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Figure Site and Shop Forum[Web Shop] Where are you shopping your figures? (France/EU)

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    I'm writing this article to have feedback from you, french people, to know where do you order your figures.
    But I'm writing this to share my feedback too.

    I'm only putting here link to online shop, with HTTPS activated!

    Trading figures

    The shop I know which sells Trading figures are:

    - Chibi-Akihabara. They sometimes sells Prepainted figures so do not hesitate to go to their website! The shipping cost is 6,90 € when total orders are < 100€.
    - Shin-Sekai. Same goals than chibi-akihabara. It seems they are concurrent. Their prices is in generally more expensive than Chibi-Akihabara. The shipping cost is 6,90 € when total orders are < 100€.

    The shop I know which sells prepainted figures are:

    - Kamehashop. I found them expensive.
    - 1001-figurines. The shipping cost is 8,00 €. They are sometimes the cheapest shop in the market.
    - IxuDeviance. The partner shop of MFC. They have a pretty low price too, but the shipping cost is 8,35 €. Be careful because they show two prices, but the one which is correct is the TTC (HT+TVA of 20% of the price of the figure).
    - France-Figurines. The price of a figure is same than IxuDeviance, but shipping cost is expensive! (10,00 €)
    - Derive Figurine. The price is okay, and the shipping cost is low (6.95 €).
    - Yorokonde. A german shop, price of figure is very low, but availability too! Shipping cost 10.90 €.

    Some others to notice: www.figurines-m... (6.90 € for shipping, same price than Derive Figurine)

    Sadly, I would add some other stores that are pretty cheap (eg otaku-planete.com) but they seem to not have HTTPS activated!

    The Japanese shops:

    Before all, to estimate the custom fees, I use this frame: Custom fees. EMS = Chronopost, Air Small Packet = Colissimo

    - Mandarake. It's a shop oriented pre-owned figures, when ordering a lot of figures, try to order them in the same stores to avoid multiples packages and shipping cost. According to somes pictures from 4chan, Sahra store / grandchaos do not undervalue. For others it says yes, but I've never experimented it. Do not hesitate when ordering to mandarake to write "hello, can you please undervalue my order to X jpy".

    - Nippon-Yasan. The best shop for preordering figures. They have in stock and pre-owned figures too. Use the transi-logistic to avoid custom fees! Try to pay in yen, as the automatic conversion (in euros) in really bad!

    - AmiAmi. The second best shop for preordering figures. They have in stock and pre-owned figures too. They do not undervalue (so be careful of custom fees!)

    I've not idea if fr.kotoeu.com have customs fees.
    mykombini.com/en/ seems okay to undervalue the bill.

    Do you have any feedback for play-asia.com, biginjap.com, nin-nin-game?
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