Bringing the hobby to your door.
Ore wa Warukune~! X3
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I just started collecting figures as a hobby:3

as of now, most of my figures are the things I won on some games, others are freebies from something I bought and others are gifts given to me. I just recently bought figures for myself to add on my collection. I hope that It will increase more in the future^w^

I'll introduce myself. I'm Reia Suzuki, currently in Japan (I miss Philippnes nao;_;). I'm half Japanese-half Filipino:3 An animangames otaku too:3 I collect manga at first, then games(PS2,PS3,Wii,PSP,DS,GBA,GBC). Then I collect anime DVDs. I also cosplay and collects costumes. I debuted last 10/2009. After cosplay, I began to collect figures because of an influence from my friend Shigeru-shi, an otaku and lolicon/pettanko fetish (/runs) I met in Facebook:3

I started to make this account by the invitation of Indra-san(a friend from FB too:3) and by Shigeru. So...I'm here~!>w</

BTW, my otouto-kun and I share this account^^

dewa minna, yoroshiku onegaishimasu~!^w^/


I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
Il y a 6 ans
happy birthday
Il y a 7 ans
yoroshiku senpai!! XD
Il y a 7 ans
thanks too to be my friends :DtakureiaIl y a 8 ans#1061838Thank you for the friend request!:D
Il y a 8 ans
takureiaIl y a 8 ans#1015517I dun understand the site tho, and is there a way Ican see the price in JPY?

Sorry, the website was in French, I didn't realized ^^ plamoya.com/en/...
Il y a 8 ans
takureiaIl y a 8 ans#1015449Oh hai ReikiXD

Il y a 8 ans
takureiaIl y a 8 ans#1015446No problemX3
Anx yes that's it:)

so you're gonna order it? Plamoya is a good website, you can trust them...but maybe the item is a little pricey?
Il y a 8 ans
sorry for listening to the door, but isn't the ichiban kuji you were searching for? plamoya.com/fr/...
Il y a 8 ans
takureiaIl y a 8 ans#1015067is this Hu-kun/Ovan?

Yesh~ >w<
Il y a 8 ans
takureiaIl y a 8 ans#1015077sent you FR X3

the problem is, I dunno where these kujis are... and I live in a quite rural area(saitama/Yorii) so even I'm in Jp, I still order OL...oTL Tokyo whai you so far;A;

and thanks for the site:D

You can go here 1kuji.bpnavi.jp... the official site for Ichiban Kuji. It has the shops where supposedly the kuji are sold. But I can't read Japanese, so only guessing XD
Il y a 8 ans
Bringing the hobby to your door.

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