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    hello! I recently started collecting and I would really appreciate some help. I would like to buy several 1/8 scales off mandarake in the future because that's the cheapest/most reliable site I've found so far for older figures, but in the two times I've used it, to buy ITEM #259862 and ITEM #176108 both of which are 1/8 scales, it would only let me use ems or dhl, both of which did/nearly cost more than the figure itself. However I got ITEM #12053 a 1/7 scale from amiami preowned and that let me select sal, which is much cheaper. Now, I have had a look around and it may be that I couldn't use sal for mandarake because of a weight limit, rather than a size limit, but I thought I might try asking mandarake if they would allow me to use sal. However, as far as I can tell, I have to put prefer sal in the comment box but their system would still make me pick ems or dhl if I did this, and once the order is made if they decide to just charge me for ems I would have to pay or be banned. I also know there's a difference between spot sale items and store front items, and that sahra has a more automated shipping process than the others, so this may not be possible with them? That's the store I got the two items from. I ordered them and they shipped seperately, if that helps. So i thought I would just ask mandarake if they would let me use sal in their ask form, but you have to pick a store and details of your order, and I haven't ordered because I can't pay the really expensive shipping. I know they do sal to my country, Australia, and I know they only use registered sal, and that's fine. I would just really appreciate some advice. Do I order the item ITEM #78578 i was thinking of getting, but not for over 2000 yen shipping, and then request sal and hope they let me change before I pay through paypal, or do I just ask them in a form if they will let me? They should have sal as an option because I know they have let others use it, and because amiami was fine with it. Please, please advise, I would be so grateful! Thanks in advance!!!
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    If you want to change your shipping type on Mandarake to one you can't select, you need to use the contact form to contact the store, prior to paying (you can close out the order at the payment stage). I have done this once to get something sent by air instead of SAL (I also put it in the order form, then read the instructions that say you need to message the store with the contact page!).

    The restrictions for SAL are that the box width+height+depth cannot be more than 90cm, and the max weight is 2kg. Mandarake provide the item sizes and weights so you should be able to calculate if your stuff fits in a SAL box or not. With Sahara, the checkout will do this calculation for you.

    No idea what would happen if your shipping request gets denied, if they'll permit cancellation or not.

    For me, I've always had the SAL option available in the checkout for Mandarake (am in the UK).
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