Évaluations Tokyo Otaku Mode

3★ - Be prepared to wait months for your items to ship
TOM can be a good option if you take advantage of the points and premium when purchasing a lot of figures/pre-orders. However, your orders will ship out 2-6 (yes, 6!) months after other collectors already have theirs. You will also not be able to cancel your pre-orders so if you see another shop with the item in stock, you're stuck unless you can offload the pre-order.
Il y a 11 mois
2★ - Avoid preordering
TOM is fine for in-stock products, if a bit overpriced sometimes, but you can get a good deal occasionally if you have TOM points or a coupon.

My main issue with the site is the insane preorder delays. They already mark their preorders as arriving months after the figure’s initial release, which, fine - they have a US warehouse and have to wait for their products to arrive. But recently, all of my preorders have been in delay limbo for months on end. A figure was initially estimated to ship in September 2021. It was moved to October, then November, then January 2022. It’s now been delayed to March 2022. There’s no communication, and no estimate for when products will actually arrive. They will also refuse to cancel and refund orders even with these long indeterminate delays.

I’d avoid making any preorders with TOM unless there’s literally no other option. Between the indefinite delays, the upfront payment, and the rigid cancellation policies, it just is not worth it.
Il y a 1 an
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4★ - Okay prices, slow af shipping
Exactly what the title says. Every time I order from here I end up waiting 3-8 months after the release date to receive it. I still haven't gotten my Ram noodle stopper that released in OCTOBER. These guys are always my last option.
Il y a 2 ans
1★ - I will NEVER order from this website again
I just wanted to share my experience with my orders from Toyko Otaku Mode and why I'll never order from them again. This is basically my frustrated thoughts regarding their shipping times and their questionable figure stock.

I have previously ordered from Amiami, eBay, and Amazon in the past, and only had good experiences from all three of them. I'm fairly new to figures, as I've only been collecting for about a year now and didn't know much about other websites besides those three. I don't really do much research. I just buy figures I like, plain and simple.

The main reason why I ordered from TOM was because I learned about their membership program and the fact that they take payments upfront. Basically, I wanted to pay for the product immediately so I wouldn't have to worry about paying it later. I also believed that I was getting good value from their membership program.

Anyway, it was February 4th when I placed my first order and I spent about $1,600 total. Many months passed and I didn't think much about my order until I got my first delay from them (Delayed to AUG 2021).

So I'm like, "Okay, no big deal. Figures get delays all of the time. Not an issue. I'm willing to wait." But after a week or so, I realize that the figures were already released (thanks to Friends/Reddit) and were already inside peoples cabinets. And no, I'm not talking about the original releases. I'm talking about the re-runs, which were the ones I ordered.

According to TOM, they had been delayed, however, after a bit more research I realized that the RE-RUNS were out and that they were being sold for cheaper and at other websites. A few days later when they were supposed to be released, I even received TWITTER ADS and a HOT TOPIC AD (I couldn't believe they sold this, but I guess it makes sense considering the nature of their company) telling me to buy their Zelda figures (the same as above) on a sale (I think it was for like 75$ + free shipping) that wasn't on pre-order. And again, this was for the RE-RUNS, not the original.

I wasn't really pissed off at TOM as much as I was pissed off at myself, at this point. I mean, those same figures could have already been in my possession and for $20 cheaper each. I just couldn't understand how my figures had gotten the delay, but they were already out and already being sold at a discounted price. (Even freaking Hot Topic had them for sale, apparently!)

Alright, so fast forward to a few months later and to another order that still hasn't been shipped (Despite already having been released).

Basically, this figure is already out and some people here on Reddit already have him displayed in their cabinets. You can even order him on Amazon right now and get him within a week. I ordered him through TOM's surface mail, so obviously I'm not expecting him for quite a while. However, what erks me is that this item should have been released early last month (I believe) and still hasn't made its way to shipping yet? I don't understand why its taking that long. Like, shouldn't you have a shipping label for me created at least? Does that mean I'm going to have to wait another 4 months before he comes up at my doorsteps?

A few weeks later, I hit another issue with TOM. The figure, again, has already been released. Some of you kind Redditors have already reminded me of that. And yet, it has not even been shipped to me (as of today). These two figures, I've already paid shipping for EMS (1-2 weeks, as you can see through the screenshot). So why have they not been shipped, yet? I understand the whole "They have their own warehouse in the USA before they do their shipping..." but isn't it just a lie to say that it'll take 1-2 weeks for my item to get here from EMS? These two figures were supposed to be released last month (I believe) and yet, they have still not been shipped. I just don't get it.


Anyway, that's just my rant of TOM's questionable shipping/stock availability over the last few months. I will probably never buy from them again, especially with preorders. It just feels scummy that they make me wait like 2-3 extra weeks before they even ship their products. Combined with 2-3 weeks EMS, aren't I just basically paying for surface mail at that point? I really don't like how they seem to have their figures much later than everyone. Well, I hope if you read this far, thank you. I would love to hear your own experiences on TOM, whether good or bad. This rant has been on my mind for a while, and I hope it influences whether you buy from TOM in the future or not.
Il y a 2 ans
5★ - My experience has been good.
My experience with TOM has been great so far and is now my 2nd favourite place to shop, or first when they have the 30% cashback offer.

I wouldn't buy without the promotion however because you'll find the that prices are jacked up.

Packaging is fine so far and their prices are really competitive with the higher cashback on esp. with free shipping.

Customer service is really good, better than most of the shops. I think its because the CS person replies with a level of expressiveness absent from the other shops.

Plus, I won a giveaway figure from them that they occassionally hold.

One tip tho, split your orders into as many small ones as possible to meet the free shipping threshold otherwise it gets really complex with TOM points should you need to do a partial refund. E.g. Free shipping for orders >= $150. If you buy two figures worth $150 each, make 2 separate orders.
Il y a 2 ans