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Hit or miss on delivery speed, but good prices and sealed items

Have a very wide selection, with some prices decent, but others very steep. Pre-order prices tend to be very reasonable compared to other shops and they seem to take pre-orders longer than others. They have a very handy shipping option for the UK (and EU) that allows you to pay tax in advance which is good if you don't want it marked down in value as it's a valuable order and you want insurance. The shipping itself is quite cheap, but with the tax included it costs more than the usual SAL option. However, getting hit with customs on arrival will cost way more, with "handling fees" to pay on top of tax/import duty. This takes care of all that annoying tax bullshit legally and simply. I really wish other shops would offer something like this too. As for speed, this shipping method is supposed to be only up to 10 days but that's a bit hit and miss. My first order took 6 days to dispatch, and then 18 days for delivery, much slower than advertised. The packaging wasn't great and the box arrived very heavily dented. They also leave far too much empty space in the boxes, allowing the items inside to bounce around in transit. Fortunately the items inside were undamaged but the boxes weren't quite "mint" condition. My second order was better. It included a pre-order which was completely sold out everywhere else. Immediately on release, the order began processing, which took 6 days. Shipping then took 11 days (7 business days). The packaging was a bit better this time but they still leave a lot of space that should be filled with airbags or bubble wrap. Communication by chat is quick, but they are not too helpful. Any real questions you have to submit a support ticket for and the response time for that is ridiculously slow. All in all, I would recommend Nippon-Yasan if they are selling what you want for cheaper than anywhere else, and also if you're ordering a lot and want to reduce your tax cost/risk. They have a history of selling bootlegs, so be sure to check your item carefully on arrival and pay using PayPal so you can always gets your money back if they send you a dud.
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