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Avoid at all cost!!!

The short version: Bought the Phat Jibril figure from them, which was lost by the postal service in my country. My post office issued compensation of the full amount (figure price + shipping fee). NY claimed the compensation money, and LIED that there were no compensations received. They literally tried to make double profit out of my problem. Luckily, PayPal refunded me. They also made me submit a damage report to receive compensations for other figure which was damaged during transit (although the shipping box was in excellent condition, I should have suspected back then). Problem is, they never submitted their side of the report to Japan post. They basically made me go over this hassle for nothing. The long version: In addition, DO NOT be fooled by their low pre-order prices. Just check the shipping label once you receive the item. You will found out that they payed much less for shipping than they actually charged you. Their excuse is that shipping materials cost money. Now, they pack with used newspapers and recycled boxes. You do the math. Therefore, do yourself a favor and do not shop at NY. Seriously, just DON'T. Edit: their item selection and shipping options are good, I'll give the that. But those are being shadowed by an extremely shady practices and customer service.
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