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UK CollectorsExchange Rate

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    Pixelated (Il y a 2 ans) #17461391I would say the opposite considering 6 months ago we where at 120/£ and currently hover around 140/£ it's not that bad, most of the recent drops when the PM talks about brexit have made us drop maybe 5 yen for what I have seen personally think we are past the crazy drops, but again I ain't no soothsayer so who knows, but I highly doubt it will drop through the floor :)

    Eh, I'll be shocked if it doesn't go through the floor when this Brexit crap actually happens. The vote did enough damage, leaving could easily put it deep underground. I hope it doesn't, but given the stupidity that is coming out of the mouths of everyone involved in the decision making... I can't see them actually making smart decisions that won't tank the pound and the economy.
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