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Holaaaaa!!!! xd
Il y a 5 ans
polychromeroseIl y a 5 ans#3055659OMG Alice Madness is one of my favorite videogames!
I have the game for xbox360 and the official Artbook of American McGee <3
I never saw those items here, and it breaks my heart *^*
McGee has its current company located in China. That's why although Alice Madness was created in USA, can be considered part of the Asian market too.
Anyway, I remember found the game here in MFC but only for PS2 (or PS3 maybe?) but I never found the version for xbox360.
The artbook is a masterpiece, every time I see that wonderful book I feel in love with McGee! <3
*Crying* ok, I think right now I'm feeling depressed because I can't add the Artbook to my collection of MFC... the Artbook it's not in this website </3

I've never owned any Microsoft consoles XD. I have the PS3 version but I loved it ^^. It's pretty much forgotten about and got mediocre reviews, but I'm glad I tried it out! Oh and including the first game on it was pretty cool. I want to get around to finnaly finishing the Insane difficulty one day XD. It's so rare to find a decent Platformer these days outside of some others like Ratchet and Clank, or Sly Cooper.
Yeah it's Japanese only on here so I can't add a lot of things either. It'd be great too since I do own a lot of Western games/random items too but I can't really show it here. The only Japanese games I really even buy anymore are just JRPGs XD.
It's already tough adding some things on here since the name is sometimes really different in Japanese Orz.
That's true but this website is Japanese only sadly. I'd really like to see a Western version of MFC but I guess the mods don't want to deal with that on here.
I've rarely get any game art books. It's usually since they're either really expensive, hard to find, or painfully short. I do have a couple like the Atelier one and Hyrule Historia. Ooh but that Alice one sounds really cool! I like the character designs and art style, so I'm sure I'd like the art book too ^^.
It's okay, that makes 2 of us then =). I've never heard of that art book but I really want to check it out now. They're making that film series soon but I'd really love to see another game too! I've don't want to wait another 10 years for the next game XD.
Il y a 5 ans
polychromeroseIl y a 5 ans#3053421THANKS!! :D
I'm so happy you like my photos <3
I have more videogames, but i don't find it in this website because here only have japanese brands *^*

You're welcome!
Don't worry I have that too, I only have my Japanese games here they're like half of my games collection though so most of what I have isn't on here XD. I was actually a bit surprised to see Madness Returns mentioned XD. It was really underrated and pretty much forgotten about, but I really enjoyed it. There's probably some other Japanese games I have I don't have up, but I couldn't find them on the database XD.
Il y a 5 ans
Hey there ^^. Great photos and a pretty neat games list =).
Il y a 5 ans
Jam3410 Uncrowned King
Hi thanks for the FR:), I see you just joined a few months ago so welcome to mfc from me ^.^
Il y a 5 ans
Asi es soy de Santiago ;)
No tengo tantas figuras pero estoy en el grupo de figuras de chile xd ahi te vi y quise agregar para motivarme con la red!!!
Il y a 5 ans
HOLA!!! :)
Gracias por aceptar muy buena tu coleccion y tus fotos ;)
Il y a 5 ans
Al final te llegó la Perona? xd
Il y a 5 ans
polychromeroseIl y a 5 ans#2470397De nada >u<
Hice mi cuenta hace poquito y recién empecé con las figuras, pero las estoy amando ;n;

Yo también empecé hace super poquiiiitooo, pero aquí andamos poco a poco ;;.
Es un lindo hobbie x'D, tinunu.
Il y a 5 ans
polychromeroseIl y a 5 ans#2496615Aww Sakura es adorable♡ y su historia es uno de los tantos shocks mentales que nos brinda Madoka Magica D:
A mí me gusta bastante Akemi, y también es mi favorita porque me siento identificada con ella ;n; sobre todo en como se desarrollaron las cosas con la Akemi del "primer tiempo"♡ es toda yo :3

En sí toda la historia es un shock mental. Como bien dicen "Todo lo que toca está destinado a morir" (refiriéndose a Urobuchi).
Uhm... no tengo ni una que me identifique, sólo sé que mi favorita es Kyoko y Sayaka es la que menos me gusta, encuentro exagerado lo que hizo luego de descubrir en donde reside su "alma", fácilmente se pudo ignorar eso. Fuera de ello, el deseo que pidió ella fue.. uhm.. creo que el más humano y que posiblemente muchos caerían xD Pero de todas formas Kyoko le gana en ese deseo, según yo, la familia va primero que los amores.

En fin, no te quiero aburrir más con mis tonterías(?) xD
Il y a 5 ans
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