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5★ - Really good shop!
I ordered from Allblue-World several times and was always absolutely satisfied.
They ship really fast and well packed. Once I also picked my items directly from the shop, which went absolutely smooth. And the owner is very kind - always nice to talk to him. :)
The prices are average of German shops, the item selection is also fine.
The website is really well-made and the customer support is perfect! Also they offer storing preordered items for a few days to ship them with other POs that arrive shortly after.
I can just recommend this shop. ^^
Il y a 6 ans
5★ - My favourite anime statue shop
First of all it is the first place for me when I wanna buy a new figure.
Very fast shipping when it is in-stock and for a european shop they are getting the statues fast from the wholesaler.
The shop owner is very kind and always replies fast.
Items are added quick when they are not in their assortment.
Il y a 6 ans
NekoPanda .de - German Figure Collectors
5★ - NekoPanda like Allblue-World.de
Our Shop Nr.1 in Germany <3
Quality ist Top and very fast Shipping!

...NekoPanda =^.^= ~_~
Il y a 6 ans
5★ - Favorite :)
It is one of my Favorite Shops in Germany. Really good and fast Customer Service. Quick Shipment. Just try it out yourself. :)
Il y a 6 ans
5★ - >^.^<
This onlineshop offers an huge range of products for anime and manga fans.
Prices are very good for german relations.

I prefer to pick up my orders by myself, 'cause the owner is very friendly and always helpful. It's nice to talk to him.

If you attach importance on original products and excellent service, this is your shop!
Il y a 6 ans
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