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Tony Taka ~ FCWhat is it that you like about Tony's work?

8 réponses

  • 8 réponses
  • chobittsuRegular Boarder
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    • Il y a 8 ans
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    • Netherlands
    Il y a 7 ans
    Personally I like his attention to detail, even in his b/w doujinshi work, the use of soft colors and smooth lines.
    What do you like?
  • KimonotakuRegular Boarder
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    • Il y a 7 ans
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    • Spain
    Il y a 7 ans
    Well. In general i like everything about his works. He gave...something special, i mean, they´re perfect. For example let´s compare Seena with Kureha.. they´re diferent but they are hot (?). Anyways, his works are well balance which is something that works lack.
  • FutSanNoShadowKRegular Boarder
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    • Il y a 6 ans
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    • Bay area, California, USA
    Il y a 5 ans • MàJ Il y a 5 ans
    The round eyes of his characters are very special and appealing.
  • Chloe-tsundereThe louise otakuRegular Boarder
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    • Il y a 7 ans
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    • netherlands
    Il y a 5 ans
    th eyes and the smoothness like for example you notice that in the hair ;D love that
    he makes them sexy and appealing
  • KoreantacosRegular Boarder
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    • Il y a 5 ans
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    • Rolla, Missouri
    Il y a 4 ans
    I love his attention to detail, not only in his female characters, but his male characters and beast characters as well. I can't think of his name, but the panther looking guy from Shining Hearts looks pretty pimpin. I also like that he's not perfect either, his whole foot incident. I honestly don't think it makes him bad at all, it just proves even the best artists still make minor mistakes.
  • romaxRegular Boarder
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    • Il y a 5 ans
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    • Cebu, Philippines
    Il y a 4 ans
    The one thing that really makes me love Tony's work (and can easily distinguish his work) are the eyes of the characters. The one thing that really makes a huge difference in artists (as I've observed and as I myself as one) are the way they draw the eyes. I really like his style. But I guess really the main attraction is the way he draws his female characters. I really like the Shining series girls. This guy's one of my inspirations in drawing. =3
  • secretly-otakuRegular Boarder
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    • Il y a 5 ans
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    • El Salvador
    Il y a 4 ans
    Hi, everyone! Well, I haven't paid much attention to Tony's guys TBH XD, but his girls really stand out for the rest. I think it is because their measures don't look unproportional. I mean, there are no super big eyes, big heads, humongous breasts and butts. Everything is nicely sized and he just uses the right amount of curves in order to make the character appealing. Also, the details in the outfits and the hair are very much welcome. Kureha, Lorna, Mistral y Neris are my all favorite characters designed by TT.
  • myksvollRegular Boarder
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    • Il y a 4 ans
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    Il y a 4 ans
    The eyes and the body curves of the characters... they are so adorable... <3 <3
  • 8 réponses
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