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    Any experiences?

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    0/5 Almost positive this is a scam website. Ordered Nendoroid #424 from them because it was a decent price, free shipping and 10% off of first order. The site gave me a tracking number that didn't work on either USPS or the Japanese post (its now 13 business days later). Tried contacting them three times through the website and two times through email over the last 10 days with no reply. The "Live Chat" button is just a picture and has no functionality attached to it. If a miracle happens I will update you, but at this point I'm looking to contact my credit card company for a charge back because of fraud. As a side note... I didn't see this until after I ordered the item, but my account number is 10, which I can only assume means only 9 people have created accounts before me.
  • twistedvirgo
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    Hi there - could you please add an update on the outcome of your experience? My husband ordered Kusugawa Sasara - Fighter Limited Grade, Sonico Tiger Parka & Black Hood Benoa from them 27 days ago and we have yet to receive any information other than order is "currently on hold" - The items have not been processed, our card has not been charged and we cannot find a working link to cancel the order. We have received 0 response despite our several attempts to contact them.

    It definitely has that "too good to be true" smell attached to it. I also find it conveniently confusing that the site is named jpfigure(s) - this certainly seems intentional. After reading your post we saw that we are account number 254. I can only assume there are at least 253 others (yourself including) that also have accounts. I would be surprised if any of those orders actually made it to the customers. I will be contacting our credit card company today to report the site as fraudulent and make sure no charges from them will be approved.

    Hopefully by posting this information here it will help prevent future damage... thanks for the info and any update you can provide.
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    There are many reports in places like Reddit about people that was scammed by this site, so stay away from them.
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