Megami TenseiFavourite Megaten moment?

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    Hey I just joined this club and was curious what some of your favourite moments in the series.

    For me personally I can think of two iconic scenes from the IV duology particularly. Spoilers for those two games of course.

    In Shin Megami Tensei IV after traversing through Naraku for the first time and finally descending down the tower, seeing the first sights of Tokyo was quite breath-taking. The contrast of the medieval setting of Mikado to that of the post-apocalyptic Tokyo was completed unexpected as it was my first real mainline game. Also that beautiful BGM made it even more memorable.

    Apocalypse is a personal favourite of mine regardless of it flaws. The twist reveal that the Flynn you had been working with was actually Shesha the whole time was certainly a surprise. The jumpscare of Shesha-Flynn scared me quite a bit.

    There are a couple of other moments I can think of but I was curious what other fan's favourite moments were. Let me know!
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