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Solaris Japan
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Solaris Japan was founded in 2008 in Tokyo, Japan. Offering in-depth knowledge about Japanese products, good packaging, vast selection and personal communication.

They are specialised on finding older out of stock items in new and used condition from smaller suppliers all over Japan.
Used products are always complete and generally in very good condition. You will be informed about any unusual damages prior to shipping.

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Feeling Scammed :( Buyer Beware of Solaris "policy"

Welp, I feel pretty confident in saying that I may have been scammed by Solaris and I'm pretty sad about it. Felt I should share my story just so it's included among the praise I see which honestly confuses me. My boyfriend over spent on a figure: He over spent so he could get this for me for Christmas for me to complete this collection. Well it arrived late, which is fine, I mean he did pay for the fastest shipping possible but whatever we're adults we can handle it. When we received it, it was not just damaged but SEVERELY damaged, one of her limbs were broken off, and when I removed her from the box she had black smudges all over her. This wasn't just the work of the poor amount of padding they used in the box, or the lack of a fragile sticker on the outside of the box, but almost looked like they sent us a used figure, that was already broken perhaps? Both of us were very upset about it but felt solace knowing that they would of course make it right, right? We then began what has now been more than a MONTH LONG process of emailing them to try and resolve this issue. They tried to find any way possible to not take responsibility, chalking it up to manufacturing errors, or it being the fault of the post office etc... They finally agreed to replace it via having Alter take responsibility and replace it through the manufacturer. We would keep the original base and box. The only issue was that apparently the myriad of photo evidence we sent them was apparently not enough? Even though it typically is more than enough when this issue arises through Goodsmile, AmiAmi, Tokyo Otaku Mode (name any other reputable figure seller and this is probably their policy.) Yeah so pictures weren't enough, we had to send it back AT OUR COST. Well, as nervous as we were about doing this (having a general lack of trust in them at this point due to their poor business practices), we went on the search for shipping that we could afford. And well wouldn’t you know it, it's minimum $100 through USPS, $175 through FedEx and on and on, the price of shipping was almost equivalent to the figure itself. And this is the figure in the smallest possible box (she’s bulky) and not in her original packaging mind you, just her on her own, not even bubble wrapped. SO, I sent my last and final email to them offering a numerous variety of ways that we could possibly fix this without us having to cough up a $100 and they refused all of them. They wouldn't refund us money for the price of the figure only half the cost. They wouldn't give us credit (only half the cost.) They wouldn't cover the cost of the shipping to send it back. AND they wouldn't just replace the figure based on a crazy amount of photo evidence with its receipt etc... NOT ONLY did they refuse to make things right, but THEN they had the audacity to tell me that they checked the cost of shipping and found it was only $25, which is absolutely not true and COMPLETELY rude because it's basically calling me a liar? I can not believe they have been in business this long if this is the way they handle things, oh wait I can, it's because they are basically stealing from people so of course they can stay in business. Hope you're happy with your $150 profit on one figure Solaris because you have absolutely left me feeling horrendous about what was supposed to be a happy Christmas present. BUYER BEWARE. UPDATE: Catrin from Solaris privately emailed my boyfriend today and further accused us of lying apparently she really didn't like my review and felt a lot of it was untrue. Unfortunately Catrin we both know IT'S TRUE. She was apparently confused about why I didn't mention that they offered to give us a half of a refund or half of a credit of the cost of the figure when I 100% did mention that if you want here's a direct quote "They wouldn't refund us money for the price of the figure only half the cost. They wouldn't give us credit (only half the cost.)" APPARENTLY not clear enough so here's a break down for Catrin: I asked for a full refund, they would only give us half the cost. I asked for a full credit, they would only give us half the cost. Catrin thinks that's fair but it's absolutely NOT FAIR and a complete rip off. Also Catrin seems to be so sure the shipping is cheap, and accused me of lying about that as well, well Catrin if it's so cheap then why won't Solaris just cover the cost? Where is the logic in that? If it's only $25 then do up the shipping label and send it to me. Go for it! But I promise that's NOT THE CASE. I plan on posting something further on this whole situation and with photo evidence at some point when I'm not so upset just for other people to have the info in case they have the same issue with Solaris. I have never been treated this poorly with a purchase in my entire life or had a customer service agent blantantly accuse me of lying. It's really sad. Maybe at the end of the day it's all a misunderstanding? unfortunately they only seem to have email on their website so talking to someone in person doesn't seem possible. Maybe they should think of installing a customer service phone line and maybe they should reconsider their policies, and be a bit more flexible with them, at the end of the day every situation is unique and requires a different way of handling it, and sometimes policy needs to be put on the back burner.
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