Precure Collectors[SPOILER] 2022 Precure logo reveal

  • Himecheese
    HimecheeseRegular Boarder • lv20
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    Il y a 2 mois
    The logo for the new series has being realized!! :D

    Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerhttps://64.media.tumblr.com/da54064a341995ac23f3566e9b85b158/309ef09a7ad6bb90-2d/s1280x1920/d17aec20f6ab76997c7dd1d70bfaf9ec48d80b5f.jpg

    Seems like the cooking theme is coming back!
    What are your thoughts?
    I really like the logo and cant wait to see more. *_*
  • Pahsmina
    PahsminaRegular Boarder • lv48
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    Il y a 2 mois
    I'm super hype for the new season! But on the same time it reminds me that we have to say goodbye to the Tropri cures soon.....;;
  • rainbow
    rainbowRegular Boarder • lv18
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    Il y a 2 mois
    sooooo hyped ;_; the glasses and sushi roll are so cute! i get the feeling it'll probably focus more on cooking in general than just baking/desserts like kirakira.. can't wait!!
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