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    My Figure Stock

    Project Link: kck.st/2AdnCdE
    Funding deadline: Wed, January 23 2019 9:13 AM PST
    Kickstarter Rules: www.kickstarter...

    "MyFigureStock, or MFS will offer notifications on restocks from two sites, Amiami and Mandarake based on the keywords you wish to receive notifications on. These notices will be sent through email once the stock status of an item changes."
  • thargletRegular Boarder
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    Il y a 2 mois
    Reading the Kickstarter I know more about the t-shirts than the project???

    I'm seeing no design concept, no mentions of tech, no profile for the developer behind it.

    £11k in the UK would get you a junior developer for half a year (and I believe US devs aren't any cheaper). If you aren't a dev yourself, so I can't see the money going far, and that concerns me. Kick-starting so little makes me wonder about the longevity of the project and how well supported it'll be once it goes live. Money isn't going to roll in straight away.

    As someone who has seen commercial projects go awry because the management didn't know how to ensure the devs they outsourced to didn't rip them off, I'd need to see some kind of battleplan to ensure it doesn't become a steaming pile of trash.

    Also personal opinion time - I don't think the name is very good and rather derivative. Looks like you're trading off MFC's name, with no good reason. MyFigureStock doesn't make much sense out of context. I have a feeling you probably have a main account here...
  • thekaiserRegular Boarder
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    As a pessimist, I don't see any potential for this. You can be notified from Amiami and Mandarake directly for free and far more slots than you're offering. You need to include more sites or do something else to add more value. Figure collecting is a pretty niche market as it is, so it will be an uphill battle.

    FigInStock failing is also not a good sign. Maybe the stores adding the alert features made them redundant.

    Lastly as Tharglet mentioned, there's way more information about the tshirt and mascot than the website.

    Good luck though!
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