MFCKuramatoys or Bandaionline - Can I trust them?

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    Il y a 2 mois
    I'm really apprehensive about this store. I've preordered a figure from them as it was the only website that had an option to put a deposit down (it wasn't available on AmiAmi). I made sure to do research into reviews, and I thought it was okay to trust it. I'm still very nervous though, as looking through reviews for another store (AusAnime) I noticed Kuramatoys are not Good Smile Company partners.
    I have also previously contacted their support to ask about how GST and postage will be handled (I'm in Australia, so they should be taking 10% GST) and they got back saying they will "lower invoice price," and I told them I didn't want this. I don't want to risk getting in trouble over it.
    After digging further I found they were owned by "ShoppingKool Capital Group Limited.," a Chinese tech company. I'm now very worried.

    I haven't been able to find much on Reddit about them, and looking through MFC 'shops' tab, I couldn't find them. Are they known to be fakes, untrustworthy? The few reviews I'm finding are saying they're okay, but I'm still very nervous. I'm wondering if I Should cancel my preorder, lose 30% of the deposit, and buy somewhere else - I've noticed AusAni might have stock.

    Is Kuramatoys, owned by ShoppingKool Capital Group Limited., legit/trustworthy? Should I refund and buy elsewhere?

    Any input on this store and situation would be great, thank you.
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    BandaiOnline and KuramaToys is the same place. They just had to change their name. As for reliability I've used them for alot of my Premium Bandai Gunpla orders and never had an issue. They are quick to respond and if you placed a pre-order and it's been a few months they will message you asking to confirm your address on file is still accurate.

    Everything I've ordered from them has been an authentic product and I've only ever gotten one figma from them and it was authentic and a preorder I placed as I missed out on HLJ and didn't wanna go thru GSC at that time.
    (my second Figma Saber 2.0)

    Kurama/BandaiOnline ships from Japan and despite being owned by the Chinese tech company ShoppingKool.

    Before I originally used them I did email them asking if they deal with bootleg products and was reassured that they do not and have not been done wrong. They are pretty cooperative so if you don't wish for them to lower the invoice value to adjust for the 10% get they should be able to no problem.

    Hopefully that helps. Personally I think you don't have much to worry about with them. I've been using them for maybe three years now I think and have never had an issue
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    IssiebieIl y a 2 mois#77962886(I'm in Australia, so they should be taking 10% GST)

    If they don't do much trade with Australia, they may not have to:
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    Il y a 2 mois
    Thank you all so much! Feeling a lot better about my order now lol.
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    i shopped there twice, the second time was i wasn't able to make a purchase or should i say i did but they refunded me because it turned out the figure i wanted went out of stock the moment i made the purchase. my first purchase was made in September of 2017 for a figure that wont come out for another year. anyways from that experience it was very pleasant. yes it is a very trustworthy site and i do plan on make another purchase from them provided all the other shops dont have what i want and KuramaToys does or if they are cheaper to buy from them. as for the Australia part, i can't help you with that because i live in a country that is a good guy in movies but not really IRL. anyways i would actually recommend then despite one figure being fulfilled and the other being out of stock.
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