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«Folding 1000 paper cranes for a Gaius figure»
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Heya! I'm Robin, I just finished my BSc with a major in Chemical Biology, and I'm also freelance/convention artist (and I cosplay a little)! I really love figures, and my collection is growing faster now that figure companies have gotten a bit wiser that people like figures of handsome dudes (which is good for my eyes but bad for my wallet)

While my collection is mostly Links (and I'm starting to accumulate some Kakashis...), my ultimate dream is to get really nice figure of my alpha husband, Gaius from FEA 8> There are figures of Chrom, Tharja, and Cordelia, so someone's gotta make a Gaius to round out the Summer Scramble set!! Right? Please... I'd love an awesome scale, but he'd make an adorable nendo! (and I could afford to buy two) But in the meantime, I'll just weep into my slowly growing Kakashi collection and at least be thankful that there are lots of figures of my ninja husband.

I'm willing to sell/trade anything in my sales list LIST #59808, just PM me! I've got some rubber straps (Fire Emblem, Tourabu, and Psycho Pass) for sale on my store, as well as my convention stock, so a lot of my own charms and stickers :> robidium.tictai...

Also as a final small note if you contribute to/appreciate the sexualization of characters who are children or apparently/effectively children then don't talk to me! Stay far far away from me!!!
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If you ever change your mind about kakashi gecco I will be more than happy to buy him off you
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Thought I'd leave a comment on your page - that is a really cool Gaius cosplay! And I see you did a Bsc as well, though I'm still in my second year with the intent to major in Biochemistry rather than Chemical Biology. A Gaius scale would be amaaaaaaaaaaazing.
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The world's finest hobby kits and toys, direct from Japan.

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