful games <3
If I didnt take a gaming break I would get burned out on gaming. I would like something new to play now but the next thing Im interested in isnt out for a few weeks so I will just wait. *twiddles thumbs*. Good news is that SE finally charged me for Dragon Quest Heroes, so hoping it ships soon!
I just finished Umaru as well. Loved it so much. My gawd it needs both a season 2 and a dvd release here so I can own it. Pretty sure it is going to be on dvd sometime next year so yayyyyy!
By shows do you mean anime or regular tv? Cause I havent started any new anime but I am excited about Owari no Seraph and K getting second seasons. I dont know what else I will watch anime-wise. As for regular tv, I am super stoked that fall premiere time is here! I love all these new shows to watch :D

Just watched the trailer for the '13 Sentinels' game and it looks like a painting in motion. Also, they have some cool mechas designs :D
Yes, Umaru is one of the best characters I've seen in a while. She's right up there with Naru from Barakamon for myself haha.
I don't have much media of anime. I do have a few though, Gunslinger Girls, Baccano, Cowboy Bebop, Black Lagoon, Sora no Otoshimono, Evangelion and Rosario+Vampire. I don't have them linked as my collection because they're not Japanese :(
Ya by shows I meant anime sorry. Owario no Seraph I enjoyed watching, so a season 2 is good news. I haven't seen 'K' though. You enjoyed it I guess? As for regular TV - I'm not sure what to watch haha. I would like to watch more Game of Thrones, but that wont be out till 2016 I guess. I haven't kept up with T.V to know whats coming out anymore. I mainly just pay attention for GoT haha. I do have netflix though, so I browse through that sometimes. Came across a show called 'Narco' which deals with Pablo Escobar and the DEA Agents in Colombia. Only on the 3rd episode now.

Oh, I also saw Lego Dimensions. For not being a big fan of the games ( I have never purchased one haha ) I am seriously thinking about purchasing it. The Portal stuff looks great xD
Il y a 5 ans
missauruIl y a 5 ans#3592735Yup that is how much I love that theyre re-releasing the game <3
I love Vanillawares art. Did you see at TGS they announced a new game? Yayyyyyy. Dragons Crown was fun. I played it maybe 100 hours? I platted it because I found it quite enjoyable :D
Im not currently playing anything right now. Gaming breaks are necessary sometimes lol. Though I am looking forward to playing Dragon Quest Heroes! Got that collectors edition preordered and it was charged so Im hoping it will ship out son, yay! Really looking forward to playing it! I also really want to play Lego Dimensions but the price is stupid so I am hoping it will go on sale around Christmas time and I can grab it then hehe.

A new IP? I had no idea, I never watched this years TGS other than tidbits from Kotaku. Well that's good news, I'll go google around for it. I don't think I've gone a month in over a decade without playing a video game haha. I will most likely be some old fart still pluggin' away at a controller / keyboard or however it will be in the future xD.

I watched the last episode of "Himouto! Umaru-chan" today. :( A few of the shows I have been watching are all ending. Now I need to try and find some new interesting ones coming out for the fall season. Have you looked into the fall season yet?
Il y a 5 ans
missauruIl y a 5 ans#3577482Odin Sphere is the game I am super duper mostest excited about playing again! It was my favorite game back on PS2 (I still have my copy), and I cannot wait to get into the new stuff they add on the next gen consoles! If the trophies stack I will buy it for PS3, PS4, and PSV! No joke!! I cant tell you how much I freaked out when I heard about the release :D :D :D
I pray that the games coming to next gen consoles get us some new and affordable figures. Especially Oswald! He is my fav from the game and I neeeeeeed him to get a figure! ^^

Haha that's some dedication and love to purchase it for each system :D

Vanillaware's art is always amazing. I mainly bought Dragons Crown due to the art, I never even put that much time into it, maybe 10-12 hours. The elven archer was so well done I thought, that I pre-ordered her figure ASAP xD.

So what are you playing now game-wise? I've been playing some MGSV recently. Think I beat the main story, or so it seems, and am now doing some harder missions. I'm stuck on one currently where I have to start with nothing and must take weapons etc from enemies or if I can find them on the ground D:

After all that time upgrading cool weapons and my buddy equipment >< haha
Il y a 5 ans
Hey how's it goin', thanks for accepting my friend request. Nice collection of little people, I didn't get into nendoroids until later into collecting - wish I had sooner xD. You pumped for the new Odin Sphere? I'm mostly happy that they will most likely release a few figures from the series as well and they wont be 150+ dollars hopefully xD
Il y a 5 ans
Hallo missauru, I really like your collection!
Il y a 5 ans
missauruIl y a 5 ans#3415572Helloooooooooo :)
Finally decided to stop lurking and make an account here :D

I guess I should get around to updating this list. So far behind now it is not funny
Il y a 5 ans
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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