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Hey yo! Well I'm a huge anime and CLAMP fan. I was the Vice President of my schools Anime Club my Junior year and was the President my Senior year. Now I go to cons around New Mexico and Arizona doing panels about the amazing manga artist group of four women known as CLAMP.
Anything CLAMP! Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicle, xxxHolic, Angelic Layer, Kobato., Blood-C, Cardcaptor Sakura, Code Geass, Karneval, Evangelion, Fractale, FMA, Binbo-Gami Ga!, Kamisama Kiss, Ouran, Chrono Crusade and a lot more Non-anime- How I Met Your Mother
Anything CLAMP aswell ^-^
Rune Factory and the Little Tail Bronx series



They are finally making Li Syaoran nendo & figma yayz! >w<
Il y a 2 ans
Hi! Thanks for the friend request. I like your collection. Especially your Free! figures <3
Il y a 3 ans
Mad_Collectors I ❤ plastic (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
Hello thank you for friend request!!

~^.^~ Freya
Il y a 4 ans
Hi, replied to your message to me :) Hope to hear from you soon
Il y a 4 ans
heekyunggx3 Queen's Watchdog's Wife
thanks for the friend request! c:
Il y a 4 ans
tiezoc757 (Il y a 4 ans) #2231733>_< So sorry for not replying earlier!!! I've been having problems with my internet for a while now.
I try to stay updated, like I find out the announcements right away and tell my friends, but my friends stay a lot more updated than me on actually watching the series XD
Yeah it is pretty hard to find their older series, especially the manga releases unless you just buy them from Amazon :/
You're a Fuuma fan? I love Fuuma!! He would be an awesome figure if they made one. It was actually announced a week or two ago that CLAMP is starting up Tsubasa again. I had a feeling they would since they're continuing xxxHolic, but I don't know how I feel about it. It's cool we get more of the story, but I think it was good where it ended.
I so agree! The CCS animation was absolutely fantastic during that time! Considering all the new CSS merchandise and Illustrations coming out there is a good possibility of a remake =)
Haha and yes very true on that, oh Code Geass XD

haha no problem at all! I usually have the same problem with internet connection too @.@
yesss I love fuuma and I hate him close to kamui, I don't really like kamui because he's so make-me-wanna-punch-him *oops xD
yeah, I read the news too from their fanpage >__< so excited, I hope that means there will be a lot merchandise, artbook and figures of tsubasa chronicle coming up. Probably yes, they will continue xxxhlic because.. that's how CLAMP do a marketing xD
look at these auctions.search... that is the new CCS Kuji Set, I want all of them but the bidding price is killing me T___T

by the way, hows your meeting with Saya's seiyuu? already got her signature? xD
Il y a 4 ans
tiezoc757 (Il y a 5 ans) #2148515YES! Two of my friends are obsessed with Sword Art... Can't stand that series.
Since they mostly have just mainstream and they know I own series that kinda aren't, they ask me to suggest them series to watch. So I ask what genres they like or I just suggest the lighter CLAMP series like Angelic Layer, Cardcaptor Sakura, Chobits or Kobato. But most of the people I do talk about CLAMP with are the people that come to my panels XD My friends do like the CLAMP works they've read or watched and talk about them sometimes and asks to barrow another one of their series, but mostly stick to their mainstream series.
I've been trying to read more. It's just mostly their older series I haven't finished reading, like RG Veda, CLAMP School Detectives and X. Started, but not finished XD Tsubasa was the first manga I finished reading because when I started, I couldn't put it down haha. Yeah the anime isn't to great... Bee Train really plopped the anime, but Production IG did a wonderfully beautiful job on the movie and OVA's; I wish they would have done the series instead.
>.< My friends soiled a lot of Code Geass for me to, but it was still great to watch all the way through though =D
The producer saying that he wanted to start a remake and CLAMP having a meeting with the animation studio of CCS is true, but the meeting could have been about something else. But I really think it was for a remake ^-^
The ending of Kobato is too good, (I like the mangas ending more than the animes, but both are still very sweet) it made me cry haha and surprising to me, my brother loves Kobato and really wants to see the ending.
I actually just got into CLAMP my Freshman year of High School. My friend was in the anime club and she let me barrow Code Geass. She told me that CLAMP did character design and after seeing a Tsubasa trailer when she let me barrow Spice & Wolf, I wanted to know more about them and got into CLAMP ^-^ Since I've been asked to do several panels at cons I took the year off from college, but I will be going this fall :)

Hahaha because my friends not really often asking me about recomendation, sometimes what happen is I quoted from clamp series, posted on socmed account and they ask what is the title of that series..I'm not really updating anime, just watch few episodes in a month and that's an old series, I stuck in this habit because socmed makes SPOILERS EVERYWHERE, I hate spoiler at this rate so I prefer watching a series after they were done airing or one year after aired :'(
And you know, it's a quite difficult to find clamp old series on web database so my friend kinda lost their interest instantly xD
yeah, true! the animation of tsubasa ova is far compared to the series, much more beautiful even it is only a few episodes.. ughhh I love to see Fuuma right there >___<
and I hope so, they really gonna make a remake, more than they're done +/- 20 years ago.. I still really amazed how ccs is beautifully animated that time, compared the other anime in a same year, ccs is already in another level *o*
hahah is that so xD, I think even CLAMP is not handle code geass original story (just a chara designer) they're still added complexity to make viewers want to kill themself lol
and I think code geass have a less CLAMP aura in it because its an collaboration project x)
Il y a 4 ans
tiezoc757 (Il y a 5 ans) #2146322
yeah TRUE, don't forget sword art online, beuuh I heard it everywhere that time..
That's a smooth move xD, I'm not good at forcing my friend watching clamp series, I just don't know how to tell them about an anime with a frustating plot xD so I keep my CLAMP conversation only with the one who understand how CLAMP usually doing their work.

I do the opposite, I read almost all of their manga (haven't read tokyo babylon D:) but just watching the anime version few of them. Read tsubasa manga but I skipped many chapters to read the last one, also still stuck at episode 5/6 of the anime, because I can't handle the sadness :sobs: (even the animation is so crappy). Actually only watching first episode of code geass if I'm not wrong hahahah my cruel friend told me the spoiler and everything D:<

OH! I read some articles about 'CCS remake' too, but is that for real? I mean, isn't that just a casual conversation? i do hope for a remake :3. And yeah, kobato is so sweet! my favorite because the ending was too good :)
Anyway how many years are you into clamp? I knew them since high school from my friend, she told me that Rayearth and CCS have a same creator and I was..amazed..now I'm in college
Il y a 5 ans
tiezoc757 (Il y a 5 ans) #2144290It's totally alright =)
Yeah they're like that. I do mostly CLAMP panels and I just talk about the works that they've done, show short clips from their series, do a Q&A, play guess that CLAMP character and give out some CLAMP related prizes. I love doing the CLAMP panels, they're always so fun ^-^ I try not to buy stuff at cons unless its a really good deal haha.
Those are really nice figures! So cute =3 And yeah I feel ya with that impulsive buying. I've unfortunately been doing that recently, so I think I might sell a couple of mine that aren't too important to me.
I'm trying to build my CLAMP one aswell XD I wish they would make more CLAMP bigger scale figures though. Most of them are Code Geass ones I've noticed. I'd love to see some more Tsubasa, xxxHolic, Angelic Layer and Kobato ones.

Sounds fun, too bad I only have a few friends who interest at CLAMP ;w;, mostly my friends hate them because they're always make anime to screwed people's mind xD. Discussion about clamp fandom is never get me bored too.. even my knowledge is not really detailed and I still have a few series left unfinished because they're so stressful xD code geass is one of them :o

Maybe because code geass is some collaboration project and not an original story by CLAMP so it was really seize the attention..the story, seiyuus, soundtrack, chara design and the quality of its animation are pretty well made and handled by the masterpiece.

ahh for now a good move from a couple companies bring the hype of sakura again, I'm not sure about the other CLAMP series but I do hope for someone makes a new official merchendise for kobato and the others ;w; more kobato please.. ;w;
Il y a 5 ans
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